November, 2016
Rigging by Deception: The Gun Control Drive, Australia by John Steele
Section 18 C: The Corruption of the Rule of Law by Ian Wilson LL.B
Hillary's Watergate? by Pat Buchanan
Hillary Clinton: Wall Street’s Losing Horse? Constitutional Crisis? What’s the End Game? By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
From Recognition to Racial Separatism: Neo-Apartheidism by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Students Obviously Need to Learn about Gay Sex, Not Mathematics! by Mrs Vera West
Letter to The Editor
Will Queen Hillary Rule Her Loyal Subjects from Gaol? by Chris Knight
The Chattering Class and the Rigged and Corrupt US of A by Charles Taylor
Is Obama Really a Traitor? by Chris Knight
Election Final: Hillary Clinton, An Overwhelming Package of Concentrated Evil by Charles Taylor
Letter to The Editor
Beware – The Welfare vs Work Issue by James Reed
The Rise of the Machines and the Fall of the Elites? by Brian Simpson
Goodbye Australia? - Not Yet! by James Reed
Gang War Australia by John Steele
The Rise of the Machines and the Fall of the Elites? - Response from Wallace Klinck - Canada
Marxist Safe Schools Social Engineering Targets Next Generation of Teachers by Mrs Vera West
John Lennon and the Beatles: Musicians of the New World Order by Bruce Bennett