By Uncle Len the Eternally Disadvantaged

     Yo, white bleeding heart hypocritical liberal BSers, wherever you are, Uncle Len is calling you out, big time, as my personal trainer at the gym says. Actually I don’t go to a gym, or have a PT, but, if I was a liberal, with a liberal job, I would go and feel… guilty.  You see, not to over-intellectualise things, but too much comfort and civilisation breeds abominations (I looked the word up), like this: 

     Now the same is going on here in this land as part of modern academia, and I know because I believe James Reed, who has a higher IQ than even me (about 89). So, I am calling out the hypocrites, now! Give up your jobs to the disadvantaged like me, who scores many pc points from being mentally ill etc., even if white (when washed). I would make an excellent teacher of Women’s Studies, knowing vast amounts about the topic, having met a woman once at the shopping centre, who said that I smelt disgusting.



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Monday, 08 August 2022