The Myth of George Floyd By Chris Knight (Florida)

     Well, the bodycam footage of the entire George Floyd arrest has been released, and it clearly shows that Floyd used the phrase “I can’t breathe” long before the police restrained him, this being consistent with him being a criminal trying to get rid of evidence. And this is the new martyr of the revolution, a true symbol of the state of America, and the West, today.

“Early, one of the officers has a gun on him, and tells him repeatedly to put his hands on the wheel. Floyd says, “I got shot the same way before.” Well then, says the cop, put your hands on the wheel when I tell you to.
The police tell him repeatedly to get out of the car, but he keeps saying, “Please don’t shoot me, please don’t shoot me.” Yet he refuses to obey them. At the 1:28 moment, Floyd says, “I just lost my mom, man.” (He was lying about that.) At the 1:51 point, a female voice is heard saying, “Stop resisting!” Floyd continues to resist arrest as they’re trying to cuff him. At about the 2:12 point, the officer says again, “Stop resisting!” At 2:19, the police finally get the cuffs on Floyd, and put him back into the seat of his car. In the seconds before a break at 3:57, one of the bystanders (a black woman) tells an officer that Floyd has mental problems. Then, at 3:57, we see Floyd cuffed and standing on the street. An officer says, “Are you on something right now?” “No, nothing,” says Floyd.

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Big Tech; Big Mafia By Brian Simpson

     I like the following article that compares big Tech to organised crime. Indeed, the metaphor can be extended to cover much of modernity, where not only does government blend into crime syndicates, with corrupt cops, politicians and everyone in between, but entire institutions, such as the universities reek of criminality, treason, degeneracy, you name it. Corruption and rottenness is  everywhere, a universal sewer flowing throughout the land, which is what we would expect in a world undergoing decomposition:

“On Wednesday, the House's top antitrust subcommittee grilled big-tech CEOs Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, Tim Cook and Jeff Bezos, who appeared via videoconferencing software. Some people called it tech's "Big Tobacco moment" while others compared it with past antitrust investigations of Microsoft and AT&T. To me, the hearing - and the ongoing investigations - conjured another set of hearings from 70 years ago: the probe into mob activity led by Sen. Estes Kefauver, D-Tenn. Those hearings led to a wave of enforcement, new laws and eventually, in 1970, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. What we learned at Wednesday's hearing suggests the behavior of Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon calls for a comparably comprehensive and forceful response. (Bezos, the chief executive of Amazon, owns The Washington Post.) There are more than a few similarities between the organized crime and these four companies. Like the Mafia, the threats that Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google pose to American democracy flow from the power they have over key services (from email to social media to music and film), the way they use dominance in one area to achieve dominance in others and their ability to use fear to stop challenges to their control. Like the Mafia, they are a resilient, surveillance-based shadow government. So citizens are dual subjects - of the country, and of the flawed online markets created by these companies. Like the mob, big tech has friends in very high places. Likewise, big tech is an oligarchy with several bosses, who compete in some territories but generally divide power among themselves, without consulting elected officials. Obviously, I am not saying Facebook and Google murder and kneecap their opponents, or burn down businesses that refuse to play by their rules; I am not equating tech companies with the mob. While just about every Mafia enterprise was illegal, big tech operates in a legal gray area; these companies argue that they have broken no laws. They evade taxes using legal loopholes, not as the mob does by simply refusing to report income. Still, the analogy is useful, because it helps us think about a certain kind of oligarchic governing power that exists alongside - is interwoven with - responsive democratic systems. It helps us to think through what an effective governmental response to systemic interference with, dominance of, and bullying of businesses with less power might look like. The hearing, compressed into one afternoon with all the CEOs present at one time, was not ideal, but arguably the best Congress could get without getting dragged into an extended legal fight over subpoenas. In one of the funnier moments, Bezos said, "I don't want to be sitting here," and then trailed off, revealing a basic truth.”

