A Part of China By James Reed

     News, very bad news, comes that 8 percent of new homes in Queensland sold between September 2016 and June 2017, were purchased by “non-residents,” mainly Chinese. But non-residents gobbled up 25 percent of new homes in New South Wales and 17 percent in Victoria over the same period:

     Then we have the next wave of colonisation, harking back to the MFP Japanese city proposal of the 1990s, of a $ 1 billion Chinese city:

“Chinese hands have snatched up sprawling sugar cane fields on the northern tip of Queensland’s Gold Coast with the intentions of turning the rural landscape into a new city.  Songcheng Performance Development, owned by a Chinese theme park entrepreneur, is the company striking a deal to develop the Norwell Valley, which is located smack bang between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

The Norwell Valley is one of the last remaining undeveloped patches of land between Brisbane and the Gold Coast so it is not surprising that it was snatched up to be developed into a $1 billion mega hub for domestic and international tourists.

Songcheng Performance Development is currently laying the foundations for a full blown city which includes residential, commercial, health, and educational precincts. It is currently proposed that the development would take place over the next 25 years, to coincide with a spending spree on highway infrastructure between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

This mega development isn’t Songcheng Performance Development’s first foray into South East Queensland. Last November they unveiled plans for a $400 million ‘cultural theme park’ on a riverfront Nerang Site.

The farmers who currently own the land are not letting slip any details regarding the land grab but it is expected that when the deal is finalised in mid-2018 it could amount to Australia’s largest land sale.”

     How will this benefit Australia, with all the profit going straight back to China? Australia would have surrendered part of its territory. The political class are deeply concerned about the constitution being used as a political weapon, in the case of dual citizenship. But, the issue of foreign ownership goes even further, showing that politicians are willing to simply “surrender Australia”:

     It is time to take one last stand against this great sell-off of our country. Contact the independents and Pauline Hanson, and start jumping up and down about this utter disgrace! No apologies for talking rough here, but our country has become little more than an economic prostitute, and a cheap one at that. We all should feel an infinite sense of shame, and righteous anger about the treason committed by our political class in allowing the corporates to sell off Oz. Thailand would not permit it, and neither would China. So, how is this “fair trade”?



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Thursday, 30 June 2022