On Target, 24th April 1998

The Liberal Party leadership aspirations of Workplace Relations Minister Peter Reith must be firmly on the line, and perhaps even jeopardised as the waterfront crisis continues. Success for Reith, Howard and the Government depends upon a short campaign with an emphatic victory over the Maritime Union.

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Sceptical Reflections on the Rule of Lawyers By Ian Wilson LL.B

     I was referred to this article by James Reed, and do not know much about the site, or care, as my main interest is civil liberties. But there is a nice summary of what has been done by a largely conservative Supreme Court in the US. Just ask yourself what a radical Left court would have done! In fact, there are no real conservatives on the court at all, since the legal institution in the US, and all of the West, has long been taken over. My thesis is that the Australian High Court was centralist from the very beginning, indicating that it too was taken over by globalists, from the beginning. I have posted references about this before. Really, how long will it take for the red, white and bluers to realise what we are up against?

“The GOP has controlled the Supreme Court since I first got involved in politics. This was twenty years ago. In that time, I have watched John Roberts replace William Rehnquist (2005), Samuel Alito replace Sandra Day O’Connor (2006), Neil Gorsuch replace Anthony Scalia (2017) and Brett Kavanaugh replace Anthony Kennedy (2018). Clarence Thomas is the only conservative member of the Supreme Court who is still there. Otherwise, there has been a complete turnover in my adult lifetime. For most of my adult lifetime, the conservative narrative was that Anthony Kennedy was the libertarian swing vote on the Supreme Court. Anthony Kennedy was the reason that social conservatives had amassed a solid losing streak on the court in big decisions like Lawrence v. Texas (2003) which legalized sodomy and most famously with Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) which legalized gay marriage. There were other important decisions like Grutter v. Bollinger (2003) and Fisher v. Texas (2016) which upheld affirmative action. In the Fisher case, Anthony Kennedy upheld affirmative action. In Arizona v. United States (2010), Kennedy was joined by John Roberts in striking down Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law. Donald Trump was elected in 2016, Anthony Kennedy retired and Gorsuch and Kavanaugh were confirmed and were supposed to consolidate a solid conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

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Any Excuse for Burning, Rioting and Murder By Charles Taylor

     There has been  so much holier than thouism about the Trump appointment of a new Supreme Court judge to replace the uber-feminist beauty, whatever her name was. So, one would have thought that the Rule of Law mattered to the ever-disgusting Left. But, not so, for given the decision of a Kentucky grand jury not to bring murder charges against the officers involved in the shooting of Black Breona Taylor, it was … go to it boys, or rather, Left-wing white women and diverse folk, time to get back to the business of burning, and of course, shooting two white cops as a pay back. First, here is a coverage of the rioting, the usual stuff by antifa, Leftist women and diversity, going mad. If it was not so dangerous, it would be hilarious. The narrative is that racist police came up to the door of Taylor and her boyfriend and just opened fire, killing her, having nothing better to do. The reality is that the boyfriend, after police identified themselves, opened fire through the door at police, they returned fire, and Taylor was collateral damage, not a victim of racism, an accidental killing. It was the boyfriend’s fault. But old Joe Biden has gone on about justice for Taylor. Well, stop criminals shooting through doors, stop Democrats lying and stirring up crazies engaging in riots, violence, and attempted murder. Time to put the rioters in super-maximum federal prisons, and to have nation-wide castle doctrine and no gun control for law-abiding citizens. If Black people feel that they are being subjected to violence, or Whites for that matter, then they should arm up and exercise their Second Amendment rights, rights you Aussies do not have, but should have had from Federation, in your constitution.

“The Kentucky Police Department on Wednesday confirmed that two police officers were shot during violent protests in reaction to the decision by a grand jury not to indict police officers for the death of Breonna Taylor.
Both officers were being treated in the hospital, Acting Louisville Metro Police Department Chief Robert Schroeder confirmed in a press conference and both were stable. One officer was currently undergoing surgery. One suspect is in police custody Schroeder said that the injuries were “non-life-threatening” and that the department would not release the names of the officers. “I am very concerned about the safety of our officers,” he said. “Obviously we’ve had two officers shot tonight and that is very serious. It’s a very dangerous condition.” The two officers were shot at approximately 8:30 p.m. Police officers and National Guard troops were spotted by reporters guarding the hospital where the officers were being treated.”

