Australia, Basically Ruled by China By James Reed

     I did not know about this until alerted by an email, but apparently Tasmania, which is fast becoming a part of China, is allowing China to use Hobart as a port for their icebreaker. Sure, give them the state and Australia’s share of Antarctica too (the Antarctic treaty comes up for renegotiation in 2040), since our hands are too soft and flabby to do anything much expect stuff our faces with cream puffs, while mouthing sweet nothings about diversity and Asianisation:

     Wow, only two port stops and $2.5 million dollars will be injected into the Tassy economy; talk about a cargo cult. The premier is falling over himself. Never mind that an American think tank, who think, unlike Australia’s political leaders, has warned that China is a threat to Australia’s Antarctic territory:

“A leading American military think tank is warning that Australia's Antarctic territory is under growing threat from China's expanding interests in the continent. The Washington-based Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments has just released a report which examines the possible future challenges to Australia's 42 per cent land stake under the Antarctic Treaty.”

“A growing number of voices are warning that Australia’s complacency in Antarctica could open the door for China to lay claim to parts of the icy continent. Antarctica is a mineral rich continent and underpinning the suspicion is the fact that China is seen as a resource hungry nation in need of fossil fuels and minerals to feed its growing economy. Australia has by far the largest claim in the polar region of any nation with the Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT) covering 42 per cent of the continent. It was claimed by the United Kingdom and placed under the authority of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1933. However only the UK, New Zealand, France and Norway recognise Australia’s claim over the territory. China recently began work on its fifth Antarctic research facility — a move that has prompted strategic and defence think tanks in both the US and Australia to raise concerns about China’s clear desire to exert greater control in the region, potentially at Australia’s expense. “I would sum up the Australian response as needing to be alert but not alarmed,” says Professor Donald Rothwell from the ANU’s Centre for Military & Security law. “I say alert because obviously any potential presence of another state within the Australian claimed territory could lead, at some future point in time, to a challenge to Australian sovereignty.”

     Too optimistic; Australian sovereignty is already on the way out, a product of the deracination white genocide program of the elites, in my opinion. For the average member of the chattering class at university (who will soon run the show), they would be quite happy to let China do what it will with anything. Yes, there is now a tiny pitter patter of concern about Chinese spying:

“Defence experts including national security consultant Dr Ross Babbage, has warned about the 'degree of naivety' from Australia in regard to Chinese technology theft in Australia. The Australian Conservative Party have been alert to these threats since inception, calling out Chinese communist government influence and espionage. The Conservatives are seeking a Royal Commission into Chinese communist influence - which you can support here. A Royal Commission would be no different to what the Menzies government initiated into Soviet communist influence in the 1950s, something Conservative leader Cory Bernardi pointed out in during Question Time in September seeking a Royal Commission (video embedded below). Primrose Riordan writes in The Australian newspaper today that China will target radar technology and quantum computing capabilities in Sydney and Canberra to advance its military capabilities, according to former defence officials.

Meanwhile, Matthew Denholm, Tasmanian correspondent for The Australian, wrote on Saturday that a prominent Chinese-Tasmanian leader has been accused of being part of China's soft influence push. Xin De Wang, aka 'Master Wang', leads the Hobart-based Tasmanian Chinese Buddhist Academy of Australia but it is his role as the president of the Tasmanian branch of the 'Australian Council for the Peaceful Re-unification of China' (ACPRC) that has raised eyebrows. Master Wang denies the allegations, despite telling his Tantrayana Buddhist followers in in his December 11, 2016 broadcast on Hobart FM radio to be guided by Beijing's policies 'in everything we do'. The ACPRC has been identified by ANU academic Clive Hamilton (in his book 'Silent Invasion') and others as a primary channel for Chinese communist government influence in Australia. Prominent Australian political donor Huang Xiangmo - who came under intense scrutiny for his connections to now-disgraced Labor senator Sam Dastyari - was, until November last year, the head of the pro-China ACPRC.”

     Here's Conservative Party leader, founder and senator for South Australia, Cory Bernardi asking a question of government leader Matthias Cormann in Question Time in September:

     The call for a Royal Commission in to Chinese Communist Party influence (which is identical with China as we know it), is a good start, but we are so far down the rabbit hole of colonisation now, done by mass migration, that it is doubtful that “Australia” can survive, if in fact, our imagined community of Australia exists at all in a place where the Sydney CBD will soon be everywhere. But, not to end on a pessimistic note, perhaps economic collapse could turn the tables, breaking the circuit of mind control, and many see it coming fast:

     The crash will either make, or break us.



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Sunday, 05 February 2023

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