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The Universities, China and Freedom of Expression By James Reed

     First the universities move away from classic liberal values such as freedom of discussion, but then the vacuum is replaced by something at the opposite end of the spectrum, the new kid on the block, China, and its Maoist/beehive capitalist values. And, the universities have all  gone crazier than usual. Could it be another form of Coviddy?

“The Chinese Communist Party is harnessing an online cyber policing portal, accessible in Australia, to increase its international influence, as it encourages Chinese internet users to dob in acts that undermine Beijing's image.
Australian universities have been engulfed in a fresh row over academic freedom after co-ordinated protests from nationalist Chinese students forced UNSW to take down social media posts critical of the Chinese Communist Party's actions in Hong Kong. UNSW vice-chancellor Ian Jacobs on Wednesday apologised for the decision, telling staff there was "no excuse for our failure in this instance" and the social media posts should never have been removed. "I apologise for this mistake and reaffirm unequivocally our previous commitment to freedom of expression and academic freedom," he said. A second Australian educational institution was embroiled in controversy on Wednesday after Charles Darwin University apologised following complaints from Chinese students. The students said an introduction to an assignment was racist after it stated that the coronavirus had originated in China. Other Chinese students in Australia say they are afraid of speaking out against the party line, fearful they will be reported by their compatriots to the Chinese embassy or have their families in China targeted.

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Without Trucks the Leftist Cities will be Starvation Campos By Charles Taylor

     America is an advanced lesson in the collapse of a modern techno-industrial society. It seems well accepted on the street that civil war, or at least chaotic breakdown, which is even worse, is around the corner, and everyone I speak to here in Florida, believes that the police will not protect you, and in a way, are part of the problem, certainly not being on our side, but defending the corporates. The riots well illustrated this, where the police were ordered not to intervene when ordinary deplorables were under attack, but moved rather quickly when the homes of the rich might have been threatened. Anyway, once the trucks stop, even the rich are going to have trouble, unless they fly out, because truckers are no fools and will not be going into cities that have been police defunded, where they will be sitting ducks.

“Cities that decide to cut their police funding could be cutting their own supply lines, too. That was the message a trucking executive carried to “Fox & Friends First” on Wednesday, and it’s something urban politicians — in the thrall of Black Lives Matter rioters and antifa anarchists — should be seriously considering unless they think citizens can start growing their own food. Because if it’s not safe for truckers to carry goods — they just might not do it. And trucking companies won’t be willing to risk the business. “Our first priority is to support our drivers and their safety when they’re on the road,” Mike Kucharski, co-owner of Summit, Illinois-based JKC Trucking, told the Fox program. “Defunding the police is a bad idea because when you’re on the road, you have — you’re for weeks and days at a time, driving 11 hours with valuable cargo, everybody wants to steal this.” On the road, Kucharski said, “There’s no safe place. Violence is everywhere. So, if you’re going to be having valuable cargo and there’s going to be no police to rely on, who’s going to protect our drivers? “The states that are going to defund the police, we’re not going to go to because we’re trying to avoid those states for safety reasons.” It’s a message Kucharski has been trying to spread far and wide. “These drivers have the right to refuse a load because they are worried about their own safety,” Kucharski told conservative, Wisconsin-based radio host Vicki McKenna in a June 30 interview, according to a JKC Trucking news release. “If these drivers all refuse to go into these areas, the food supply chain collapses. There’s going to be no more essential goods. The people in these states are going to run out of food. Then there’s going to be complete chaos. I’d say 72 hours and that’s it. The party’s over.” And it isn’t just the hot spots like Minneapolis, where the self-important city council has already voted to begin the process of dismantling the police department. Or New York, where leftist Mayor Bill de Blasio and a leftist city council are apparently more interested in painting the words “Black Lives Matter” on the street than protecting actual black lives with adequate police officers.”

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A Simple Question about the Coming Mandatory Covid-19 Mass Vaccine By Mrs Vera West

     My question is: if Big Pharma is given total legal immunity for the Covid-19 vaccine, if and when it comes, what incentive is there to ensure the maximum safety for people? If you were given total immunity for all driving offences, would your driving safety increase or decrease?

