October, 2017
No Hopes over the Family law Act By Mrs Vera West
Sperm, Dying Like Beached Whales on the Polluted Beaches of Modernity By Mrs Vera West
The Fall of Fish By Brian Simpson
Protected Only by Tractors Tom North
Politically Correct Football By Chris Knight
Hugh in Hell? By Mrs Vera West
Why Our Schools are in Chaos By James Reed
Some Sense from John Howard Mrs Vera West
The Pope and Mass Muslim Immigration By Peter West
Letter to The Editor - Supposing that the ‘progressive Australia’ he favours is an improvement on the old
Life Itself May be a Refugee By Brian Simpson
The Slow Treason of Brexit By Tom North
Global Cooling…Ha, Ha! By James Reed
Warriors of Hope? By Peter West
Gun Banning on Steroids By John Steele
The Searchers: Testosterone and Racial Realism By John Steele
Letter to The Editor - he would not have succumbed to simplistic slogans or have lacked compassion for those with whom he disagreed
Letter to The Editor - all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing
Antifa Plans for Revolution By John Steele
The Las Vegas False Flag? Maybe By John Steele