Katter calls for minor parties to come together and don’t forget the Culleton factor

Ref: https://cairnsnews.org/2017/03/13/one-nation-wa-election-fall-out/
KAP Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter watched Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party’s performance in the Western Australia (WA) election closely. It is Mr Katter’s little party, the KAP – who stand to gain or lose the most from One Nation’s performance in the looming Qld election.

Mr Katter said, “Anyone in Qld who thinks One Nation is dead in the water is badly misreading the situation. The LNP is toxic in WA, but the difference in Qld is, so is the ALP (as well as the LNP).
“The disaster of One Nation giving all their preferences to Liberals, and voting with them all the time in Canberra… (This brought down Tony Windsor who was always voting with the ALP), One Nation is beginning to look like a LNP lamb in wolf’s ‘Third Force’ clothing, the Hanson Party must realise the reason people vote for them is because they’re not one of the majors.

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Get Ready: Obamagate could be Bigger than Watergate By Charles Taylor

Here is the next big thing – if President Donald J. Trump has the guts to follow this one through  to the bitter-sweet end. After all, he let Obama off the hook when evidence was released about the fraud committed involving the Obama birth certificate: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2016/12/15/sheriff-joe-arpaio-probe-proves-obama-birth-certificate-fake/95500958/.

Now, it has emerged that Obama, as president, bugged the Trump tower during the presidential campaign, or according to Tweets made by president Trump: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/04/us/politics/trump-obama-tap-phones.html?_r=0.

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The Incredible Double Standard of the Establishment by Chris Knight

The way the game now seems to be played, is that any US politician who met with Russian officials, if they are on team Trump, must be dumped for the purposes of national security.
However, flying in the face of this double standard, we see evidence of Nancy Pelosi, minority leader of the US House of Representatives, sitting across the table from the Russian Ambassador, even though she said that she has never met him: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2017/03/03/impeach-nancy-pelosi-met-with-russian-president-in-2010-n2293837. Can this be proof that magic happens? Are all the Marvel superhero movies, such as Dr Strange (2016), the tremendous magician, correct?

More likely though, it seems that if you are on the side of the Liberal-Left, telling the truth is something one does not have to do, because we live in a post-truth world, where reality is a social construct, the product of the deranged minds of sociologists: https://compassioninpolitics.wordpress.com/2011/05/05/14-criticisms-of-the-social-construction-of-reality-the-postmodern-versions/.

The Time for One Nation by James Reed

This time round Pauline Hanson is tougher and more politically streetwise. She is speaking up on the big issues of concern to Australian, such as the recent revelations that within three years each child will owe $ 100,000. (The Australian, February 15, 2017, p. 1)

Australia’ gross public debt is set to rise from $ 474 billion to over $ 600 billion in the next three years. The debt burden per capita threatens, under the conventional economic system, to erode away the standard of living of young Australians. Billions are wasted on a multitude of politically correct programmes, that should have been abandoned long ago, but are financed because of the power of the multicult/ethnoracial lobby.

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The War on Trump by Chris Knight

We need to be paying close attention to how the elites are fighting against Trump, because it gives us an indication of how they would battle, say, alternative financial movements, such as social credit. Of course we already have seen what they have done in the past, with the Alberta experiment, but we have not seen anything yet, as the evil empire strikes back.

First, according to the New York Post (http://nypost.com/2017/02/11/how-obama-is-scheming-to-sabotage-trumps-presidency/), Obama has set up a “shadow government” in a bunker less than two miles from the White House, and has an army of agitators, numbering at least 30,000, working to bring Trump down. Already the Obama shadows worked to destroy former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, using waves of damaging stories, before details about Obama’s Iran nuclear deal was revealed: http://www.collapse.news/2017-02-15-traitors-inside-the-bureaucracy-civil-war-heats-up-as-obamas-sleeper-cells-succeed-in-destroying-flynn.html.