“You have no right to say no, in other words, but you also have no right to sue if their product turns out to be faulty and causes injury or harm. This is now the status quo of the lawless, anti-human vaccine industry and all its corrupt collaborators such as Big Tech, Big Media, medical schools and complicit medical journals. The vaccine will be forced upon you, in other words, regardless of its safety status. Long-term trials are being completely skipped. Animals trials have been largely abandoned. And … , the most prominent vaccine manufacturer on the covid-19 scene, has publicly admitted that 100% of clinical trial subjects experienced negative side effects in the high dose group, during the second round of injections. Bill Gates is now publicly stating that “multiple doses” of coronavirus vaccines will need to be forced on people around the world, yet we already see that even during the second dose — not the mention third or fourth doses — side effects hit every single person, indicating they get cumulatively worse with an incremental number of doses. The utter lack of financial liability means that vaccine manufacturers have no incentive to follow quality control measures. Since they can’t be sued when their faulty vaccine products cause injury or death, there’s no incentive to make their vaccines safe during manufacturing. Instead, the priority is to rush everything into production as quickly as possible in order to maximize profits and be among the first to market. Adding to the conspiracy, tech giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter will of course censor all reports of vaccine injuries, making it nearly impossible for anyone to lodge an honest online complaint about vaccine safety. Here’s how that will work: The CDC will declare the faulty, dangerous vaccines to be “safe,” then anyone who questions that will be censored by the tech giants for “not following CDC guidelines” or some similar excuse. Due process has just been obliterated. You have no right to any trial. You have no right to say no. You must comply or lose your job, and you might in fact be denied access to public transportation or even public shopping spaces. You are now living in a medical police state, run by Big Pharma tyrants and junk science quacks who pretend to be the high priests of “truth.” All those who oppose them will be silenced, and you will be injected against your will with a toxic cocktail of experimental medicine that might just kill you. If you complain, you will be de-platformed. If you sue, your case will be thrown out. If you die, your death will be recorded as a “covid-19” death in order to push more justification for more vaccines. On top of all that, the vaccines probably won’t even work.”

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Now it is Bible Burning, but Not Qurans By Chris Knight

     It was only a matter of time before the Bible was burnt by the leftists. The reason is simple: the Bible stands against the very direction taken by the antifa and others, so burning it is a symbolic act:

“Protesters flocked to the Justice Center and the federal courthouse in Portland again on Friday night, lighting fires and burning American flags and Bibles in the streets. According to the Portland Police, which did not engage with demonstrators, the crowd lit several fires, including a large bonfire in the middle of the street in front of the federal courthouse. One video shows protesters feeding a small fire with Bibles, which were engulfed in flames: Portland Police did not engage with the demonstrators but did respond to a nearby shooting, where over 150 rounds were shot. One round struck a woman, per the Portland Police Bureau: One round struck an adult female victim in an arm. Responding officers applied a tourniquet and she was transported to the hospital by ambulance with what are believed to be non-life-threatening injuries. No other injuries have been reported to police, however bullets struck at least 8 occupied apartments and 7 vehicles (unknown if occupied). The violent chaos has continued in Portland for well over 60 days. Early Friday morning, Portland protesters dumped a pig’s severed head on an American flag, put a cop hat on it, and set it ablaze.”

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Corona-Fascism; Walk a Dog, Go to Jail By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     I know that you Aussies in Melbourne are suffering from the stage 4 lock downs. Well, here in the land of the so-called free, we have big freedom problems too. Like the couple who were arrested merely for taking their dog for a walk. Who would have thought that things would get to this?

