Australia Will Feel the Pain By James Reed

     China is mad at us for daring to ask for accountability over the whole corona bug episode, and we have not even gone to the level of Donny Trump and talked about engineered bioweapons and all that great conspiracy stuff that everyone loves, or almost everyone. We are just at the “please explain” stage, and swat, we get wacked.  That economies have been destroyed is just to be accepted. If not, we will shut off the trade, no, we are shutting off the trade. A Chinese student I know who comes to the community centre for his one hour of internet, because the university has so many blockages, just passed by, stopped and read what I wrote above and agreed, saying that you Australians do not know the level that China will go to put you in your place, as they see you as subservient, but disobedient. He said he hated the communists as much as anyone, but they are to be feared. He said Hong Kong is going to be a show case, and he is scared, as pain is coming our way, and he fears that the Aussies will turn on good guys like him. I told him that I would not let them. He knows that I am crazy.  
 Here is the Chinese press threatening us in full glorious black ink, that my Chinese paranoid friend found for me, with the click of a few keys:

“The US Department of Commerce on Friday added 33 Chinese companies and institutions to an economic sanctions blacklist, a clear signal that the US intends to intensify efforts to decouple from China. The move comes as China-US relations are worsening over a wide range of issues such as the coronavirus, economic decoupling and Hong Kong. While China has been trying to avoid escalating its tension with the US, such restraint on its part has not prevented bilateral relations from sliding to the lowest point in decades. On Sunday, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that political forces in the US are taking US-China relations hostage and pushing the two countries to the brink of a "new Cold War." If the Trump administration plunges the world into a "new Cold War," forcing China to take countermeasures against the US and its allies, it would be extremely dangerous for Canberra to become a player in a diplomatic club led by the US, given Australia's high dependence on the Chinese economy. Once Australia is regarded as a supporter of the US in a "new Cold War," China-Australia economic ties will inevitably suffer a fatal blow. This is why Canberra needs to closely watch Washington's attacks which include placing Chinese firms on its sanctions backlist. This offers Canberra a window to observe whether there will be a "new Cold War" between China and the US and to reconsider its strategic relations with Washington.

The latest blacklisting makes clear that the US will not give up on decoupling from China. Whether it is because of the unprecedented coronavirus shocks to its economy or the upcoming elections, the Trump administration seems bound to continue its standoff against China, which is likely to be escalated into antagonism. During this process, the US may try to keep some of its allies on its side to increase geopolitical pressure on China. From China's point of view, Australia, with its geopolitical and ideological grievances against China, appears to be one of the first to jump onto America's China-bashing bandwagon. However, it is uncertain whether the Morrison government intends to support the US on individual issues or if it is deliberately seeking to join the US in its confrontation against China. It seems that Australia is caught in the middle due to its political inclination toward the US and its economic connections with China. We could never have imagined that US President Donald Trump would say something like "We could cut off the whole relationship." At the outset, perhaps Canberra could not have anticipated to what extent Trump would allow US-China relations to deteriorate. If Australia does not want to be a victim of the US-China standoff, it should reflect on whether it wishes to continue advancing toward the conflict.

If Trump continues to escalate the tension to a more serious level, China may have to impose countermeasures on the US and its supporters. Australia's economic deterrent force is much smaller than the US', so China to some extent will enjoy more room to fight back against Australia with countermeasures if Canberra supports Washington in a possible "new Cold War." It means Australia may feel more pain than the US. Some countries may choose to take a wait-and-see approach toward the worsening US-China tensions instead of picking sides to further complicate the situation. For instance, despite the border disputes with China, the Modi government has shown considerable caution in commenting on issues involved in the US-China standoff. The Trump administration is fomenting trouble to deflect its woes over its mishandling of the coronavirus onto China. There is no need for other countries, such as Australia, to involve themselves in this ridiculous political play. On the Chinese side, we don't want to identify each country's circle of friends, but if some nations work with the US to smear or blackmail China, it will be normal to see China fight back.

     Oh, it just keeps getting better, with the US threatening to dump us over the Victoria China deal:

“US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has threatened the United States will “simply disconnect” from Australia if Victoria’s Belt and Road agreement with China affects US telecommunications. Mr Pompeo has warned on Sunday that the Belt and Road agreement increases the Chinese communist regime’s ability to do “harm”, as Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews digs into the economic partnership. The US Secretary of State said he did not know of Victoria’s agreement but warned it could impact his nation’s Five Eyes partnership with Australia. “We will not take any risks to our telecommunications infrastructure, any risk to the national security elements of what we need to do with our Five Eyes partners,” he said. “I don’t know the nature of those projects precisely. To the extent they have an adverse impact on our ability to protect telecommunications from our private citizens, or security networks for our defence and intelligence communities – we simply disconnect, we will simply separate. “We are going to preserve trust in networks … we hope our friends and allies, especially our Five Eyes partners like Australia, do the same.”