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Stay Human: USA Get Out, Go Home! By James Reed

     Ok the title of the song, in this heading, is a bit lefty for my taste, but the heart is in the right place, as it protests the disgusting treatment of Australia citizen Julian Assange, who was doing his job as a journalist, exposing the rotters. This is from the Stay Human Project, based in all places, Adelaide, which happens to be the capital of South Australia. If people do not know where South Australia is, I suggest Google maps for assistance. Yes, I am a cranky Victorian continuing the mindless squabble against the Crows. How could my brother, who lives in Adelaide, favour South Australia over the beautiful totalitarian regime of Victoria? Is freedom really better than having one’s head kicked in, or being dragged out of one’s car over broken glass? Surely not.

Challenging the Lockdown … At Long Last By Ian Wilson LL.B

     At long last, a legal challenge to the Victorian stage 4 lockdowns. And, it is about time too; whatever took them so long?

“A legal challenge to Victoria’s curfew and public health order has been launched in Victoria’s Supreme Court. The action has been brought by a struggling restaurateur on the Mornington Peninsula, who argues Melbourne’s harsh lockdown is illegal. Michelle Loielo is seeking to have the city’s curfew overturned on the grounds it is in breach of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The curfew originally required people to stay home between 8pm and 5am but was pushed back to 9pm from Monday. The single mother, whose husband died from cancer last year, claims the curfew violates her right to freedom, liberty and security.”    

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The Epstein Flight Logs By Chris Knight

     Twenty-two counts of rape and various sexual offences are being investigated by the Virgin Island authorities, Virgin Islands being somewhat ironic, no fault of those good people, only the decadent West.

“Bill Clinton is said to have enjoyed a secret dinner with Ghislaine Maxwell in 2014 - years after she was first linked to Jeffrey Epstein's sex crimes. The former US president, 74, ate with close friends, including Epstein's alleged madam and former girlfriend Maxwell, at vegan restaurant Crossroads Kitchen in Los Angeles in February of that year, The Daily Beast reports. Maxwell, 58, who attended Chelsea Clinton's wedding in 2010, had been linked to Epstein's crimes in 2011 by Virginia Roberts, one of Epstein’s prime accusers. Her attendance at the 2014 meal is said to have been hotly contested by Clinton's team. The former president is said to have been 'relieved' the press did not find out about the dinner. DailyMail.com has contacted Clinton's team for comment. Democrat donor Steve Bing, who killed himself earlier this year, is also thought to have dined with Clinton that night. Maxwell's rumored husband and tech CEO Scott Borgerson was also said to be on the guestlist. TMZ reported at the time that producer Jerry Bruckheimer and actors Bruce Willis and Sean Penn were also at that the restaurant, although are not thought to have been part of Clinton's entourage. Video shows Clinton arriving via a back door. Maxwell remains behind bars as she awaits trial on charges she recruited girls for disgraced financier Epstein to sexually abuse more than two decades ago. He killed himself in prison in August last year, several weeks after being charged with sex trafficking. Clinton traveled numerous times on the dead pedophile’s private Jet. In May he was forced to deny claims he had an affair with Maxwell in new book A Convenient Death: The Mysterious Demise of Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein was first sentenced to 18 months in prison and registered as a sex offender in 2008. Doug Band, who left his role with Clinton in 2012, is said to have banned Maxwell from the president’s network in 2011 but Clinton’s deputy chief of staff Jon Davidson, who helped organize the dinner, is reported to have known she would be there. Clinton and Maxwell were once pictured together on the billionaire pedophile's plane back in the early 2000s. A source told The Daily Beast: 'This is an intimate dinner with Clinton in LA. Think of all the people he knows in L.A., and Ghislaine gets to attend.'”  

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Lawyers Against Covid-19 By Ian Wilson LL.B

     I have written with frustration about the lack of movement of the legal fraternity about the increasing legal totalitarianism of Victoria.  But now I am pleased by recent developments as there is growing opposition at the 11th hour.

