October, 2019
Michael Moore on The Joker Movie: He Understands! By Chris Knight
Not Great Anymore Britain: A Paedophilic Racist Paradise By Mrs Vera West
Elite Replacement Theory By Richard Wolstencroft By James Reed
Saudi Arabia and 9/11 By Charles Taylor
The Rebellion against Reason By Viv Forbes
Letter to The Editor
Syria Update
Can it Be? Will the Universities Just go bust? By James Reed
Forget the Boat People … Worry about the Plane People and New Zealand! By John Dwayne
Just Another Day in Politically Correct Germany By Richard Miller
Letter to The Editor - The greatest matter at stake is the political freedom of the individual
Sweden Under the Black Ax of the Post-Apocalyptic Barbarians! By Richard Miller
Sex Scandals from the Left (Always are Dirtier and More Sleazy) By Chris Knight
Mathematics is Racist, So Ban it Now! By James Reed
Abolish Prisons! Let Criminals Roam Freely! By Charles Taylor
China Ban South Park By Michael Ferguson
Just the Sort of Kind Hearted Abortionists Needed Today! By Mrs Vera West
Billionaire’s Criticisms of Feminism By Mrs Vera West
Starve the UN to Death! By James Reed
Too Embarrassed to Pee? Well, Embrace the Diversity (and That’s Poetry!) By Mrs Vera West