100 Trillion Asians? Go Harvey Go! By Tom North

     How many Asians and non-Whites do the globalist elites want in Australia? Some may say, an infinite number, but that is silly because the universe itself may not be infinite:
https://phys.org/news/2015-03-universe-finite-infinite.html. One could go on forever citing references about this one.

     Perhaps a more realistic measure is a googleplex number of Asians, which is a 1 followed by 100 zeros (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Names_of_large_numbers), more diversity than all of the atomic particles in the known universe! That too, creates a logical problem, since migrants are usually made of matter, but the immigration obsessed elite will ignore physical realities, since they do so now.

     Consider this for example: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4839260/Gerry-Harvey-predicts-Australia-Asian-country.html

“Harvey Norman billionaire Gerry Harvey predicts Australia will become an ‘Asian country’ with a population of 100 MILLION in the next century as ‘immigration spirals out of control’
•    The electronics boss says there is nothing Australia can to do stop immigration
•    Gerry Harvey says Australia is going to become an ‘Asian country’ in 100 years
•    He says people like Dick Smith trying to halt population growth cannot succeed.”
But, immigration is already out of control.

     We have heard all this before from the Asianising elites. Immigration is not under national control; there is nothing that can be done, so just follow this sort of advice:

     Now, there are many responses that can be made here. For example, if immigration is not under political control, then will this not mean that other responses, not so good for the retail business, may be considered? There is already serious debate about whether America is now entering civil war 2.0:

     If the same thing happens in Australia, there will be emigration from Australia. Likewise, if ecological collapse occurs through the policies of the elites. The elites will be the first to jump ship. All bad for the retailers.

     At present mass immigration is already causing numerous environmental and social problems, with stresses upon infrastructure e.g.: https://myaccount.news.com.au/theaustralian/subscribe?pkgDef=TA_SDO_P0415A_W04&directSubscribe=true&b=true&sourceCode=TAWEB_WRE170_a_GGL&mode=premium&dest=http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/state-politics/melbourne-population-predictions-blown-away-by-the-boom/news-story/11bcdf68da07eb1e8238b4a11be3c36e&memtype=anonymous.

     Infrastructure costs are enormous, but are a social cost ignored by the immigration lobby because society wears it, not them: http://www.smh.com.au/comment/the-huge-hidden-cost-of-population-growth-20160219-gmyddb.html. Social collapse would end the immigration madness.

     Economic collapse, especially of China would throw Gerry’s prediction out:

     The collapse of China would take out colonial boot-licking countries like cultural cringing, cucked, deracinated, identity-insecure, Australia, where elites happily anticipate the end of its traditional  existence (imagine the same being done by the Chinese elites):
This will mean that there will be a change of fortunes for local capitalists, which may already be coming:

“Following yesterday’s record earnings report and a tumbling share price from a surprising final dividend cut, Harvey Norman stocks have continued to nosedive, as analysts pour through the retailer’s financials, deeming the retailer “not investible”.
The retailer’s share price has continued to fall 2.2% today, following an over 7% downward dive yesterday.
Despite the company’s record $449 million profit yesterday (a 29% increase), analysts as Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Sales Trader, Sujit Dey, has expressed concern over the retailer’s second half conversation which he believes is a “poor” 71%.
Mr Dey states there are other issues in the accounts, as the sales are actually going backwards in second-half 2017 compared to the pcp, by 3%. It is the first time this has been seen since 2013. Revenue from franchisees was flat in second-half 2017 compared to the pcp, notably the worst since 2014. Cash receipts from franchisees also fell a whopping 39% in second-half 2017.
The combination of this caused franchisee fee cash per complex to fall materially.
Mr Dey remarks that the short-term situation for Harvey Norman does not look good:
“When you overlay the dividend cut and weaker than expected 4Q17 LFL sales (which have continued into FY18), things aren’t looking good for Harvey Norman in the short-term”.

     I would say that Gerry now has more on his mind than millions of Asians, or should.

