January, 2019
The Decadent Culture of Victimhood By Chris Knight
The Republic and the End of the States By James Reed
Exercise Lowers the Risk of Stroke By Mrs Vera West
The Disadvantages of Men By Mrs Vera West
China Erasing Ethnic Identity By James Reed
The Great Wall of America: On Declaring a National Emergency By Charles Taylor
The hypocrisy of the Gun Banners By John Steele
Obama’s Peace Prize By Bruce Bennett
Letting Them All In! Open Borders Australia By James Reed
The Ultimate Cosmic Conspiracy Theory By James Reed
President Trump’s Border Protection Speech By Charles Taylor
Fake Philosophy from The New York Times By Peter West
The Dead Bodies Keep Piling Up! By Chris Knight
Disease is Knocking at the Door By Charles Taylor
Boys Can Have Periods Too!? What! By Mrs Vera West
The Problem of the “Whiteness” of Feminism By Mrs Vera West
Sweden’s Uncivil War By Richard Miller
The Globo-Commo Pope By peter West
A Metaphor for the West By Peter West
Immigrants Displacing Workers By Chris Knight