Ah McCain, You’ve Done It Again! by Charles Taylor

With Republican friends like John McCain – you know, the “war hero’ who stood against Obama, but really wanted Obama to win because he was black – Trump does not need enemies, but he has them by the truck load anyway.

According to The Washington Post, news we know we can trust (after all, they publish Russian and Chinese communist propaganda: http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-02-19-revealed-the-same-washington-post-that-accused-200-web-sites-of-being-puppets-for-russian-propaganda-actually-takes-money-from-russia.html),  “John McCain Just Systematically Dismantled Donald Trump’s Entire Worldview,”  https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2017/02/17/john-mccain-just-systematically-dismantled-donald-trumps-entire-worldview/?utm_term=.b919cf7e8a30.

And how was this done? Simply by repeating the globalist mantra that his friends like Hillary Clinton parrot in every speech; that there is an alarming turn to nationalism; there is resentment towards immigration, but immigration is a sacred good, a secular god; and there was the con-con-servative zinger, that people are giving up on the West. There is no recognition here that it is people like McCain who have created the Trump revolt in the first place and that the assault on Western civilization comes from his globalist camp, not Trump.

And what about John McCain’s record? An opinion piece in The Arizona Daily Independent (https://arizonadailyindependent.com/2016/06/06/34-years-of-failure/) does a great deconstruction job on him. Here are his 34 years of failure:
1.    Our least prepared military defense of 70 years although he chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee;
2.    $18,000,000,000,000.00 in debt and continuing budget deficits as far as we can see;
3.    Failed VA hospitals;
4.    Failed VA system in its entirety;
5.    Reduction in housing allowance for troops (bill now in Senate);
6.    Failure to secure the border – a fundamental requirement for national security (“build the dang fence”);
7.    Terrorists in every state;
8.    Sponsored the CREST Act (spends $100,000,000.00 to process and import 5,000 South American illegal aliens under the guise as refugees from their country into the USA; Prohibits DHS, HHs and Border Patrol from telling anyone where the aliens are being transferred to; etc.);
9.    Unconstitutional NDAA that takes our liberty as guaranteed in our Bill of Rights;
10.    Allowed taking $1.3B from our troop medical co-pay benefits to fund bringing Afghanistans into the USA;
11.    Sponsored the unconstitutional McCain-Feingold Act that took our right to political free speech just before elections (passed just in time for a McCain re-election & later ruled unconstitutional);
12.    Higher taxes;
13.    Holding meetings with terrorists in Syria;
14.    Militarization of non-enforcement federal agencies such Dept. of Edu., Ag Dept., Forest Service, and many more;
15.    Militarization of local law enforcement departments (city & county);
16.    Very bad trade deals with foreign countries resulting in loss of jobs and huge trade deficits;
17.    Federally centralized control of local education compelled through extortion with our own money by the federal government;
18.    Failure to oppose the endless list of unconstitutional acts and violations of law by Obama, many of which lay the groundwork for a strong impeachment case;
19.    Complete failure to protect and preserve the 10th Amendment in the Constitution he took an oath to uphold (Arizona’s state’s rights have been trampled and eviscerated over the last 34 years – he is supposed to represent Arizona in the Senate, not the Feds);
20.    The largest number of Americans not working (95million) in 40 years;
21.    The failure to demand an investigation on who at the White House ordered the destruction and/or alteration of government DHS records collected to connect the dots on Islamic terrorists;
22.    Failed to perform his constitutional obligations by repeatedly and continuously voting to confirm (not veto) bureaucrats and judges that are not fully veted, not qualified, and do not believe in the principles of our Constitution;
23.    Enabled and participated in the creation of a federal bureaucracy so large he can’t control it, nor does he try to stop it from violating our constitutional rights on a daily basis – has failed to hold them accountable or in compliance with the Constitution or control their spending;
24.    He has done nothing to stop (might even say enabled) – the unconstitutional overreach by federal agencies to take our liberty; for example the unconstitutional abuse of the Clean Water Act to federally micro-regulate cattle ponds and dry washes for the sole purpose of taking private property rights;
25.    He has failed to stop (I’ve not heard an objection or filibuster ) the illegal transfer of funds appropriated for a specific purpose to a specific agency by Obama to an executive favorite program or slush fund;
26.    Participated in the congressional request for the IRS to investigate the Tea Party groups;
27.    It was discovered, but seldom reported, that John McCain (“Song Bird McCain” as the POW’s knew him) conspired with John Kerry to block the investigation and recovery of Viet Nam POWs.”

If anyone had even 1/27th of this sort of soiled record, they would be keeping their chops shut.



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Thursday, 29 September 2022