Flag of the Commonwealth of Australia
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label.
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Flag of the Commonwealth of Australia



Michael Lane's two booklets Charles Ferguson: Herald of Social Credit and Human Ecology and Social Credit: The Legacy of Tom Robertson are now available from Triumph of the Past for U.S. $7 and $6 plus postage, respectively, or a personal check for the equalivent in your local currency to Triumph of the Past, P.O. Box 29535, Columbus, OH 43229 U.S.A.
Charles Ferguson:
Herald of Social Credit

Those who possess the skills hold the whip-hand of financial power - if they did but know it. And there is no great difficulty about their being made to know it. Indeed the secret can no longer be kept.
Human Ecology and Social Credit:
The legacy of Tom Robertson

That the financial mechanism infiltrates all, means that its raw nerves are exposed at every point. If the octopus has its tentacles everywhere all you have to do is bite.


Also available are Anthony Cooney's highly recommened titles Social Credit: Asterisks, Clifford Hugh Douglas, Hilaire Belloc and One Sword at Least: G.K. Chesterton for U.S. $5.25, $3.50, $4, and $5 plus postage, respectively, or equivalent. This is a beautifully produced paperback series.

Australians should order from: Heritage Bookshop Services, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159 and/or Heritage BookShop, Box 1052 GPO Melbourne 3001.

New Zealanders
from P.O. Box 12-752, Penrose, Auckland, New Zealand.

Books by Anthony Cooney:
"Social Credit: Aspects
" 5.00 : "Social Credit: Asterisks" $6.00 : "Clifford Hugh Douglas" $4.50 : "Social Credit: Economics" $10.00 : "One Sword at Least - G.K. Chesterton" $6.00 : "Hilaire Belloc 1870-1953" $5.00. Plus postage for each book.

Books by Michael Lane:
"Human Ecology: and Social Credit" $7.00 plus postage: "Herald of Social Credit" $9.00 plus postage.
Available from League Book Services.

Social Credit: Asterisks
A century ago C.H. Douglas revealed to the world that banks create money out of nothing. He challenged the monopoly of credit and those who control it. Increasing and unrepayable world debt has rekindled interest in Douglas' works, his practical proposals and glimpse of reality.

Clifford Hugh Douglas
Heralded as the Einstein of economics, Douglas gave a glimpse of reality to the world.
He warned that debt, heavy taxation and inflation was inevitable under centralised financial policies which are in need of correction.


Hilaire Belloc
"If we do not restore the Institution of Property we cannot escape restoring the Institution of Slavery". An introduction to this celebrated thinker and writer. He challenged the State on social and economic issues by contending that the dignity of man as a rational being require both freedom and security.
One Sword at Least: G.K. Chesterton
A glimpse at the genius of Chesterton, author of over 100 books, poet, jounalist, editor, contor-versialist, biogapher, publisher, playwright, debater, traveller, lecturer, illustrator and prophet. Readers are challenged to discover Chesterton for themselves.


