A Simple Question about the Coming Mandatory Covid-19 Mass Vaccine By Mrs Vera West

     My question is: if Big Pharma is given total legal immunity for the Covid-19 vaccine, if and when it comes, what incentive is there to ensure the maximum safety for people? If you were given total immunity for all driving offences, would your driving safety increase or decrease?

“You have no right to say no, in other words, but you also have no right to sue if their product turns out to be faulty and causes injury or harm. This is now the status quo of the lawless, anti-human vaccine industry and all its corrupt collaborators such as Big Tech, Big Media, medical schools and complicit medical journals. The vaccine will be forced upon you, in other words, regardless of its safety status. Long-term trials are being completely skipped. Animals trials have been largely abandoned. And … , the most prominent vaccine manufacturer on the covid-19 scene, has publicly admitted that 100% of clinical trial subjects experienced negative side effects in the high dose group, during the second round of injections. Bill Gates is now publicly stating that “multiple doses” of coronavirus vaccines will need to be forced on people around the world, yet we already see that even during the second dose — not the mention third or fourth doses — side effects hit every single person, indicating they get cumulatively worse with an incremental number of doses. The utter lack of financial liability means that vaccine manufacturers have no incentive to follow quality control measures. Since they can’t be sued when their faulty vaccine products cause injury or death, there’s no incentive to make their vaccines safe during manufacturing. Instead, the priority is to rush everything into production as quickly as possible in order to maximize profits and be among the first to market. Adding to the conspiracy, tech giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter will of course censor all reports of vaccine injuries, making it nearly impossible for anyone to lodge an honest online complaint about vaccine safety. Here’s how that will work: The CDC will declare the faulty, dangerous vaccines to be “safe,” then anyone who questions that will be censored by the tech giants for “not following CDC guidelines” or some similar excuse. Due process has just been obliterated. You have no right to any trial. You have no right to say no. You must comply or lose your job, and you might in fact be denied access to public transportation or even public shopping spaces. You are now living in a medical police state, run by Big Pharma tyrants and junk science quacks who pretend to be the high priests of “truth.” All those who oppose them will be silenced, and you will be injected against your will with a toxic cocktail of experimental medicine that might just kill you. If you complain, you will be de-platformed. If you sue, your case will be thrown out. If you die, your death will be recorded as a “covid-19” death in order to push more justification for more vaccines. On top of all that, the vaccines probably won’t even work.”


“Access to unlimited information is one of the biggest draws of the internet, but if Big Tech has their way, we’ll soon only be able to read hand-picked information that supports the liberal narrative. Anyone who thinks this is an exaggeration only needs to take a look to what’s happening with Big Tech censorship on the vaccine debate. Last month, Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. reported that Facebook removed an interview on IGTV that he did with the founder of The Autism File, Polly Tommey, a mere 10 minutes after it was posted without offering any explanation. According to Kennedy, the video did not contain any inaccuracies and was fully supported by peer-reviewed science. Their main issue, of course, was that it contained facts that the vaccine industry does not want people to hear. In this case, he spoke about the coronavirus vaccine and the flaws in Moderna’s recent trials. This type of censorship was also seen when Facebook’s FactChecker program censored the producer of Vaxxed, Del Bigtree, when he said that vaccines contain mercury and aluminum and can cause encephalopathy. This was somehow branded false and censored despite the fact that this information is listed in the package inserts that come with vaccines (although patients rarely end up seeing them). Bigtree was also recently deplatformed by YouTube after covering the low-cost hydroxychloroquine treatment for coronavirus that threatens Big Pharma profits.”


“Big pharmaceutical corporations are raking in billions from American taxpayers through the United States government deals that are funding research for a vaccine to the Chinese coronavirus. In May, President Donald Trump’s administration created Operation Warp Speed (OWS) to partner with pharmaceutical corporations in researching, developing, and administering a vaccine for the coronavirus at a record pace. As a result, the administration is cutting deals for pharmaceutical corporations that deliver them billions in taxpayer dollars for vaccine research and development. Most recently, the France-based pharmaceutical corporation Sanofi and GSK scored a $2.1 billion federal contract for 100 million doses of a vaccine with potentially the option to buy another 500 million doses. Sanofi profits total nearly $38 billion. Similarly, Pfizer and BioNTech won a $1.95 billion federal contract for an initial 100 million doses of their yet-to-be-developed vaccine for coronavirus. Pfizer is the largest multinational pharmaceutical corporation in the world with profits over $53 billion.

Other pharmaceutical corporations who have been awarded federal funds include:

•    Nearly $1 billion to Moderna
•    About $420 million to Johnson & Johnson
•    $1 billion to AstraZeneca
•    $1.6 billion to Novavax
•    $450 million to Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

While AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson executives have pledged to Congress not to profit off the vaccines, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla told Barron’s last week that it is “radical” to suggest that billion-dollar pharmaceutical corporations forgo profits during the coronavirus crisis. “I think it’s very wrong. You need to be very fanatic and radical to say something like that right now,” Bourla said of those suggesting vaccines not be administered for profit. “Who is finding the solution? The private sector found the solution for diagnostics, and the private sector found the solution for therapeutics and is along [the] way to find more solutions for therapeutics and vaccines. So how can you say something like that? Doesn’t make sense.” Analysts with Barron’s say Pfizer could stand to profit nearly $13 billion in sales just from a coronavirus vaccine if it is priced at $19.50 per dose. Bourla’s statement matches that of many economic libertarians who have praised pharmaceutical corporations for their vaccine research, with little mention of Trump’s OWS or their funding by American taxpayers. “Vaccine progress is coming at record speed — and it’s the result of the free market,” Nikki Haley wrote in a July 23 post. “About 2 dozen companies are competing to find a cure or treatments to the pandemic. While govt supports, they’re rightly letting innovators and entrepreneurs drive the vaccine process.”

     At present anti-vaxxers are still fighting the no jab no play issue, but the future will be even more desperate, when a mandatory Covid-19 vaccine is required for everyone, multiple times.



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Saturday, 02 July 2022