“An eminent group of retired judges and high-powered Queen’s Counsels has written an open letter calling on the Victorian Parliament to reject legislation that makes it easier to detain people during the coronavirus pandemic. Eighteen legal figures have taken the unusual step of coming together to launch a scathing attack, warning the Andrews Government’s COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2020 (Bill) endangered the freedoms of Victorians. “We are deeply concerned by the passage of the … Bill through the Legislative Assembly,” the letter states. “The Bill would also allow any person the Secretary considered appropriate to be authorised to exercise emergency powers. There would be no requirement that persons authorised be police officers, or even public servants.  “Authorising citizens to detain their fellow citizens on the basis of a belief that the detained person is unlikely to comply with emergency directions by the “authorised” citizens is unprecedented, excessive and open to abuse. “We call on the Legislative Council to amend the Bill, or to vote against it.” Retired High Court judge Michael McHugh, AC QC, and former Federal Court judges Peter Heerey, AM QC, and Neil Young, QC, headline the list of respected legal figures who have signed the letter. Other QCs who have joined the push are; James Peters, Peter Collinson, Maryanne Loughnan, Mary Anne Hartley, Philip Crutchfield, Georgina Schoff, Philip Solomon, David Batt, Stuart Wood, Felicity Gerry and Michael Borsky. After The Australian broke the story this morning, four more QCs added their names to the letter; Ross Gillies, Jennifer Batrouney, Rachel Doyle and Paul Hayes.

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At Long Last Some Good News … Maybe By Charles Taylor

     Let us see if dopey, weak, low T Trump, the last stand of the West – that is how bad it is – can get this one right. Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg has died, and my mom said that if you cannot say anything nice about the dead, then don’t say anything at all. So, I will be silent on the passing of this most leftist of leftoids, sure that she has gone to a better, or at least a warmer place.

     Trump has been given from above a chance for survival since it is now open, that the election is going to be stolen by postal votes, then supported by the Supreme Court. If he has the juice to put in a conservative judge, the West survives, hopefully, otherwise it is a total battle to the finish. Will this weak man weaken still under Left protests, who threaten to burn down America, if he does what is legal, and his duty, and replaces her? I say to the leftist scum; do your worst. It is time to fight fire with fire, literally:

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Van Morrison Sings Against the Lockdowns By Bruce Bennett

     What is there not to like about cultural music icon Van Morrison? At least he has taken a stand against the lockdowns, unlike other singers like Dylan, who supposedly champion freedom, let alone the likes of lefties like Taylor Swift.

“Sir Van Morrison has accused the government of "taking our freedom" in three new songs that protest against the coronavirus lockdown. In the lyrics, he claims scientists are "making up crooked facts" to justify measures that "enslave" the population. "The new normal, is not normal," he sings. "We were born to be free". Speaking on Wednesday, the prime minister said the government was doing "everything in our power" to prevent another nationwide lockdown. "I don't want a second national lockdown - I think it would be completely wrong for this country," Boris Johnson told MPs at the Commons Liaison Committee. "So when I see people arguing against the rule of six or saying that the government is coming in too hard on individual liberties and so on - I totally understand that and I sympathise with that, but we must, must defeat this disease." No More Lockdown is the most strident of the three tracks. "No more lockdown / No more government overreach," the musician sings in the chorus. "No more fascist bullies / Disturbing our peace. "No more taking of our freedom / And our God given rights / Pretending it's for our safety / When it's really to enslave." Another song references a widely-shared Facebook post, of a screenshot from a UK government website saying, "Covid-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK". While it is true that Covid-19 does not meet the criteria for an HCID - which typically has a high fatality rate (as much as 50% in the case of Ebola) - the disease is still considered highly infectious, with no specific vaccines or treatment currently available. Northern Ireland's health minister Robin Swann has described the new songs as "dangerous". "I don't know where he gets his facts," said Swann. "I know where the emotions are on this, but I will say that sort of messaging is dangerous."

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Victorian Now Worst than Even the USSR By Ian Wilson LL.B

     If you thought things were bad for freedom in Melbourne, well here comes the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Amendment Bill. It is stunning.