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Ah McCain, You’ve Done It Again! by Charles Taylor

With Republican friends like John McCain – you know, the “war hero’ who stood against Obama, but really wanted Obama to win because he was black – Trump does not need enemies, but he has them by the truck load anyway.

According to The Washington Post, news we know we can trust (after all, they publish Russian and Chinese communist propaganda: http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-02-19-revealed-the-same-washington-post-that-accused-200-web-sites-of-being-puppets-for-russian-propaganda-actually-takes-money-from-russia.html),  “John McCain Just Systematically Dismantled Donald Trump’s Entire Worldview,”  https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2017/02/17/john-mccain-just-systematically-dismantled-donald-trumps-entire-worldview/?utm_term=.b919cf7e8a30.

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Media Call to Evict NSW Governor: from the desk of Philip Benwell, National Chair, Australian Monarchist League

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald online (16/2/17) entitled “A costly anachronism: it’s time to evict the NSW governor again” is inaccurate in several instances.
The facts are:  In 1996 the republican Premier, Bob Carr arbitrarily decided that, following the retirement of Governor Rear Admiral Peter Sinclair AC, the new Governor of NSW, former Justice Gordon Samuels,  would live outside Government House and occupy offices in Macquarie Street and retain his position as Chairman of the Law Reform Commission of New South Wales meaning that he would be a part-time governor.

When Rear Admiral Sinclair departed Government House there was a rally organised by members of the NSW Parliament supported by monarchist groups. There was also a line-up outside Government House to peacefully protest at the change. (Monarchists are never aggressive or violent when they infrequently protest).

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Marine Le Pen's explosive campaign ad

I Will Study This Dumb Deal! by Peter West

President Trump certainly put Mal Turnbull, the insignificant puppet prime minister of Australia in his place: https://tenplay.com.au/news/national/february-2017/outraged-trump-slams-dumb-refugee-deal-with-australia-hangs-up-on-malcolm-turnbull. Why, Trump even hung up the phone on the arrogant Turnbull, which I imagine must have hurt his ego, and maybe his ear too.
And, in his own style, Trump took to Twitter, putting it to good use to explode his outrage over the deal struck between Turnbull and Obama over the US taking refugees.

“The Obama Administration agreed to take thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia. Why? I will study this dumb deal.” He said that this was “the worst deal ever.”
The status of the deal is uncertain, but what is not uncertain, is that Trump, for all his faults is a patriot who puts his country first. We really see the poor quality of leadership in Australia in incidents like this, when our small men stand, quivering in fear, in the shadows of America’s great.

Hanson Rising: Against the Great Divide by Bruce Bennett

The Australian ruling elites are concerned that Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is on the rise: “Hanson on the Rise as Coalition Support Dives,” The Australian, February 6, 2017, p.1.

Coalition support is now 46 percent to Labor 54 percent in two-party preferred terms, which is the lowest level since Turnbull knocked out Abbott as Prime Minister.

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Fake News about the Crowds at Trump’s Inauguration by Charles Taylor

The mainstream media, true to form, showed its true colours, for its “false news” portrayal of the crowds at the Trump inauguration. The photographic comparison was made with Barack Hussein Obama’s inauguration in 2009. Trump claimed that at least 1.5 million people flooded into the National Mall area, but the mainstream photographs show mainly white space:
I expected to see even desert tumble weeds blowing through their depiction of “lack of popular support for Trump”!

I did not go from Florida to Washington DC, but plenty of my friends did; there was no space, the place was packed. You can see this from numerous YouTube videos. As Trump said, “it’s a lie… So we caught them and we caught them in a beauty.”
I particularly enjoyed watching a YouTube video of thousands of bikers for Trump heading to Washington DC, enough manhood to scare even an army of sucker-punch throwing Leftoids.
And don’t forget, oh orcs of the media, to try this one again on Trump in 2020 and his more radical successor, in 2024!


The United Nations Must Come A-Tumblin’ Down by Michael Ferguson

Those of us who have been in this movement for a while know that the United Nations is evil and a threat to national sovereignty, aiming for a one world government, the New World Order. It has given us the foundation for legislation such as the Racial Discrimination Act and the tyrannical section 18 C.  The UN is an anti-Northern European institution.

