Build Your Border Walls High! by Charles Taylor

Mexican Congressmen Braulio Guerra, was feeling pretty proud of himself. He was able, so he claimed, although I suspected that he had a leg-up, to climb a 30-foot fence on the US-Mexican border, and blow a raspberry at President Donald Trump: You see how easy it is to climb the wall and get into the United States Mr Trump. Your wall cannot stop the US becoming a part of Mexico. Nothing can stop us.

Just ask Jorge Ramos, who has declared that the United States belongs to Latino migrants, “it is our country, not theirs”: Illegal migrants are not going to go, he said. Of course, the sociological evidence indicates that dangers in border crossings are a significant determinant of the intention to illegally immigrate, and a threat risk decreases immigration: E. Ryo, “Deciding to Cross: Norms and Economics of Unauthorized Migration,” American Sociological Review, vol. 78, 2013, pp. 574-603.

Trump is right about crime: The LA Times headline for this one is: “Two gang members in U.S. illegally are accused of kidnapping 3 girls, killing 1 in a satanic ritual.”

Ramos supports open border immigration from Mexico to the US, but it is unclear whether he would support open border immigration of the rest of South America into Mexico, or of Africa into Mexico. Mexico has severe laws dealing with its illegals. Illegal immigration into Mexico is a felony punishable by two years in a tough Mexican jail. Re-entering offences lead to ten years in jail, and those attempting to help illegals are considered criminals: Yet, these people have the nerve to protest about Trump’s relatively weak immigration protection policy.

The above Breitbart article notes that a 2013 poll found that 66 percent of Mexicans believe that the US has no right to limit immigration from Mexico, and 88 percent thought that it was justified to enter the US illegally if one wanted money.

Tom Tancredo has argued,, illegal immigration to the US is propping up Mexico’s dysfunctional state. He follows Anne Coulter in believing that the illegals are much more than 11.3 million, and more like over 25 million, so that well over 25 percent of Mexico is already in the US!!!

The number of legal and illegal Mexicans in the US is thus likely to be something around the 50 million mark. Remittances are so important to Mexico that it amended their constitution to give voting rights for Mexicans living abroad in the Mexican presidential elections. Tancredo says that Mexico’s most profitable export to the US is thus migrants. US capitalists love the cheap labour that can be readily exploited.

Hence, make the wall another 30 feet high, topped with masses of razor wire. Make Mexico pay for it, taking it out of the foreign aid budget for Mexico, and everywhere else, amounting to $ 43.1 billion (2014 figures): A fine wall could be built for that, and no-one could sit on it.



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Saturday, 13 August 2022