Britain After the Zombie Apocalypse By Peter West

     Britain, like most of Europe has become a multicultural, anti-White police state, where there can be no challenge in any way to the present status quo. Even George Orwell would be surprised: 

     Conservative critic, Brittany Pettibone, has been detained and then expelled from Britain, while, of course, any number of real hate mongers freely enter Britain. 

     Thousands of children many as young as 11 years, have been raped, beaten, tortured and some killed, over 40 years by the migrant grooming gangs, who have been allowed to flourish by police inactivity because of political correctness. 

     Here are some hard hitting comments on this by James Kirkpatrick from the vDare article sited above:

“How could the systematic rape, beating and murder of hundreds of its young women not bring any country’s government crashing down, with hearings, trials, and executions? But in Britain the exposure of the “worst ever” sex grooming scandal is barely generating any notice [Britain’s ‘worst ever’ child grooming scandal exposed: Hundreds of young girls raped, beaten, sold for sex and some even killed, by Nick Sommerlad and Geraldine McKelvie, Mirror, March 11, 2018].

Authorities ignored reports of abuse over a period of forty years—because of fears of, guess what, “racism.” And the allegedly “Conservative” British government is responding by cracking down on activists who are trying desperately to save the country—and blocking the entry of allies who simply want to give speeches about European parallels the indifference of the British government and Main Stream Media to what is now an epidemic of abuse throughout the country cannot be overstated. Sure, some British publications, including the Telegraph are investigating the story [Telford MP calls for inquiry into ‘extremely serious and shocking’ abuse in the town, by Harriet Agerhold, Independent, March 11, 2018].

But thus far the state-owned BBC has barely mentioned it. (One online article from BBC Shropshire, with no mention of “Asians”, Muslims or Pakistanis:  Investigating child sex exploitation in Shropshire By Andy Giddings BBC Shropshire, March 11, 2018.) Instead, the BBC is far more interested in spreading wild conspiracy theories about Vladimir Putin, who is poised to win another term as president of Russia. Yet despite Putin’s authoritarianism, it’s increasingly difficult to argue that the United Kingdom is more of a “free society” than Russia.

Would Russian authorities be deliberately importing hostile foreigners, sanguinely permitting them to rape children, arresting anyone who tries to fight back and then banning criticism as illegal [Rotherham dads were arrested after tracking down abusers, The Star, August 27, 2014]. Just as the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks actually meant nothing to those who govern America, the exposure of the earlier Rotherham grooming scandal meant nothing to those who govern the U.K. And exactly as 9/11 paradoxically meant Islam suddenly became beyond criticism, the Rotherham scandal, which was first exposed by the “far right” British National Party, has only led to further crackdowns on the indigenous British people.”

     Meanwhile we see stories like: 
about soaring rape levels in minority white London, and the authorities are at a loss to say why. Sure, sure.

     What does the Left say about all of this? Only that comments like the above are racist and that anyone making them should be executed. But, have they thought about the endgame of white genocide? When whites are eliminated, who will be abused? Oh, in the process, the Left, a product of white pathology, also goes, so maybe the question is purely academic. The Left just want to commit suicide, and they want us to go with them.



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Saturday, 13 August 2022