Education, Family, HealthAuthor



Abortion: Yes or No? John L. Grady 2.00
AIDS Time BombJohn West Ph.D.15.00
AIDS CoverupGene Antonio21.50
AIDS: What Govt. Isn't Telling YouDr. Lorraine Day30.00
Asses in Clover Eimar O'Duffy 18.00
Better Health with Medical MotherLady Phyllis Cilento10.00
Behind the Bedroom DoorLiz Byrski9.00
Cancer: Why We are Dying to KnowPhilip Day35.00
Designing Your Own Classical CurriculumLaura M. Berquiast25.00
Disaster RoadJean Wallis14.00
Don't Touch That DialB.Hattemer/R.Showers15.00
Fighting Cancer (one only)Ziema McDonell20.00
Genetic Engineering (Foods etc.) Luke Anderson18.00
Health BetrayalEve Hillary25.00
Hidden Dangers of the RainbowConstance Cumby15.00
Homosexual RevolutionDavid A. Noebel10.00
Kambucha: Miracle FungusH.W. Tietze10.00
Humanist Manifesto 1& 2Paul Kurtz6.00
Lost Tools of LearningDorothy L.Sayers2.00
Nature DoctorDr.H.C.A.Vogel30.00
Marxist MinstrelsDavid A. Noebel14.00
Nutrition of the ElderlyLady Phyllis Cilento3.00
One Man, One Woman, One LifetimeRabbi R.P. Bulka15.00
Oxygen ConnectionJeremy Lee7.50
Psychotherapy in the ClassroomDr.W.R. Coulson4.50
Quick Poison - Slow PoisonKate Short25.00
Secular Humanism and Australian EducationDr. Rupert Goodman4.50
Siecus CircleClaire Chambers16.00
There's Always an Alternative - 2006 edition Dr.P. Baratosy MB BS 20.00
Transition: Last Illness, Death & AfterDr.P.V. Kalinovsky13.00
Vaccination - Investigate Before Kathy Scarborough3.00
Vaccination Roulette:Hidden TruthAust.Vacc. Network25.00
We Are What We EatLady Phyllis Cilento2.00
WHO Murdered AfricaW.C. Douglass M.D.4.00
World Without CancerG. Edward Griffin35.00
Yes Virginia: There is Right/WrongK.M. Gow Ph.D.8.00
You Don't have to Die From CancerDr.A. Khazam19.00
Constitutional History, Australian Politics & Heritage AuthorPrice
Australian National FlagGovt. Printer6.95
Australia's Racial HeritageSir Raphael Cilento4.50
Chresby Papers/State BankArthur Chresby5.00
Consp. Called ConservationD. Jenson8.00
Conscience VotingJeremy Lee1.00
Dangerous Myth/Racial Equality.D. Watts4.50
Don't Change Our FlagDr. Rupert Goodman5.00
Discriminate or be DamnedJohn F. Kerr12.00
Foundations of Liberty Rev.A.G. Fellows Th.L.2.00
EvidenceGeoff. McDonald5.00
Freedom Wears a CrownJohn Farthing10.00
How to get what You wantArthur Chresby5.00
I'm Only OneBruce Chapman2.50
Healing A Divided NationRev.Cedric Jacobs7.00
Immigration: Destruction of English CanadaDoug Collins5.00
Immigration: Policy of PerfidyDr. John Dique5.00
Immigration: Quiet InvasionDr. John Dique11.00
Land Rights/Birth RightsPeter English12.00
Mabo: in High Court of Aust.Connolly & Hume5.00
Magna CartaCom. Aust. Const. Ed.Cam.5.00
Making of Magna CartaOmni4.00
Our Australian Constitutional Monarchy Under AttackArthur Chresby4.00
Our Sham DemocracyJames Guthrie4.50
Peoples' Princeintro. Sir Walter Crocker12.00
Political AuthorityComm. Aust. Const. Ed. Cam.3.50
Republic of the RichMerritt/Ruxton10.00
Red Over BlackGeoff McDonald10.00
Republic: More Power for PoliticiansDr. David Mitchell2.50
Resp. Govt. in Free SocietyDr. Geoffrey Dobbs5.00
Sovereignty in AustraliaArthur Tuck4.00
Storm Over UluruPeter B. English12.00
System Govt. USAComm. Aust. Con. Ed. Cam.5.00
Switzerland's Pol. InstitutionsOswald Sigg5.00
Towards Better Govt.Comm. Aust.Const. Ed. Cam.5.00
CIR: Why Not a Say for Australian People? :3.50

Special Author:

C.H. Douglas

Alberta Experiment9.50
Approach to Reality4.00
Big Idea5.50
Brief for the Prosecution6.00
Control/Distribution of Production 10.00
Development of World Dominion5.00
Dictatorship by Taxation3.00
Economic Democracy10.00
Land of the Chosen People Racket5.00
Money & the Price System4.00
Monopolistic Idea1.50
Monopoly of Credit10.00
Nature of Democracy3.00
New & Old Economics5.00
Policy of a Philosophy1.50
Programme for 3rd World War5.50
Social Credit10.00
Tragedy of Human Effort2.00
Use of Money4.00
Whose Service is Perfect Freedom5.00

Special Author:

Eric D. Butler



Censored History2.50
Essential Christian Heritage2.00
Enemy Within the Empire 6.00
Has Christianity Failed?3.00
Is the Word Enough? 3.00
Moral Implications of Centralised power7.50
New Brittania in Southern Seas3.00
Realeasing Reality5.00
Red Pattern of World Conquest6.00
Root of all Evil4.00
Social Credit & Christian Philosophy3.50

Special Author:

Prof. Antony Sutton



An Introduction to the Order7.00
How the Order Controls Education6.50
How the Order Creates War & Revolution6.50
National Suicide: Military Aid to Soviet Union14.00
Secret Cult of the Order7.50
Soviet Military & Industrial Complex3.50
Wall Street & Bolshevik Revolution10.00
Wall Street & Rise of Hitler10.00

Special Author:

Ivor Benson



A Message from South Africa2.50
This Age of Conflict6.00
Zionist Factor14.00

Special Author:

David Irving:



Churchill's War II75.00
Churchill's War30.00
Churchill's War (Deluxe)45.00
Hitler's War (New Edition 2000)85.00
Uprising: Hungary195620.00

Special Author:

Douglas Reed



Behind the Scene2.00
Controversy of Zion (New Printing)30.00
Grand Design6.00

Finance, Economics & Social Credit

Book Title





ABC of Social CreditElizabeth Holter6.00
Alternative to DisasterB.W. Monahan3.50
AspectsA. Cooney5.00
AstericksA. Cooney6.00
Bankers & BastardsPaul McLean15.00
Bible Laws on MoneyPr. Sheldon Emery2.00
Billions for the BankersPr. Sheldon Emery3.00
Bondage of the FreeK.H. Steffgen8.50
Bretton Woods PlotA.N. Field6.00
Cattle CrisisCharles Pinwill2.00
Church & FarmingRev. Denis Fahey14.00
Clifford Hugh Douglas A. Cooney4.50
Commonwealth Bank: Story ofD.J.Amos6..00

Commonwealth Stories: Part 2 Steamers, Wireless Service.

Commonwealth Stories: Part 1 Refineries, Railways, Wool/MillsD.J.Amos5.00
Church & UsuryFr. P. Cleary12.00
Creature From Jekyll IslandG. Edward. Griffin40.00
Creation & Control of MoneyAnon.2.00
Defy & WinGrant Bird 13.00
Distinguishing Between Money and True RichesA. Cooney9.00
Economics of Green RenaissanceJames Gibb Stuart5.00
Empire of the CityE.K. Knuth15.00
Era of World RuinA. Lesse 4.00
Fear of LeisureE.D. Butler4.00
Federal Reserve HoaxW.B.Vennard Snr 22.00

Fourth Reich of the Rich

Fourth Reich of the Rich - 2006 edition

Des Griffin



Free Enterprise MarketingR. Nixon00.50
Freedom & InflationB.W. Monahan 3.00
Freedom From DebtJ.D. Malan2.50
Global ManipulatorsR. Eringer12.50
Global TrapMartin & Schumann25.00
Global Tyranny: UN & World OrderW.F. Jasper22.00
G. K. ChestertonA. Cooney6.00
Grain & Food Cartelsanon.6.00
Guernsey ExperimentO. & J. Crubiak 8.00
Hand Over Our LootL. Clampett6.00
Island & the TreeJeremy Lee 1.00
Herald of Social CreditMichael Lane9.00
Hilaire BelocA. Cooney5.00
History of Monetary CrimesAlexander del Mar 15.00
History of the World BankJean Hardy4.50
Human Ecology and Social CreditMichael Lane 7.00
I Want the Earth Plus 5%Larry Hannigan1.50
Licence to LiveD.E. Phelps6.00
Lightning Over the TreasuryJohn R. Elsom11.50
Lincoln Money MartyredDr. R.E. Search 25.00
Lines of Credit: Ropes/BondageR.H. Goldborough7.00
Lima Declaration: NIEO4.50
Matter of Life or DebtEric de Mare8.50
Money BombJames Gibb Stuart16.00
Money: Fact or FictionJ.D. Malan4.00
Money Manipulation/Soc. OrderRev. Denis Fahey14.00
Money Myth Exploded6.00
Money: Fraudulent System ExposedB. Brown6.00
Money Trick (Updated version) Inst. Eco. Dem.10.00
Natural Cost & Ownership of MoneyJ.D.Malan4.00
North-South DialogueC. Pinwill 6.50
ObelisksA. Cooney10.00
Operation BankwatchJim Cronin4.00
Poverty Amidst PlentyEarl of Tankerville4.50
Rulers of RussiaRev. D. Fahey 12.50
Rogue TraderNick Leeson20.00
Score, TheRudy Stanko12.00
Scotland & Its Money SystemJames Gibb Stuart5.00
Short Papers on MoneyMarquis of Tavistock4.00
Small Farmer RepliesD.E.Phelps4.00
Something to Beef AboutB. Treloar3.00
Southhampton Chamber of Commerce Report 2.00