But now something is being done about this. A US Republican-proposed House Resolution has proposed that the United States withdraw from the UN. And it gets better – another bill proposed that the UN cut funding the globalist monster:
The UN would then have to get out of the building in New York.

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TPP – The Madness of Unfree Trade By James Reed

Here’s a headline for you: “PM Taunts Trump With China Push” (The Australian, January 25, 2017, p. 1) And how is Mal Turnbull doing this “taunt”? Is he raising his fingers to his nose and saying “Nay, Nay!” No, he is inviting China to take the US’s place because he is so fanatical about “free trade.” Never mind that China is one of the most protectionist countries on Earth, that does what it likes.

Never mind that sitting next to this article is in bold: “Fears Grow of China Confrontation Over Disputed Islands,” which says that the danger of a military confrontation between the US and China has grown after Trump’s administration has pledge to defend islands in international waters from being swallowed up by the Chinese dragon.

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The Mainstream Media: The Ones Who Tell the Most “Pork Pies” by Chris Knight

The chattering and scribbling class need to have a constant stream of horse manure circulating to keep the gardens of illusion of the capitalism class growing strongly, and the plants of deception alive.
Gerard Baker, editor-in-chief of the The Wall Street Journal (“Trump, Lies and the Challenge for Honest Traditional Journalism,” The Australian, January 6, 2017, p. 8), says that “Trump certainly has a penchant for saying things whose truthfulness is, shall we say for now, challengeable.”
Leaving that to one side, not a word in the article is voiced about Hillary Clinton’s outright lies and deception, matters about which whole books have now been written.

Baker feels superior to other establishment journalists because he doesn’t call Trump a liar in his high class rag. Oh, Trumps “untruths” are that there were substantial votes cast illegally in the presidential election (even though Obama himself recommended that illegals vote) and Obama’s supposed foreign birth. Leaving the issue of revelations of computer alternations of the Obama birth certificate, Trump did say in late 2016 that he believed that Obama was a “natural born” citizen. Any “honest traditional journalism” would have checked this out. This is the sort of distortion and false/fake news, or if you prefer – lies – that has undermined the limited credibility of the mainstream press.

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The Great TPP Battle: Turnbull’s Last Stand by James Reed

The fight is one. Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s great “Big Australia”, mass migration globalist, is in love with the TPP. There is no problem about the loss of Australian legal sovereignty or jobs. He is, above all else, a globalist.
But Bill Shorten has smelt the battle smoke in the wind from the Trump triumph and has joined with the unions and the Greens in opposing it. Turnbull was outraged and called the Opposition leader a “shallow populist.” Well, it is a start. Worst, he said that Shorten had betrayed the interests of Australian “families!” (The Australian, January 17, 2017, p. 1)

What Australian “families’ do you think he is referring to? Those working class families that will be destroyed by waves of cheap migrant labour, even vaster than the swamping that is now occurring? Surely not. He must be thinking of the capitalist elite families of the upper crust of Australia who benefit now from mass migration and its demographic replacement of Anglo-Australia and stand to benefit more from globalist deals like the TPP. The big end of town.
Clearly what Australia needs is an alternative nationalist leader many orders of magnitude stronger than Trump to clear up over 70 years of civilisational decline.

Australia: A Multicultural Totalitarian Country by Ian Wilson LL.B.

Donald J. Trump uses the metaphor of a swamp, a politically-disease ridden cesspool, to describe Washington DC.  Australia, though, is in many respects worse, and the appropriate metaphor for us is a desert, waterless, lacking in the life of freedom.