“The Victorian Labor government has introduced a bill to parliament that coupled with other measures is one of the most egregious attacks on civil liberties seen in war or peacetime. The Bill would allow people to be detained indefinitely and give sweeping powers to untrained people to become “authorised officers” with sweeping powers to arrest and detain fellow Victorians. Called the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Amendment Bill, it overrides all other laws and legislation with the exception of the Charter of Human Rights (which the government ignores as it is not binding), the State Constitution Act 1975 and the laws created by the Bill itself. The Bill confers and extraordinary power to the Secretary of the Department of Health to appoint public servants as “authorised officers” with the same powers as police. However worse than that is a provision which allows the secretary to appoint any of the following as an “authorised officer”:

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An Honourable Decision in this Time of Corona-Tyranny By James Reed

     Who says that there are no honourable men left? Let us take the case of Sanjeev Sabhlok, a Victorian treasury insider, who explains why he quit:

“Last week I quit my job as an economist in the Victorian Department of Finance and Treasury so that I would be free to speak out against the state’s management of the COVID-19 infection. I had made a number of criticisms of the state government on social media. The head of human relations at Treasury asked me to remove them. I considered deleting the few direct criticisms, but they wanted all indirect criticism removed too. I resigned on the same day, the only honourable course for a free citizen of Australia. I never dreamed I would see some of the tactics being used to defend the state’s health. The pandemic policies being pursued in Australia – particularly in Victoria – are the most heavy-handed possible, a sledgehammer to kill a swarm of flies. These policies are having hugely adverse economic, social and health effects, with the poorer sections of the community that don’t have the ability to work from home suffering the most. Australia is signalling to the world that it is closed for business and doesn’t care for human freedoms. This will dampen business investment but also impact future skilled migration, the education industry and tourism. The whole thing hinges on the scare created by politicians and health professionals. For instance, Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton claims this is the “greatest public health challenge since the Spanish flu”. But this is no Spanish flu – we can verify that easily.

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Why are Chinese Spies Not Interested in James Reed? By James Reed

     I am offended. While Vlad the Lad personally responded to my hand written letter in lead pencil asking if it was true that his Satan 2 nuclear missile is really targeted upon my flat in Melbourne, - yes it seems -  when I wrote to Chinese president Xi Jinping, asking if I could be spied upon too, some lovely, lowly  commo responded with a form letter saying that we do not spy, spying is very bad,  and certainly not upon lunatics like you Mr Reed. I now feel very bad about myself. Not only am I the least educated in social credit in the world, my writings are not even getting the Chinese commos upset. Whatever can I do to get the recognition I don’t deserve?

“A Chinese company with links to Beijing's military and intelligence networks has been amassing a vast database of detailed personal information on thousands of Australians, including prominent and influential figures.
Key points:
•    2.4 million names and profiles are on the database, including more than 35,000 Australians
•    The company which created the database has links to China's government and military
•    The leak raises further questions about the spread and scope of China's intelligence gathering operations

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Commo “Cuties” By Mrs Vera West

     I have been following the controversy over the TV show, “Cuties,” featuring the sexual exploitation of 11-year old girls.  The show has been attacked strongly by conservatives’ sites like Breitbart, and in counter-attack the Left, who have defended it, because that is just what they do for a day job, have bitten, not Biden, back:

“The left-wing Slate magazine insisted that “right wing moral panic” and Breitbart News helped fuel the widespread and bipartisan backlash against Netflix with its release of the film Cuties, the butt-shaking and crotch-grabbing drama Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard called “child porn” that will “whet the appetite of pedophiles & help fuel the child sex trafficking trade.” In a Slate article entitled “The Creepy Conservative Obsession With Netflix’s Cuties, Explained,” Sam Adams claims that Cuties “finds itself at the toxic intersection of QAnon delusion and right-wing moral panic, with a smattering of leftist outrage on the side.”

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In Defence of our Noble Melbournian Police, Serving and Protecting By Edward Kelly

     As readers know, I am a great supporter of the Victorian premier Dan Andrews and the Victorian police, because I have learnt my lesson from my past life of fighting the law (the law always wins). Thus, that woman who was drained through her car, like spaghetti through a mesh, should have fallen out of her car and saved police working up a sweat, and needing to have extra squirts of deodorant, hand sanitizer and bucket-loads other germ-killing chemicals. Where is the thoughtfulness of people during these trying Coviddy giddy times, for our front-line super troopers?