Story of Commonwealth Bank

Story of Commonwealth Bank - new edition

D.J. Amos



Sustainable Prosperity 1:ReformSoc.Credit School of Studies3.00
Sustainable Prosperity 2: EconomicsSoc.Credit School of Studies3.00
Sustainable Prosperity 3: MoneySoc.Credit Scool of Studies3.00
Tallies, a Tangled Tale:includes copy Charter of Bank of 'England'David Astle15.00

Thine is the Kingdom

Ralph Duck5.50
Towards a New Economic OrderC. C. Hicks3.00
Truth About New ZealandA.N. Field8.00
Truth in Money BookT.R. Thoren20.00
Untaught History of MoneyA. N. Fielld.4.50
U.N. & New World OrderE. Pressler4.00
Veil of FinanceA. Brenton5.00
Vodka-ColaCharles Levinson 17.00
War Cycles/Peace CyclesRichard K.Hoskins22.00
What has to be DoneCharles Pinwill4.00
What is Money For?Ezra Pound4.50
Working Man's Guild in Middle AgesG. Kurth6.00
World's Monetary System- Bretton WoodsGriesgraber/Gunter30.00
Wealth, Virtual Wealth & DebtProf. F. Soddy20.00

Politics, History :


Author Price
Adam Weishaupht: Human DevilWinrod 6.00
Amsterdam to NairobiE.W. Lefevre5.00
Anne Frank's Diary: A HoaxD. Felderer9.00
Anglo-American EstablishmentProf. C. Quigley25.00
Animal FarmGeorge Orwell 10.00
Anti-semitism/Babylonion ConnectionDes. Griffin12.00
Answer: Justice, Aust. POWA. McClelland10.00
Anti-Defamation LeagueR.H. Williams6.50
Auschwitz: End of a LegendCarlo Mattogno16.00
Australia: How Bright the Vision?Jeremy Lee10.00
Australia 2000:
What Will We Tell Our Children?
Jeremy Lee15.00
Australia UnlimitedSir David Smith5.00
Background to Gulf WarM. Brooker4.00
Behind MarxismF.L. Britton6.50
Betrayal by RulersPrince Michel Sturdza15.00
Beyond JonestownE. Dieckmann18.00
Blood BrothersE. Chacour10.00
Bondage of the FreeK.H. Steffgen8.50
By Way of Deception: MossadVictor Ostrovsky/Claire Hoy20.00
British EddaL.A. Waddell30.00
Canada's WatergatePatrick Walsh2.00
Camp of the SaintsJean Raspail28.00
Case for David IrvingNigel Jackson15.00
CeltsNora Chadwick17.00
Changing Image: Arab/Israeli ConflictR.H. utiss 32.00
Characters of ReformationHilaire Belloc 24.00
Child Abuse in ClassroomP. Schafly16.00
Christ was not a JewJ.E. Connor 20.00
Christinity and Judaeo-ChristianityM. Ross4.50
Christians and PoliticsThoburn3.00
Christians in PoliticsP.D. Olney6.00
Conspiracy of TruthW.D. Chalmers4.00
Conquest Through immigrationG.W. Robnett 18.00
Conspiracy: to Destroy all GovernmentsWilliam Guy Carr4.50
Cult of All-Seeing EyeR.K. Spenser 9.00
Curse of Canaan:Demon of HistoryE. Mullins22.00
Dachau: Hour of AvengerCol. H.A. Buechner30.00
Darkness VisibleW. Hannah8.00
Dealing in HateDr.M.F. Connors5.00
Decline & FallB.A. Santamaria1.50
Descent into SlaveryDes Griffin22.00
Dispossessed MajorityW. Robertson17.50
Dissolution of Eastern JewryW.N. Sanning20.00
Documentary History of CommunismR.V. Daniels30.00(pr)
Dynamics of War & RevolutionL. Dennis20.00
Empire of Their Own: Jewish HollywoodNeal Gabler26.00
Essays of a CatholicHilaire Belloc 25.00
Everlasting ManG.K. Chesterton22.00
Fascist Europe Rising Rodney Atkinson 35.00
Faith, Power & ActionL.D. Byrne2.00
Falsehood in WartimeA. Ponsonby7.00
Fateful Triangle: USA/Israel/PalestiniansNoam Chomsky 52.00
Forced War: When Peaceful Revolt FailedDavid L. Hogan40.00
Freedom's Own IslandSir Arthur Bryant20.00
From Admiral to Cabin BoyAdmiral Sir Barry Domvile17.00

