September, 2020
Commo “Cuties” By Mrs Vera West
Biden: Help from Satan? By Charles Taylor
Facts about Covid-19
Why are Chinese Spies Not Interested in James Reed? By James Reed
Doing a U-Turn in Sweden By Richard Miller
Biden and the Left: Multiple Layers of Politically Correct Absurdity By Chris Knight
An Honourable Decision in this Time of Corona-Tyranny By James Reed
More Race Suicide from American Renaissance By Brian Simpson
Nihilism? Things Do Matter By Peter Ewer
Here are What the Cancerous Growths are Really on About By Charles Taylor (Florida)
The Rebirth of Socialism (but it Never Went Away) By James Reed
There is No Bottom to Cultural Degeneracy By Mrs Vera West
The Coming Nordicide By Brian Simpson
Keating Just Keeps on Giving it to Us! By James Reed
I Long for the Universities to Get Broker, Not Woker By James Reed
Biblical Words of Encouragement in Trying Times By James Reed
Victorian Now Worst than Even the USSR By Ian Wilson LL.B
Van Morrison Sings Against the Lockdowns By Bruce Bennett
What Did I Tell you? A Death Tax! By James Reed
Notes From Around - GOD OR MAN By D. B. Smith