“Victoria Police has responded following footage of a dramatic in-car arrest of a woman went viral. The 29-year-old woman on Saturday uploaded video of herself being pulled out of her car in Kalkallo, north of Melbourne. She screamed, “I don’t feel safe”, through the footage as a police officer leant over her to get her out of the driver’s seat. Victoria Police have put out a statement, explaining what happened in the lead up. A spokesperson told 7NEWS.com.au the woman allegedly refused to provide her details and driver’s licence when stopped at a checkpoint. “The checkpoints between metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria are an important component in stopping the spread of coronavirus,” the spokesperson said.” 

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Melbourne: USSR 2.0 By James Reed

     What is going on in Melbourne? Bizarre arrests, protesters getting arrested by the truckload, the state of emergency going on and on, and the economy wrecked, with the worst to come.

     We have all heard about this, but the latest bit of interesting information is that a leading QC has said that the curfews by dictator Dan are legally invalid:

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A Knee on the Neck; A Jackboot in the Face By Richard Miller

     Many takes on this one. First corona-fascism, as a young lad with his face mask not on properly, gets his face pounded into the ground by the ever-friendly police, who across the world have shown what they really stand for. Take 2, well, unlike George Floyd, there is no breathing problems and no death, so really the police are just helping out with neck massages in the aid of chiropractic health. Neck stretching.

“A Spanish police officer pressed his knee down on a 14-year-old's neck to restrain him after he caught the youngster without his face mask on properly. One onlooker could be overheard shouting at the officer, 'don't squeeze him so hard' as he used the controversial George Floyd-style restraint while the youngster screamed in agony on the pavement. Another female in the crowd gathered round the policeman branded him an 'abuser' and 'b*****d' as he used his hands to press down on the boy's face to keep him pinned to the floor. A second policeman was then filmed asking for the ID of an older woman thought to be the boy's mum who started criticising the police as they took the teenager away. He turned around and demanded her name and address and ID documents after police reinforcements arrived and she repeatedly demanded to know why such force had been used against the youngster after he was spotted with his face covering down around his neck. The incident happened on Tuesday in the northern city of Miranda de Ebro just below Spain's Basque region. It occurred just days after six police officers in Madrid were filmed forcing a woman into a police car and hitting her head off the vehicle during an arrest for not wearing a mask. 

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What Do We Know About Industrial Manslaughter Law in Victoria? By Ian Wilson LL. B

     The Workplace Safety Legislation Amendment (Workplace Manslaughter and other Matters) Act 2019 (no. 50 of 2019) has come into effect, with some startling consequences, some would say, political intrigue. To get this right, let us set out the facts as stated by the leading article on this topic, by journalist Robert Gottliebsen, who has been covering things like this for over 50 years. He deserves a medal or three:
“..., last week the state of Victoria took three significant and deliberate steps towards the prosecution of members of its cabinet for industrial manslaughter – a crime that carries a maximum penalty of $16.5m and/or 25 years in jail.  The industrial manslaughter Victorian legislation was designed by Premier Daniel Andrews and the current government with the aim of jailing and heavily fining the chairman, chief executive, chief financial officer and directors of any large corporation where there was a death on or associated with their workplace. It was vicious legislation casting a wide net but it did not pass the parliament until late November (2019-ed). Seven weeks later COVID-19 hit Victoria,
Not in their wildest dreams did the Victorian cabinet ever consider that their personal freedoms and finances might be the first to be put on the line as the new and powerful legislation was tested...

...Last week’s first step in moving towards industrial manslaughter charges was the dramatic announcement by the new WorkSafe chief executive Colin Radford that WorkSafe would be investigating the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions for possible breaches of workplace safety...
...Secondly while Radford and WorkSafe investigates, the public investigation is showing Victorians just how crazy the administration of the quarantine became. There is no suggestion that WorkSafe will be nobbled by the government in its investigations. But theoretically, if it were, then the public would be in a unique position to realise what had happened. The position of Radford and his board would be untenable....
Finally, Attorney-General Jill Hennessy confirmed that the ministers of the Crown are subject to penalties for breaches of workplace safety including charges of industrial manslaughter. Similar assurances were made in the parliament when the bill was being debated".

