January, 2019
Man-Made Wildfires By Viv Forbes
How They Use “The Law, “Their” Law By Charles Taylor
The New York Time’s Open Borders Fantasy By Charles Taylor
The Pope’s Collective Works on Immigration By Peter West
Should We Stop Eating Meat for the Sake of Exploding Third World Populations, and Cuddly Animals? By James Reed
Feminist Divorce Laws and the Great Bonanza By Mrs Vera West
Why does a Food and Drug Administration Need to be Armed to the Teeth, but Ordinary Folk do Not? By John Steele
A Scenario for Civil War 2.0 and American Revolution 2.0 By Charles Taylor
From Hating White Males, to Becoming One By Mrs Vera West
Why Universities are Buried in Mountains of B.S. By James Reed
The System is Insane: Now You Can be Destroyed for Merely Asking a Simple “Please Explain” Question By Chris Knight
Saving the Planet from Global Warming by Voluntary Sterilisation? Yes! Please Do it My Leftoid Friends! By James Reed
The True Face of Feminism By Mrs Vera West
Will North Korea Wipe Out All of Humanity? By James Reed
Letter to The Editor - If the British people are to retain their traditional free way of life
Letter to The Editor - British people, may have to resort to massive civil disobedience or even civil war
Letter to the Editor - The Abbott idea, like all other proposals for "constitutional recognition", is foolishly divisive and ethically unfair
Have Your Family Early By Mrs Vera West
China Purges Itself of Western Degeneracy By James Reed
Western Feminists Throw a Fit: The marie Kondo Wars!