October, 2019
More Evidence of Migration-Based Ethno-Demographic Replacement By Chris Knight
Sure, Ban Nationalists, but Let the Child Pornographers Flourish??? Go Figure! By Mrs Vera West
Genderless Criminals! By Chris Knight
Vegan Protests and Violence By James Reed
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Oh Sweet Irony, Banning a Book on the War Against Free Speech! By James Reed
Surrender Australia? Done! By James Reed
Banks and the Climate Agenda By James Reed
Do the Chlorinated, Sorry, Climate Change Fanatics, Want an Indian Pakistan War? (Global Cooling, After All!!) By Jimbo Reed
Letter to The Editor - There are high stakes here
Kritarchy Now! By Ian Wilson LL. B
Immigration and Invasive Species Report By Charles Taylor
Transitioning the Transitional Transition By Mrs Vera West
Scott Morrison: Glimmers of Nationalism? By James Reed
The Raw and the Cooked By Mrs Vera West
7.6 Million Babies Aborted and Counting By Mrs Vera West
Letter to The Editor - Why on earth then are we allowing whatever unity and national strength we have to be corroded by a movement for Aboriginal separatism
Extinction Rebellion, Yeah Baby, It’s the 60s Again! By James Reed
Another Great Idea! Give the Dole to Terrorists and Paedophiles! By Michael Ferguson