Fourth Reich of the Rich
Fourth Reich of the Rich - new edition

E. Griffin20.00
Global ManipulatorsR. Eringer12.50
Global TrapMartin/Schumann25.00
Grand Plan for New World OrderV.E. Marsden4.50
Great HeresiesHilaire Belloc 25.00
Great Holocaust TrialM.A. Hoffman8.00
Green HoaxDavid Thompson4.00
Guns of GodR. Hallstrom4.00
Hawke's Speech to Fabian Societyphotocopy 100
Healing Divided NationRev. C. Jacobs7.00
HellmakersJ. Grover22.00
Here We Go AgainDoug. Collins 20.00
Hidden Menace to World PeaceJames Gibb Stuart22.00
Holocaust on Trial: Case of ZundelRobert Lenski35.00
Holocaust IslandJames Gibb Stuart10.00
History of Monetary CrimesAlexander del Mar10.00
History Protestant ReformationWilliam Cobbett30.00
Hoax of 20th CenturyA.R. Butz21.50
How to Get What You WantA. Chresby5.00
Humanist Manifesto 1&2Paul Kurtz6.00
In the Minds of MenIan Taylor36.00
Iron Curtain Over AmericaJohn Beaty12.00
Israel's Sacred TerrorismLivia Rokach15.50
Judaism & the VaticanVic.Leon de Poncins 20.00
KatynLouis Fitzgibbon19.00
Kingship of Christ & Conversion of the Jewish NationRev. Denis Fahey20.00
Kingship of Christ &
Organised Naturalism
Rev. Denis Fahey 12.00
Last Days of RomanovsRobert Wilton15.00
Legacy of TerrorAlexsandr Solzhenitsyn1.50
Leuchter Report (photocopy)Fred Leuchter4.00
Life of an American JewJack Bernstein5.50
Lightbearers of Darkness'Inquire Within' 15.00
Light on United NationsReynold & Lanzon2.00
Longest HatredAnon. 6.00
Message from Southern AfricaIvor benson2.50
Middle Ages RevisitedAlexander del Mar15.50
Middle-East CrisisGlubb Pasha6.50
MindbendersJames Gibb Stuart24.00
Muddleheaded RepublicAlan Atkinson17.00
Moving StormBryan W. Monihan4.00
My Farewell to IsraelJack Bernstein5.50
Mystery of Freemasonry UnveiledCardinal of Chile20.00
Mystical Body of Christ &
Re-organisation of Society
Rev. Denis Fahey20.00
Mystical Body of Christ in Modern WorldRev. Denis Fahey20.00
Naked CapitalistLeon Skousen12.00
Naked CommunistLeon Skousen12.00
National SuicideProf. Antony Sutton14.00
New Lies for OldAntony Golisyn 22.00
New World Order &
New Age Movement
Daryl Martin5.00
New World Order Chronology10.00
New World Order: Ancient Plans of Secret SocietyWilliam Still15.00
New World OrderPat Robertson14.00
Never a DullBill Manifold16.00
Nineteen Eighty-FourGeorge Orwell14.00
None Dare Call It ConspiracyGary Allen10.00

None Dare Call It Treason:25 Years Later

John A. Stormer16.00

Occult Theocracy

Occult Theocracy (In two volumes)

Lady Queensborough40.00

One Voice, Many IssuesScott Balson10.00
Open SecretsIsrael Shahak36.00
Origins of Balfour DeclarationJ.A. Malcolm5.00
Our Nation is Being DestroyedK.R.McKiliam 4.00
Papacy & FreemasonryMonsg. Jouin6.00
Path of Legal WarfareKeltie Zubko5.00
Pauline Hanson: The TruthGeorge Merritt10.00
Pawns in the GameWilliam Guy Carr 12.00
Pearl Harbour: After Quarter CenturyHarry Elmer Barnes15.00
Pearl Harbour IIJim Taylor22.00
Phoenician Origins: Britons, Scots & Anglo SaxonsL.A. Waddell 35.00
Politics of Guilt & PityRousas Rushdoony18.00
Prophecy and PoliticsGrace Halsell12.00
Proofs of a ConspiracyJohn Robison16.00

