October, 2019
UK Becoming a Transgender Nation And What’s Wrong with That, Bigot? (That’s Mr Bigot) By Richard Miller
The Fall of the Strongman By John Steele
Mainstream Criticism of Einstein By Brian Simpson
Peeping Behind the Climate Change Conspiracy By James “CO2” Reed
Dissolving Western Europe By Richard Miller
Free speech for Them, But Never for Us (We Must be Replaced) By Paul Walker
Nuclear War Insanity from the Universities? No. By James Reed
Antifa and the Totalitarian Left By Charles Taylor
The Idiot ideology of Anti-Meat By James Reed
Peeing in the Rain, Just Peeing in the Rain By James Reed
Science Nerds Question 5 G Tech By Brian Simpson
Of Course it is the Man’s Fault! By Mrs Vera West
No Veggies … We are American! By Charles Taylor
Teething Problems for Australia Becoming Part of Communist China By James Reed
Letter to The Editor - There is a mystery surrounding this archbishop
More Shocking Transgender Discrimination By Mrs Vera West
If You Still Have Teeth By Mrs Vera West
Is Hillary Clinton Going from Crazy to Creepy? By Charles Taylor
What is Really so Bad about Having a Single Digit IQ? By Chris Knight
China and Human Rights By Bruce Bennett