“Jose Freire Interian was walking his dog near his Key West, Fla. home when a neighbor began recording him on her cellphone. Hours later, police came knocking on his door with an arrest warrant, and whisked Freire and his wife to the county jail. The charge: violating quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19. As a national debate swirls over masks and self-quarantines, communities are grappling over how aggressively they should enforce myriad rules meant to control the spread of the novel strain of coronavirus, which has now infected more than 460,000 in Florida and killed nearly 6,600 of its residents. “It’s a national debate up until the health department tells you to quarantine, and then there’s no more debate," Key West City Manager Greg Veliz said Thursday. “If the law allows someone to be arrested for violating a quarantine order and they continue to thumb their nose at the law — yeah, they should be arrested," Veliz said. Intense debate over masks, business closures and social distancing have raged since the start of the outbreak. Arrests have been rare, but there have been occasional flare ups. In May, a Kentucky woman infected with the virus was arrested while shopping for groceries. Authorities accused her of “wanton endangerment” and “criminal mischief." That same month, a coronavirus patient was chased down and arrested in Nashville after being placed under quarantine by public health officials. In Hawaii last month, 21 travelers were arrested for breaking the state’s mandatory 14-day quarantine. None tested positive for the coronavirus.”

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Get Ready for a Stage 100 Lock Down! By James Reed

     We should not jest about the plight of Victoria, which could move to a stage 5 lockdown. I am already in a stage 100 lockdown, where I have securely locked myself inside a steel cabinet, with limited air supply. I hope I finish this article before expiring.

“'What is clear is that if we don't do this now, if this doesn't work, then we'll need a much longer list of complete shutdowns,' the Premier said in a historic statement. 'It's hard to imagine what a Stage 5 might look like. But it would radically change the way people live. 'Not just rules on when and where you can go shopping – but restrictions on going shopping at all.' Asked by reporters for detail on just what a Stage Five would entail, Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton described further shutdowns as 'inconceivable'
'We're not thinking about a stage five, we're thinking about a successful Stage Four. We know it can work,' he said. 'It does require everyone's cooperation.' Quizzed further on why such a dark reference was included in the Premier's announcement, Professor Sutton said: 'It's saying that the alternative is inconceivable. 'We need everyone to do what's required now.'”

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Are Antifa Really ‘Nazis’? By Peter West

     This article by Professor Gottfried argues that the antifa are literally Nazis. That was something I had seen made metaphorically, but not seriously argued for before.

“The antifascist left, about which I have just finished writing a book, resembles the Nazis in a striking way, particularly when these earlier advocates of violence were on their way to power. I am drawing this parallel while being fully aware of the qualifications that I am constrained to offer. Yes, I am aware that, unlike the Nazis, American Antifa members and German Antifaschisten loathe their own race and nation and are doing everything possible to weaken them. They also favor filling their country with third world immigrants, preferably non-Christian, to change its inherited cultural and ethnic character. Further, these rioters and subversives are working to bring shame on once-celebrated national heroes and call for tearing down their statues and banishing national literatures. As I write, Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) have just torn down a statue of George Washington in Portland, Oregon. Elsewhere, Confederate memorial monuments, statues of Columbus, and other tributes to the onetime heroes of my youth are being smashed or defaced. If all these things are true, then how do antifascists resemble those whom they claim to be combating?

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In Praise of Robotic Lawyers! By Ian Wilson LL.B

     Here comes the world’s first robotic lawyer. Well, I have met many such robotic lawyers in my life, systems people mindless doing what they have been programmed to do from law school. But, things are moving on from that where AI will make real robotic lawyers. It is not all bad either as this story shows:

“When Josh Browder, barely a high school graduate, started coding and developing an automated program to help people contest parking tickets back in 2015, he likely had no clue how big his idea was about to get. He programmed the software to help himself out with a "respectable collection of fines" he had assembled, according to Forbes. Some weeks later, he had a program called "DoNotPay" which he shared with friends and touted online. After it became popular on Reddit, it went from having 10 users to over 50,000 users. Today, Browder has parlayed that early success into raising a $12 million Series A round at an $80 million valuation from Coatue, Andreessen Horowitz, Founders Fund and Felicis Ventures. He had previously raised $4.6 million in a seed round.  Browder calls "DoNotPay" the "world's first robot lawyer" and the software has moved on from just parking tickets to helping people with over 100 areas of consumer rights. The company offers legal help with customer service disputes like airline flight compensation or cancelling subscriptions (KaaS = Karen As A Service?). It also helps suing companies in small claims courts, jumping customer service phone queues and analyzing bank accounts for various types of fees. When 24 Hour Fitness filed for bankruptcy due to Covid-19, more than 1,000 users sent a subscription cancellation request through "DoNotPay". Browder said: “In the crisis times that we live in, lots of big companies are using consumers as a lifeline. You see this with airlines as they refuse to refund people and instead they issue them a travel credit, just because they know they can get away with it.”