Protocols of Zion

Protocols of Zion - new edition

Victor Marsden transl. 6.00

Protocols of ZionVictor Marsden trans.6.00
Psychotherapy in ClassroomDr.W. Coulson5.00
Queen Speaks to Her PeopleAustralian Heritage Society 5.00
Race & ReasonCarleton Putnum14.00
Race & RealityCarleton Putnum14.00
Rebuilding RussiaAlexsandr Solzhenitsyn15.00
Red Fog Over AmericaWilliam Guy Carr12.00
Red Over BlackGeoff. McDonald10.00
Religion Red & RottenH.R. Pike3.50
Remorseless Working of ThingsJ.W. Smith5.00
Republic of the RichRuxton/Merritt10.00
Rhodesia & The CrownA. Wharam1.00
Rhodesia: Re-Orientation of Aust. PolicyDr. Walter Henderson1.50
Rulers of RussiaRev. Denis Fahey 15.00
Rulers of Russia & Russian FarmersRev. Denis Fahey 12.50
Saga of Hog IslandJ.J. Martin7.00
Secret Societies & Subversive MovementsNesta Webster18.00
Secret Societies & Kingship of ChristRev. Denis Fahey12.00
Shadows of PowerJames Perlof18.50
Shape of Priests to ComeGeoffrey Dobbs5.50
Social Credit & CatholicismG.H.Levesque7.50
Social Rights of Jesus ChristRev. Denis Fahey14.00
Socialist NetworkNesta Webster16.00
Soviet Military & Indust. ComplexAntony Sutton4.50
Spectre of PowerMalcolm Ross14.00
Storm Over UluruPeter B. English12.00
Story of the Commonwealth BankD.J. Amos6.50
Story of the FabiansMurrakut5.00
Struggle for True Australian IndependenceGraeme Campbell5.00
Surrender of an EmpireNesta Webster20.00
Survivals & New ArrivalsHilaire Belloc13.00
Switzerland's Political InstitutionsOswald Sigg5.00
Talmud UnmaskedRev.L.B. Pranaitis12.00
Teddy BareZad Rust10.00
Thine is the KingdomRalph Duck6.50
This Age of ConflictIvor Benson6.00
Tragedy of James ConnollyRev. Denis Fahey6.00
Trial on TrialDennis St. George25.00
Truth About New ZealandA.N. Field8.00
Thirteenth TribeArthur Koestler21.00
Tragedy & HopeProf. Carrol Quigley75.00
Under the Chloroform TreeR. Jameson20.00
U.N. & the New World OrderEileen Pressler4.00
Understanding the TimesD.A. Noebel35.00
Unseen HandA.R. Epperson25.00
Veal File 1&2Veale30.00
VentilationsWilmot Robertson12.00
Victory in VietnamW.F. Eckbert10.00
Vodka-ColaCharles Levinson23.00
War Lords of WashingtonA.J. Hilder5.00
War Cycles/Peace CyclesR.K. Hoskins22.00
War on Christ in AmericaR.M. Jurjevich29.50
Way of DispossessionIvor Benson1.50
Westminster Tradition & AustraliaL.R.Marchant20.00
West's Betrayal of CivilisationAleksandr Solzhenitsyn2.50
Whitlam's Republican DreamA.Chresby4.00
Who Are the Jews?Christian Borg12.00
Who Financed Hitler?J.& S. Pool22.50
Whose Service is Perfect FreedomC.H.Douglas5.00
Why Not a Say for the Australian People?anon. 3.00
William the ConquerorHilaire Belloc15.00
Witchcraft & Murder in ZimbabweH.A.Clark6.00
Words of Warning to
the Western World
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn2.50
Working Man's Guild in Middle AgesG. Kurth6.00
World Split ApartAlexsandr Solzhenitsyn5.50
World RevolutionNesta Webster 20.00
World Without CancerG. E. Griffin35.00

World's Monetary System
Bretton Woods

Griesgraber & Gunter30.00
Your Will Be DoneA.Chresby5.00
Zionist Connection IIA.M.Lilienthal25.00
Zionist FactorIvor Benson14.00
ZionistsGeorge Armstrong 15.00
Zundel Trial & Free SpeechDoug. Christie6.00


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