Of course there is section 18 C, the very latest farce being that Australia’s Grand Mufti, Ibrahim Abu Mohammed (Grand Mufti since 2011), wants Muslims to be given the same protection as other ethnic groups under section 18 C of the Racial Discrimination Act: http://www.news.com.au/national/politics/grand-mufti-warns-against-watering-down-hate-speech-laws/news-story/c7125f5beeeae8a48922692568f68e04.  But they are! Well, what he wants is an amendment to the Act to create what one Liberal senator has called a “national blasphemy law” to prohibit “religious vilification” of Muslims and all religions. (The Australian, January 19, 2017, p. 5)
Radical Islamists in the West have also been pushing for global blasphemy laws to suppress criticism of Islam. (The Australian, January 20, 2017, p. 13)

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Malcolm Turnbull’s Ethnic Roots by Charles Taylor

Not that ethnicity and race matter, or explain anything at all for we Christian universalists, but, readers may be interested to know that Malcolm Turnbull, according to The Times of Israel, is Jewish as “his mother’s family was Jewish”: http://www.timesofisrael.com/australian-pm-ousted-for-more-moderate-rival-with-jewish-roots/.

The article says:
Turnbull revealed in a 2013 interview that his mother’s family was Jewish, making him possibly halachically Jewish as well, but that he’d never really researched his background.

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The confession of the criminal John Kerry by Thierry Meyssan

Source: http://www.voltairenet.org/article194952.html

The war against Syria is the first to have been waged, for more than six years, in the digital era. A wealth of documents which should have remained secret for many years have already been published. Although they have been released in different countries, so that international public opinion is unaware of them, they already enable us to piece together the events concerned. The release of a recording of comments made in private by John Kerry last September reveals the policies of the Secretary of State and obliges all observers — including ourselves — to review our previous analyses.

The broadcast by The Last Refuge of the complete recording of the meeting between Secretary of State John Kerry and the members of the National Coalition (22 September 2016, at the Dutch delegation to the United Nations) calls into question what we thought we knew about the US position on Syria.

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Anti-gay, Sexist and Too White! Why, the NSW Labor, Of Course! by Mrs Vera West

My dear, at first I thought that they were referring to us, but then I remembered that the establishment policy is to keep quiet and ignore us, and let us just wither away… well at least me at my advanced old age.
But no, the reference is to the too white, sexist and homophobic NSW Labor, by Rose Jackson, NSW Labor’s assistant secretary: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/state-politics/nsw-labor-homophobic-sexist-highly-factionalised-and-too-white/news-story/ac3127bc6be5de216da949d22c39a713.

Homophobic? Apparently there has not been an openly lesbian or gay person elected to a lower house constituency. I am shocked. And so it goes on.
Well, Jackson may be a woman, but she is white, and in accordance to the philosophy of white privilege, she should put her money where her mouth is, resign and let a migrant take her job. Do it Rose, and I am sure that the halo that will appear around your head will null the pain of unemployment.

Golden Showers from the Fake Media by Charles Taylor

The latest attack on Donald Trump has been allegations that he engaged in rather unusual sex with Russian prostitutes: http://www.news.com.au/finance/work/leaders/what-why-and-why-now-the-donald-trump-dossier-explained/news-story/9c14ec2a1e9b77d12c3dcd4cfd9271d6. The document containing the claim was obtained by a pro-Hillary Clinton journalist, then worked its way to the uber-pathetic John McCain, you’ve-done-it-again, who had to, well, have a “leak.”
So, stop Trump becoming president, the Russians have something damaging on him! Oh, not any more, even if it was true. And there is, as usual no evidence for this: https://www.buzzfeed.com/kenbensinger/these-reports-allege-trump-has-deep-ties-to-russia?utm_term=.jmogoQ1ZX0#.bezgpWYyBz.

If Trump was a Democrat raping his way across the country, or eating pizza while raping kiddies, and maybe even eating kiddies on his pizza, that would be normal. But, if its Trump, or anyone daring to challenge the globalist, then watch out!
The absurdity of the golden showers claim is, that no-one with the business sense of Trump would pay someone to piss over him, when the mainstream media will do it for free!
Trump needs to retaliate by launching a real investigation into pizzagate and Washington DC paedophile circles, and taking down the politicians and media scum involved in such horrors.