January, 2019
James Watson and Race By Brian Simpson
The Return of Socialism … Did it Ever Go Away? By Chris Knight
Topping Topless Protesters By Mrs Vera West
Bleeding Dry the Health Care System: Foreign Tourists By James Reed
No Cervix? No Worries! By Mrs Vera West
Pay Cheque to Pay Cheque By James Reed
From False News to False Images! By Chris Knight
Brigitte Gabriel on Walls and Illegals By Charles Taylor
Writing without Quality; That’s the Universities All Over By James Reed
Fraser Anning’s Conservative Nationalist Party By Peter West
Woman Can’t Hear Male Voices. What’s that You Say? By Mrs Vera West
Hang White People? By Richard Miller
Inside China’s Concentration Camps By James Reed
The Psychology of Anti-Masculinity: Political Correctness Rules
The Violence of Antifa By Charles Taylor
Are You Ready for the Alien Invasion and War of the Worlds? By Brian Simpson
There Goes the Power Grid! How Will I Toast my Cheese and Tomato Sandwich Now? By Brian Simpson
Immigration is Working Just as the Globalists Want By Chris Knight
Enter, Epigenetics By Brian Simpson
Democracy has Fallen Through the Floor By Chris Knight