October, 2019
South African Crime Out of Control: Nobody is Safe By Logan Ricardo (Johannesburg)
Professor Chang Unleashes on China By James Reed
Incredible Exploding Bras! By Peter West
Nervous Asia By James Reed
Go ahead, make My Day by Impeaching Trump, Taking All Guns and Opening Up the Camps for Conservatives! By Charles Taylor
UK Immigration Out of Control (When has it Not Been?) By Richard Miller
Decision of the Great Transgender Brazilian Wax Case By Mrs Vera West
The I am Legend Vaccine By Mrs Vera West
Brain Implants the Next Monster Cab of the Rank By Brian Simpson
Farewell France, Thanks for the Frog Legs! By Richard Miller
Feeding the Fat Green Pigs By Viv Forbes
Letter to The Editor - Persistence in an unjust cause will hinder reconciliation
Letter to The Editor - Why should our taxes fund another unjustly constituted body?
What a Generous Lad, Vlad is By James Reed
Organic Food, Great; Organic Farming Not So Great (If You Still Believe in the Religion of Climate Change) By James Reed
Europe’s Most Wanted Woman! By Richard Miller
Grading Plus Grammar Equals White Supremacy By James Reed
Diversity is Not A Strength By Brian Simpson
Our Frankenstein Bio-Tech World By Brian Simpson
Food is Racist! By Chris Knight