     Our elites are firmly going the China road, so get ready, in the longer term, to kiss all of the heritage, the Queen, constitutional monarchy, the English language etc etc goodbye. Think of where this will go in another 200 years; Australia is almost unrecognisable today.

     The answer for China will be to put in president Joe Biden, to do their bidding, who will be a puppet president for China, according to this article below, and there will be no parallel China scandal like the fake Russia stole the election nonsense, the Left will just lap it up, loving anything communist.

“China certainly doesn’t want a President Trump second term: it will be economically deadly. Some say they intentionally let the Communist coronavirus infect the world with the goal to weaken western countries. Intentionally or not, no one can deny it’s a total success. When Joe Biden announced he was opening a foreign policy center at the University of Pennsylvania, nobody paid attention. Now that we know that the Democratic Party got help from Russia and Ukraine to try to get Hillary Clinton in the Oval, spied on their opponent candidate, tried to get Trump removed from office, tried to prevent him from governing, and will do anything to get one of his own elected, it raises concerns.

•    At its founding in 2018, Biden described the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement as “a place where policymakers here and abroad will know they can be in touch with some of the best minds.”
•    Who paid for it? The Penn Biden Center has not released information on its donors, BUT foreign funding to the University of Pennsylvania has risen more than threefold, spiking to over $100 million last year from $31 million in 2016, according to Department of Education records.
•    And guess what: China has been the largest contributor during that time.

o    Between March 2017 and the end of 2019, the University of Pennsylvania received a total of $61 million in gifts and contracts from China, according to Department of Education records.
o    In the preceding four years, the university received just $19 million from China.
o    The donations included a $502,750 “monetary gift” in October 2017 from the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, a Chinese government agency that helps administer the regime’s “Thousand Talents Plan”.

Federal prosecutors claim the program is linked to Chinese espionage operations at American universities and have prosecuted academics for hiding their involvement in it.

o    Other contributors included China’s Zhejiang University, the China Merchants Bank, and the China Everbright Group, a state-owned investment group, according to federal records.
o    Many of the Chinese contributions were listed as coming from “anonymous” donors, a practice experts say is an “easy tactic” that allows the Chinese to penetrate the U.S. education system.
o    Penn received a total of 23 anonymous gifts from China between March 2017 and the end of 2019, totaling over $21 million. In the preceding four years, the university had disclosed just five anonymous donations from China, totaling less than $5 million.

•    The center is one of several organizations Biden founded since leaving the White House in 2017:

o    The domestic policy-focused Biden Institute at the University of Delaware, who declined to reveal its funders.
o    The Biden Cancer Initiative closed in 2018 because of ethical issues for a possible Biden administration. It had $2.1 million in total assets before suspending its operations, and it declined to provide a list of donors.

•    All three entities have refused to reveal the sources of their funding, that raises questions about the influence of Chinese individual or corporations on the presidential candidate.
The lack of transparency has drawn the attention of a watchdog group that is now demanding that the federal government investigate whether foreign money has flowed to the Biden Center in Philadelphia.

Why? Because many of Biden’s nonprofit entities have served as landing spots for his former—and potentially future—White House aides:

•    The Penn Biden Center, for instance, is a national security council-in-waiting for Biden, employing his top White House foreign policy advisers Colin Kahl, Michael Carpenter, and Jeffrey Prescott.
The National Legal and Policy Center, a government watchdog group, filed a complaint with the Department of Education requesting an investigation into Penn’s anonymous funding, according to a copy obtained by the Free Beacon.

“Joe Biden’s affiliation with the Penn Biden Center further raises concerns of foreign influence not unlike those raised when the Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars in donations while Hillary Clinton was running for president,” the complaint said. The complaint also asked the Department of Education to “refer the matter to the Department of Justice for civil enforcement in federal court, and seek recoupment of all costs to the U.S. government for investigating and enforcing the reporting and disclosure laws of China monetary gifts and contracts.” Did Biden indirectly received payments from china through Penn?

•    Penn’s investment in the Penn Biden Center has been significant: a luxe D.C. office directly across from the U.S. Capitol Building.
•    Employment for Biden’s longtime foreign policy aides.
•    Highly promoted conferences featuring Biden conversing with foreign leaders.
•    End a total of $900,000 in payments to the former vice president, according to his tax records.

The usual suspects
The Biden Center is part of the University of Pennsylvania’s “Penn Global” department, headed by Biden’s campaign health care adviser and brother of Rahm Emmanuel, Ezekiel Emanuel, which handles the university’s foreign research and outreach programs. The other brother’s company, Hollywood talent company Endeavor, is in precarious position due to US$7.2bn debts, and it would certainly welcome Biden’s help as President.”

     In short, Biden is as rotten as they come, and thus highly suitable for the elites to choose as president, senility and all.



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