Adieu La France: L’échec de Le Pen By Peter West

    Predictably enough, Le Pen was crushed by her globalist former Rothschild banker opponent, like a truck going over a biro. I know that there is a large case to be made of dirty tactics, cheating and all the rest, but at some point the good guys need to face up to internal weaknesses that have led to a culture of defeats. Given the weak nature of modern Whites, it is necessary to constantly whistle in the dark, to keep the nerve of the weak up. But, alone here in private, we can talk frankly.

    The fact remains that the majority of the population, at least in France, are not “on side.” They consent to continual immigration and terrorist attacks. That is exactly how the ruling globalist elites will interpret Le Pen’s defeat. France will be slammed by globalism as never before, and no doubt has now reached a tipping point where no (sic) dumocratic solution to its problems is possible. Given the cucked nature of the population, France will disintegrate into chaos, ultimately with a sharia law government gaining control of its nuclear weapons. Prediction: that will happen by 2030 at the latest.

Europe is facing eight to town million migrants, on the way:,, with a minimum of 30 million Africans hitting Europe within 10 years: Actually, over a billion people will come, if they can, finishing Europe off, as they will be unskilled and most unemployed:;  But, that is what the French want, and who can blame the migrants for wanting a better life, even if it means a tragedy of the commons: France, get ready to cop it hard, and you bloody deserve it! France will disappear, and like Sweden will be a casualty of the clash of civilisations.

    Following the Trump betrayal, there is a painful lesson in this for freedom types. Le Pen went down the Trump compromise road much sooner than he did. She was indicating weakness and surrender and it is most unlikely that she would have stood by her election promises, as watered down as they became, week by week. She, as her own father said, was not fit to be president: A person who turns on their own father cannot be trusted.

    The Wikileaks dumping of Macron emails which is sure to have some gems, came too late to influence the election, and in any case it would not matter what was in the emails, nothing would be done about it, just as in the case of Hillary Clinton. Why bother?

    Can we state the problem boldly? Surely it is because there are no strong Right wing men, able to stand their ground and not surrender to fashion, or fear of public opinion: Women, across the West, are more liberal than men and have historically supported progressive agendas: This leads to often bizarre consequences:;

    Electoral politics, for this reason alone, will not be able to solve the really tough problems such as immigration. I doubt very much if financial reform issues could be tackled via the ballot box either, given the scare tactics which globalists have perfected. We have a self-reinforcing system, where all forces act to maintain the homeostasis of oppression. It took some time to set this up, but now, unless some external collapse occurs, it is difficult to see how it can be overcome, especially since the elites are quite prepared to nuke the entire planet if it looks like they will get less than 100 percent of their way. They will hold onto financial control in a life-and-death struggle, and are sure to go down with the ship if necessary. This is a problem that needs confrontation.

    But, I must end on an element of hope. Fight on regardless, because it is better than drinking oneself to death. Maybe God will send the odd miracle our way. Start praying if you are not doing so.



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Sunday, 25 September 2022