Affirmative Action, the Draft, and World War III By Mrs Vera West

     Following Trump’s military strike against Iran, there is great concern among young men that there will be World War III, and the need for a draft so that young men can be killed off for the globalists, as always.

     However, the US draft is only directed at young men, which would seem discriminatory. Clearly, if there is going to be another mass slaughter, then what about the daughter?! Women will need, by the principle of affirmative action, to be the main one’s to be canon fodder now, as there needs to be restoration of the balance as men have died in all past wars. Isn’t it time for equality, and for young women to be slaughtered as well … which is just an argument for not having the draft at all! And, why we are at it, no war either.



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Monday, 08 August 2022