All the Fun of the Decline: 4-foot Swords and Collapsing Multicult Narratives By Peter West

     Oh, it’s almost like writing in the free-wheeling style for a trendy magazine, maybe like Taki, but here I go stitching together bits and pieces to make a media meal. Why, the Beatles on Abby Road did it (“junk…just bits of songs thrown together”: John Lennon), and if it is good enough for them, it is good enough for me, as I am not a millionaire socialist. But, I will just need to get a trendy Alt Right haircut, short on the sides long at the top. Only problem here is baldness, and old age.

     First cab off the rank is a Muslim who said that rape was worse at the beginning, but got better: I suppose it is not unlike mass immigration; well, no, actually, the exact opposite. As you would imagine, the White Western feminists, eternal defenders of women’s rights (i.e. themselves and pay levels), said nothing as usual, since ethno-race trumps feminism, and agendas must never be put in conflict even if they are logically incompatible.

     Along with rape, swords are popular with some cultures, the longer the better, such as the 4-foot beauty wielded by a man outside of Buckingham Palace, increasing cultural diversity:

     The question not invested by the mainstream media, is whether or not a 4-foot sword is actually long enough? Will we in the future see such fellows wielding broad swords, or perhaps Medieval pole axes? Anyone for 18-foot long pikes? It may be a bit difficult taking such weapons on buses, especially at peak hour, but the sheeple will adapt, like they do to everything. Say, what happened to the 4-foot sword? Is it being looked after and fed a diet of oil, to prevent its high carbon steel from rusting? Who sheds a tear for these cultural artefacts, aspects of our wonderful diverse and rich multicult?

     Speaking of the sheeple in Britain, and how, like here, they are fed and harvested, like any other form of agricultural produce, advertising companies in Britain are rejecting portraying straight White people, and are going for ethnics and non-heterosexual majorities:
And, this is not just a British phenomenon, as we see here in Australia, with the corporates getting behind the same sex marriage push:
This is said to be a spin-off of the “market for virtue,” to show that a business is in tune with the ruling ideology of the present status quo, regardless of economic benefit:
Too bad if such a commitment leads to the bankruptcy of the business by a consumer backlash, or problems like this:

     Thus, with marriage dead, and heterosexuality dying, according to the elite ideology, what would happen if everybody jumped on their bandwagon, and brought the whole sorry mess down? It won’t happen soon, because people lack as yet, the apocalyptic spirit, that the end is nigh, but once they taste this bitter fruit, it will be interesting to see the squealing of the captains of capitalism, as their profits crash, as the ship sinks. A mass strike, as advocated by the Trotsky:
may one day be embraced by non-Marxists. Just kidding, forbidden thoughts, we would never do anything to harm the flow of commerce, which is sacred.

     It may not be possible anymore to “win,” but it may also no longer be possible for our enemies to “win” either, if “win” has any meaning any more in a post-everything kind of world.



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Sunday, 05 February 2023

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