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Sweden: Gang Violence and Immigration By Richard Miller

     Sweden got one thing right: the Covid-19 response, the opposite end to Melbourne. But it still has an immigration problem which will sink it, if it hasn’t already.

“Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has denied a link between migration and gang activity, after deputy national police chief Mats Löfving claimed gangs move to Sweden just to engage in crime. Over the weekend, Deputy Police Chief Löfving identified at least 40 criminal clan gangs across Sweden, which he said mostly operate in so-called “vulnerable” areas, often referred to as no-go zones. “These clans come to Sweden solely with the purpose of organising and systematising crime. They work to create power, they have a great capacity for violence, and they want to make money. And they do that with drugs, violent crimes, and extortion,” Löfving said, according to Nyheter Idag.”

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At Last: Hate Crimes Against Whites, Well, at Least Conservatives By Charles Taylor

     Well, blow me over; could it be that White lives do matter a tiny bit?

“Two Delaware women accused of stealing a seven-year old’s “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hat outside the Democratic National Convention have been charged Tuesday with second-degree robbery and felony hate crimes. Olivia Winslow and Camryn Amy, each 21 years old, were indicted by a grand jury on Tuesday on felony robbery charges, hate crime and conspiracy charges, and a misdemeanor charge of endangering the welfare of a child, the New York Post reported. Delaware Online reported that three of the charges are felonies, and if convicted, the women could spend up to 15 years behind bars. Amy and Winslow are out on bail, according to a spokesperson for Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings. “[H]arming another person – let alone a child – because of the expression of their views betrays the principles on which our country was founded,” Jennings said in a statement to Delaware Online. Both women were arrested in connection with a viral video that allegedly showed the two women ripping up pro-Trump signs and stealing a MAGA hat from a seven-year-old in front of his mother. “That’s somebody else’s hat,” the seven-year-old boy could be heard saying after the women shred several pro-Trump signs in the parking lot of the Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware, where parts of the Democratic National Convention were held. One of the suspects grabbed a MAGA hat that was lying on the ground. “Get your hat back, baby,” the mother is heard telling the boy as they follow the suspects, demanding the return of the hat. A man who also tried to get the hat back with the boy and the mother allegedly got punched in the face by one of the suspects.”

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The Mind of Leftoid Professors By Chris Knight

     Conservatives and traditionalist need to fully understand the mind of the Left, just how nasty it is. Here is a standard mindset:

“University of Rhode Island Professor Erik Loomis appeared to defend the murder of Aaron "Jay" Danielson, the member of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer, during recent social unrest in Portland, Oregon. In 2012, Loomis came under scrutiny after he called for NRA executive Wayne LaPierre's "head on a stick" following the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. Just weeks later, in January 2013, Loomis said, “I know the central mission of the Republican Party is to have a membership made up entirely of old rural white people." "He killed a fascist. I see nothing wrong with it" Now, Loomis is once again under fire after publishing a blog post titled "Why was Michael Reinoehl killed?" Reinoehl is the man suspected of fatally shooting Danielson. Reinoehl was killed as federal authorities tried to arrest him. “Michael Reinoehl is the guy who killed the fascist in Portland last week. He admitted it and said he was scared the cops would kill him. Well, now the cops have killed him," Loomis wrote in the September 4 blog post. “I am extremely anti-conspiracy theory. But it’s not a conspiracy theory at this point in time to wonder if the cops simply murdered him. The police is [sic] shot through with fascists from stem to stern. They were openly working with the fascists in Portland, as they were in Kenosha which led to dead protestors," Loomis continued. In the comment section of the blog post, one reader challenged Loomis by writing, "Erik, he shot and killed a guy," referring to Reinoehl. Loomis responded by saying, “He killed a fascist. I see nothing wrong with it, at least from a moral perspective.” He further added that “tactically, that’s a different story. But you could say the same thing about John Brown.”

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