     No doubt, the retail capitalists start to salivate when they anticipate their profits from millions of Asians. But, as has been seen with Chinese investments in agriculture, the profits and benefits seldom flow on to locals. It is likely that as the Chinese population increases, Chinese communist electronics firms will set up shop in Australia, and undercut businesses, eliminating Gerry and his ilk from the market place: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMlmjXtnIXI.

     Then there is the IT/robot threat, where within 15 years, half of the world’s four billion jobs will be eliminated:

     As usual the scribbling, dribbling  class think that this problem will be solved within the conventional economic/financial system, by new jobs being created in new fields. However, this is illusory since any of these new fields will be subject to the same job  displacement:
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4761458/Ex-Facebook-exec-says-society-collapse-30-years.html. This article is a prediction of the collapse of civilisation within 30 years, merely from the chaos produced by the IT revolution, let alone everything else:

     So, what are all of the millions of migrants going to be doing? Revolution? Civil war? You tell me. Better yet, Gerry tell us all, since you want this sort of world.

     How about war in Asian, or all-out nuclear war? That is a possibility now which has been even recognised by the MSM:

     This need not come from North Korea, but could also be a spin-off of Pakistan’s nuclear threat:

     Finally, there is another spin to this population rape scenario. The usual line taken by the Asianisers is that Australia is underpopulated and the world will not allow this to continue, so they will force population upon us if we do not take it now. But, who says that this population rape will stop with 100 million? Why not a billion? And, why Asian? The real growth in world population will be in Africa:

“In the past year the population of the African continent grew by 30 million. By the year 2050, annual increases will exceed 42 million people per year and total population will have doubled to 2.4 billion, according to the UN. This comes to 3.5 million more people per month, or 80 additional people per minute. At that point, African population growth would be able to re-fill an empty London five times a year.
From any big-picture perspective, these population dynamics will have an influence on global demography in the 21st century. Of the 2.37 billion increase in population expected worldwide by 2050, Africa alone will contribute 54%. By 2100, Africa will contribute 82% of total growth: 3.2 billion of the overall increase of 3.8 billion people. Under some projections, Nigeria will add more people to the world’s population by 2050 than any other country.
The dynamics at play are straightforward. Since the middle of the last century, improvements in public health have led to a inspiring decrease in infant and child mortality rates. Overall life expectancy has also risen. The 12 million Africans born in 1955 could expect to live only until the age of 37. Encouragingly, the 42 million Africans born this year can expect to live to the age of 60.
Meanwhile, another key demographic variable – the number of children the average African woman is likely to have in her lifetime, or total fertility rate – remains elevated compared to global rates. The total fertility rate of Africa is 88% higher than the world standard (2.5 children per woman globally, 4.7 children per woman in Africa).
In Niger, where GDP per capita is less than $1 per day, the average number of children a woman is likely to have in her life is more than seven. Accordingly, the country’s current population of 20 million is projected to grow by 800,000 people over the next 12 months. By mid-century, the population may have expanded to 72 million people and will still be growing by 800,000 people – every 18 weeks. By the year 2100, the country could have more than 209 million people and still be expanding rapidly. This projection is based on an assumption that Niger’s fertility will gradually fall to 2.5 children over the course of the century. If fertility does not fall at all – and it has not budged in the last 60 years – the country’s population projection for 2100 veers towards 960 million people.”

     Remember, both the Asianisation of Australia, followed by the Africanisation of the world, will create a new form of homogeneity, and the champions of globalism might need to think a little more deeply about how this may all go south for them. Presumably, they are human, and not gods, so they live and die, just like us. They need physical things to live, things that will be in short supply by then. If homogeneity scares them, then they should be very afraid of what is likely to come next:

     Fine, eat up poor old Australia, defenceless, weak and unable to lift a tiny piggy finger to defend its heritage. But, the fate of Asia is to become part of Africa. China, get ready for the joys of cultural diversity. And, China, may have some lessons to quickly learn:

     In the meantime, while I can’t speak for you, I, exercising my capitalist right of consumer sovereignty, now know where I will NOT shop in the future.



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