October, 2019
Mexican Battles; Catholics Vs Rampaging Pro-Abortion Feminists By Charles Taylor
Venezuelan is Showing the Way on Medical Advancements! By Michael Ferguson
Used as Speed Humps or Starved to Death? That is the Question By James Reed
On Being a Rapist in the UK By Richard Miller (London)
Our Un-Australian Universities By James Reed
Existential Threats: Too Smart for Our Own Good By Brian Simpson
Diversity Erodes Social Capital By Paul Walker
Chris Stapleton By John Steele
Letter to The Editor - Contrary to Australia's real interests
Letter to The Editor - The profound development that has occurred on this continent in the last three centuries cannot be undone
Letter to The Editor - This piddling withdrawal deal should be defeated emphatically in the House of Commons
Letter to The Editor - That is what lies ahead for them, too, if they let slip this chance for escape from totalitarianism
How Much Plastic Would You Like With Your Tea? By David Smith
China’s Rape Camps By James Reed
Too Bad Zantac Bites the Dust By Mrs Vera West
Who are the Uyghurs of China? By James Reed
For that Money, Maybe I Too Should Jump Ship and become a Pirate … eh … a Climate Protester!!! By James Reed
The Economists were Wrong about Globalisation. Now They Tell Us! By James Reed
Alarmist Over-reach By Viv Forbes
The Hellscape of Socialism By James Reed