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Ho! Ho! The Economy has to Go! By Michael Ferguson

     Our Australian Greens (enough to put me off of vegetables for life) are heading in that direction, of economy annihilation, but have not explicitly advocated dismantling the entire economy just yet, but it is coming, fast:

“Tuesday at a news conference on systemic racism with Minnesota leaders, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) called for dismantling systems of oppression, including America’s “economy and political systems.” Omar said, “Right now in Congress the Senate is sitting on a comprehensive bill to transform criminal justice and the policing system. All along with the Congressional Black Caucus, I helped led the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. And because of Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump, it is being ignored. I guess the president would rather attack the people who are protesting than actually address the issues people are out here protesting for.” She continued, “We can’t stop at criminal justice reform or police reform for that matter. We are not merely fighting to tear down the systems of oppression in the criminal justice system. We are fighting to tear down systems of oppression that exist in housing, in education, in health care, in employment, in the air we breathe.” She added, “The mortality rate for black Minnesotans to COVID is twice as high as it is with other races. And for me, this is very personal because I lost my own father to the coronavirus. I see the pain and the havoc it is wreaking on the black community in Minneapolis. We must recognize that these systems of oppression are linked. As long as our economy and political systems prioritizes profit without considering who is profiting, who is being shut out, we will perpetuate this inequity. So we cannot stop at criminal justice system. We must begin the work of dismantling the whole system of oppression wherever we find it.”

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Maoist Show Trials, Coming Soon to a Country Like Yours By Chris Knight

     In the Maoist cultural revolution, show trials were an important part of the entertainment for their elites. And, in the present neo-Maoist revolution in the West, we will see the same. And, it will be on TV. Sit, back, have some chocolate coated peanuts and a beer, and feel mighty guilty for everything you have not done:

“What is the next step as America confronts its racism? A broadcast spectacle, our critic writes, that could look like court, a telethon, therapy, an Oprah show — and more. Before it vanishes, the centuries and conditions that produced it warrant commemoration. They warrant further confrontation, reclamation and connection. They warrant an event — broadcast across the country, over months, not days — that squares the present with the past, that explains The Moment to those who say they are, at last, awake to it. This Moment of historic holding to account, of looking inward, deserves a commensurate, totalizing event that explains what is being reckoned with, demanded and hoped for, an experience that rubs between its fingers the earth upon which all those toppled monuments had so brazenly stood. The Moment warrants a depth of conversation the United States has never had. It demands truth and reconciliation. Other countries have undergone such commissions, tribunals and soul searching — among them, El Salvador, Rwanda, Peru, Germany, South Africa. They recount staggering atrocity — inconceivable corruption, organized oppression, genocide. Of their participants, they compel confession and vulnerability. Of their audience, they require fortitude, a pillow to wail into, a strong stomach. What would an American version be? Court, theater, a hearing, a telethon, therapy, TV, church, Ken Burns, Anna Deavere Smith? Each perhaps — and more. Who would make it? I don’t know. It could certainly proceed in conjunction with the minds and imaginations of the staff within the Smithsonian brain trust and Bryan Stevenson’s Equal Justice Initiative. Who has been keeping C-SPAN going all these many decades? The production, however, is merely the second hurdle to clear. The first would be convincing executives that it’s worth doing in the first place. Here’s what to say about that: The entertainment industry itself has more than a century of harm to atone for and ameliorate. Any company that believes the solution to “systemic racism” is “The Help” shouldn’t mind a surrender of its airwaves. Should this event be night after night of that scene in “Hidden Figures” in which Taraji P. Henson unloads on a giant room full of white men, including Kevin Costner, that she’s always late because her colored bathroom is a mile away from her desk? No. This wouldn’t be an exercise in rage, self-pity or despair, not purely, although the terrain will, by necessity, be despairing. It wouldn’t be a series of “white fragility” lectures, either. What’s needed is a broadcast that could include white Americans awakening to racism but remains focused on the legacies of the racism itself. There might be some of the emotional individual confrontation that put so many South Africans through the wringer. The American version would dare to hold the country to account and atone.

