Australian Universities: Branches of the Chinese communist Military By James Reed

     Hey, that’s the sort of paranoid conspiratorial title readers have come to expect, and love, from me. But, the title is only a paraphrase of “Aussie Unis Boost Chinese Military,” The Weekend Australian, June 10-11, 2017, p.1.
     The story here is universities are supplying the Chinese military with technological leadership and knowledge which China needs for advanced military and industry superiority. The claims have been made by public intellectual Clive Hamilton. Here is how just some of this works, courtesy of your tax payer’s dollars, according to The Australian:

“For instance, last year the ARC awarded a $400,000 grant to Adelaide University for a research partnership with the Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, which is part of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China. Government-owned AVIC is the major supplier of military aircraft to the People’s Liberation Army Air Force.
As Mr Hamilton and Mr Joske say, “when the PLA unveiled its first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, it was loaded with Shenyang J-15 fighter jets built by AVIC”.
The Adelaide University project is intended to help develop materials and devices that, the ARC’s proposal says, “are comfortable, quiet and energy-efficient” for use in aircraft, motor vehicles and ships. The authors point out: “It will also enhance the PLA Air Force’s capacity to improve the performance of its most sophisticated warplanes.”

An Adelaide University spokesman responded: “The project is funded entirely within the rules of the ARC and holds the prospect of delivering more durable rubber products that have greater tolerance to wear and temperature variation. The carbon-infused rubber might find future use in improved tyres, seals, insulation, shoes or even playground mats. The University of Adelaide maintains ownership of the intellectual property, which will be available for licence to potential users worldwide.”
Mr Hamilton and Mr Joske say the research team for this and other projects funded by the ARC includes personnel in Australia and China with close links with Chinese institutions that routinely undertake significant military-industrial projects.”

This is just an example of only one such program, but my following remarks will be addressed to the new class sector of Australia, in general, not one specific institution.

     As Australia has been cucked and deracinated, and exists as just a set of consumers bounded by a coastline, aiding the Chinese military, who may soon destroy those who aid them, makes perfect sense. A raceless, faceless, globalist set of elites can only be governed by the law of money. Why would the Australian government fund projects which deliver technological advances to China’s military might, the article asked: “Our Taxes May Help Finance Chinese Military Capability,” The Weekend Australian , June 10-11, 2017, p. 19. Because we do not have an “Australian” government as such, only a colonial state that rules us for their masters. It is not our government, and we are not citizens, merely slaves.

     Wouldn’t be nice for the slaves for bloody once to revolt against this?  We can start with closing down the universities, which have become occupied territory and serious national security risks.



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