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Stages 5, 6 and Stage 50 Lock Downs? Sure. By Brian Simpson

     With our state of Victoria in stage 4 lock down, and people like James Reed going to the next level and hiding in an air-proof steel filing cabinet, we should contemplate the words of our premier, who is toying with stage 5 lock downs. Maybe one could go beyond this, perhaps entombing everybody under quick-drying cement? That should stop the spread of the bug. Also, Vlad Putin could generously unload 50,000 or so Satan 2 missiles on our state, which would also reduce the spread of Covid-19, by a process of nuclear sterilisation, like with surgical equipment. I know that this is a somewhat radical idea, some may say even a little silly, to level the entire country to mere atoms, but we must engage in creative thinking if we are to end the plague of all plagues. I am pretty sure the SARS-CoV-2 virus would not survive nuclear annihilation: problem solved! As always, people are collateral damage. Face masks are good, but do not go far enough.

“In announcing Stage Four on Monday, Mr Andrews suggested Melbourne residents could face a 'Stage Five'. 'It's hard to imagine what a Stage Five might look like. But it would radically change the way people live,' he said. 'Not just rules on when and where you can go shopping – but restrictions on going shopping at all.' The Premier later insisted there was 'no Stage Five' and his Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton described it as 'inconceivable'. But Mr Andrews then said if Stage Four did not have the desired effect 'we will have to develop a set of rules that will even further limit people's movement'. Disease expert Professor Tony Blakely said while the government could go 'not much further', Mr Andrews could still take further steps if necessary. Under a Stage Five, it's highly likely many further workplaces would close their doors, the epidemiologist told Daily Mail Australia. 'For example, construction would just completely close, takeaways would no longer be doing contactless takeaway, it would be that type of thing,' Prof Blakely said. 'Other places you could go include you could tighten up the stay-at-home order. 'We could only be allowed to out once a week to do go shopping. 'You could start talking about what happens in the household more, so for example, mask-wearing in the household. 'That sounds silly and it probably is silly but it would help a bit because some of the chains of transmission are in households - (but) probably more talking about how people in quarantine are keeping quite separate in the household. 'You could impose harder geographic boundaries - a one kilometre radius from the home, that sort of thing.'”

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Citizens, the New Police By Chris Knight (Florida)

     Peaceful protesting Portland USA, according to some MSM outlets. Sure, if tossing explosive devices is re-defined in this Orwellian world as “peaceful”; none dare call it insurrection:

“The rioters who have besieged the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse in Portland, Ore., for weeks are ramping up their attacks against the vastly outnumbered federal agents assigned to protect the enclave of the Judicial Branch from being overrun and destroyed. In recent days, federal officials have discovered ‘caches’ of weapons including loaded ammunition magazines and Molotov cocktails that the ‘peaceful protesters’ of Antifa and Black Lives Matter have stockpiled for use against the federal enclave. Last weekend, the violence became more intense, as rioters hurled explosives laden with nails and the fiery bottles of fuel at the courthouse — and the federal agents charged with defending it. Portland Police did not assist federal law enforcement in dispersing the crowds and did not make any arrests late Sunday or early Monday morning. The violence coincided with police recovering a bag filled with loaded rifle magazines and Molotov cocktails near Lownsdale Square Park. Portland Police provided a picture of the discovery on social media. Meanwhile, Anarchy Democrats continue to deny that there’s anything going on in Portland, or a dozen other cities were federal agents and local police are under attack nightly. In a separate report, Breitbart Texas noted that investigators discovered that domestic terrorists placed nails in commercial-grade fireworks used against the Atlanta Field Office for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement service:

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The Austin Texas Shooting and the Lies of the MSM By Chris Knight

     The main stream media are dangerous distorters and liars, now openly falsely reporting events that did not occur. Thus, in the recent Austin Texas shooting, we have a narrative that the normal person dangerously drove his (her?) car, then he/she shot someone, then and only then did antifa, peaceful folk out strolling with AK 47s, opened fire, as the motorist sped off. Here is the truth, and there is a video to prove it:

“Over the weekend, a left-wing rioter in Austin, Texas was carrying an AK-47 when, for reasons still unknown, he decided to fire five rounds into a passenger vehicle in the middle of a busy downtown street. All five rounds missed the driver, once again demonstrating that Leftists have no rifle skills, even during close range engagements. The driver of the vehicle promptly returned fire and killed the assailant with three rounds from a handgun. Amazingly, no one else appears to have been injured in the exchange of gunfire. (AK-47 rounds, in particular, have a real problem with overpenetration…) You can hear the exchange of gunfire in the following video, taken Saturday night in Austin. First, you’ll hear the five rounds of AK-47 rifle fire, followed by a roughly six-second pause, followed by three handgun rounds from the vehicle driver. Note that all across America, violent left-wing terrorists are now assaulting vehicles, often targeting vehicles driven by White people.”

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UN True to Form By James Reed

     The prefix “un” means negation, and the UN is full of that globalist nihilism. Now the UN is attempting to meddle in US internal affairs:

“The United Nations (UN) has decided to side with Antifa and intervene in U.S. domestic affairs, condemning President Donald Trump for defending American cities against left-wing terrorism. Liz Throssell, a UN human rights spokeswoman warned that unidentified federal agents are illegally detaining peaceful protestors, which may give rise to “arbitrary detention and other human rights violations.” “The authorities should ensure that federal and local security forces deployed are properly and clearly identified and would use force only when necessary, proportionately and in accordance with international standards,” she said. The UN did not condemn the mass violence toward law enforcement, initiated by left-wing terror groups. The UN did not denounce the human rights abuses that Antifa and Black Lives Matter militants have inflicted throughout America, which has become a stealth form of genocide toward whites. Instead, the UN is right on time to defend the left-wing terror, to aid and abed the destruction of the United States from within, and to tear down the rule of law in America. It’s now apparent that foreign militaries and intelligence operations are behind the upheaval occurring in American cities, and these bad actors and governing bodies will clearly take advantage of the upheaval to take control and impose their will over the United States.

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Africans Part of the Slave Trade Too By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     With all the white guilt flowing over the African slave trade about the past, isn’t it about time that everyone responsible gets caned too? That will mean Africans, who originally grabbed the slaves in Africa for the slave traders. And, isn’t that the worst thing of all, because it got it all going? So, Africans will have to join the whipping line, won’t they? No, only Euro-American Whites are to be guilt whipped; no other races or ethnicities, of course. Maybe all Whites are guilty by association from the colour of their skin.

“Professor Abiola Félix Iroko gave an interview on Benin Web TV where he contradicted the notions of the history of colonialism as represented by cultural Marxists. He recalled that blacks themselves sold black slaves. Beninese historian Abiola Félix Iroko gave an interview to local media Benin Web TV. He reminded viewers of the real history at a time when anti-colonialists are busy unbolting statues from their plinths and shouting that white privilege should be abolished because of slavery. He explained how Africans themselves took advantage of the slave trade. This professor at the history and archeology department of the University of Abomey-Calavi (Benin) declared on July 25: “When we talk about the slave trade, people only accuse whites. But they came (to Africa) as buyers and we [Africans] were sellers.” He assured viewers that the sale of slaves was not only an isolated phenomenon, since “the king himself sold them”. Abiola Félix Iroko detailed these transactions: “King Adandozan sold the mother of his consanguineous brother (Prince Gakpe) who later became Guézo”. As the Salon Beige website pointed out, he was the ninth king of Abomey between 1797 and 1818. This historian – holder of a doctorate in letters and human sciences from the University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne – did not mince his words: “There are no buyers without sellers, we (Africans) were sellers.”

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Now with the Maxwell Documents We Know That Old Bill was on Child Rape Island By Charles Taylor

     If Trump had a millilitre of manhood left he would be moving to use the latest revelations for maximum damage. It, at the very least should shut Hillary Clinton’s large mouth.

“Documents about dealings between Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were publicly released on Thursday by a U.S. court, where the British socialite faces criminal charges she aided the late financier’s sexual abuse of girls. Among the materials released were email correspondence between the pair in early 2015, including an email in which Epstein told Maxwell she had “done nothing wrong.” U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska had ordered the documents’ release by Thursday, saying the public’s right to see them outweighed Maxwell’s interests in keeping them under seal. However, two depositions remain under seal after Maxwell filed an emergency motion with the federal appeals court in Manhattan earlier on Thursday to keep them from becoming public. That court has yet to rule, and the depositions will remain sealed until at least Monday. Lawyers for Maxwell have said that in one of those depositions, filed in April 2016, Maxwell was asked “intrusive” questions concerning her sex life, and that its release could make it “difficult if not impossible” to get a fair trial. The second is a deposition by an unnamed Epstein accuser.”

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Kill a White; Get a Medal? By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     Wow, there goes the rule of law! A killer is let off without any jail time at all because the judge thought that said killer had a positive impact upon the community. Guess the colour?

“A New York City judge has sentenced a former Wake Forest University assistant basketball coach to three years of probation with no jail time in the one-punch death of a tourist from Florida. Jamill C. Jones, 37, was sentenced on Thursday for third-degree assault in the August 2018 homicide of 35-year-old Sandor Szabo in Queens. He had faced a maximum of one year in jail. Judge Joanne B. Watters explained in her ruling that a jail sentence would ‘would only serve to punish Mr. Jones,’ adding ‘it is my opinion that Mr. Jones is repentant.’ Watters cited the ‘the positive impact Mr Jones has had on his community,’ which according to his attorney, Eric Renfroe, included mentoring young black girls without fathers. The ruling came as a shock to Szabo’s family, including his mother Donna Kent, who delivered a stirring, tearful impact statement at the sentencing hearing, which was conducted over video-conference after months of delays due to the pandemic. ‘He will always be a murderer, a coward,’ Kent said in her remarks. ‘No parent should ever have to endure this kind of torture.’ Current New York laws only allow misdemeanor assault charges in single-blow cases where prosecutors are merely able to show an intent to injure, rather than an intent to kill. Kent, as well as District Attorney Kirk A. Sendlein, who prosecuted the case, had both asked Judge Watters to impose the maximum possible sentence of one year in jail, citing the fact that a homicide was being charged as a misdemeanor.

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Peaceful Violent Protesters By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     It is a “foul is fair, and fair is foul” world, where antifa urban terrorists, who have smashed and burnt down a fair chunk of “Amerika,” get the hero treatment by the mainstream media. Even private residences, now of officials, are not safe:

“A group of left-wing protesters marched to the private home of Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf on Sunday in Alexandria, Virginia, to demonstrate against the use of federal law enforcement in Portland, Oregon. The unusual demonstration, targeting the private residence of a Cabinet secretary, received favorable coverage in the Washington Post: At a triangular park in a tranquil Alexandria, Va., neighborhood, a group of about 30 gathered Sunday morning and awaited directions for a disruptive mission. They would protest the detaining and removal of demonstrators in Portland, Ore., by federal officers last week, and they would do it outside the home of acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf.… Together they went, in bicycle jerseys and tie-dyed shirts, chanting Black Lives Matter protest slogans as well as a specific message for their target. The group was mostly white people, young and old, walking uphill as the temperature climbed into the humid 90s. Some huffed and puffed behind face masks, which everyone wore to ward off the novel coronavirus.…

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