U.S. Allies 'Volunteer' To Share (Implausible) Blame For Deir Ezzor Attack

Ref: http://www.moonofalabama.org/2016/09/us-allies-volunteer-to-share-blame-for-deir-ezzor-attack.html#more

...Early Sunday Australia jumped in claiming its jets had taken part in the attack:

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Libya, David Cameron’s “Iraq”? Damning Report Shreds Another War Monger by Felicity Arbuthnot

Ref: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article45510.htm

Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron is consistent in just one thing – jumping ship when the going gets tough. He announced his resignation in the immediate wake of the 23rd July referendum in which Britain marginally voted to leave the EU, a referendum which he had fecklessly called to appease right wing “little Englanders”, instead of facing them down...
Cameron however committed to staying on as an MP until the 2020 general election, vowing grandiosely: “I will do everything I can in future to help this great country succeed”, he said of the small island off Europe which he had potentially sunk, now isolated from and derided by swathes of its continental neighbours – with the sound of trading doors metaphorically slamming shut reverberating across the English Channel.
David Cameron has now jumped again, resigning unexpectedly and immediately as an MP on Monday 12th September, giving the impression that he was not in agreement with certain policies of his (unelected) successor, Theresa May...The following day the real reason for his decision seemed obvious. Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Select Committee released their devastating findings on Cameron’s hand in actions resulting in Libya’s near destruction, contributing to the unprecedented migration of those fleeing UK enjoined “liberations”, creating more subsequent attacks in the West – and swelling ISIS and other terrorist factions.

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9/11 Means that 2 Equals 3! by Brian Simpson

How happy am I!  As a science/maths high school teacher I always wanted to write an article for this site which had an equation in the title.  Now, I can die happy… well, not really.  What always puzzled me about the official story of 9/11 was that there were two planes that hit, but a third building collapsed. How is that possible? One plane to one building means no plane to take out the third building, right?

A paper has been published in Europhysics News, which explains that it was a controlled demolition that brought these building down. To quote from a Natural News.com, September 18, 2016 report:
Entitled “15 years Later: On the Physics of High-Rise Building Collapses,” the investigation was conducted by Steven Jones, a former professor of physics at Brigham Young University; Robert Korol, a professor emeritus of civil engineering at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada and a fellow of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering and the Engineering and the Engineering Institute of Canada; Anthony Szamboti, a mechanical design engineer; and Ted Walter, author of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth’s Beyond Misinformation: “What Science Says About the Destruction of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2 and 7.”
Hopefully Trump, if he survives, may have a real investigation into the 9/11 matter, considering this sort of evidence and prosecuting the local criminals.

Malcolm Roberts, a polished punchy senate speech

taken from JoNova's website:
In his maiden speech as a new Senator, Malcolm Roberts looks sharp, stands tall, and fires his words precisely, and articulately. He oozes determination.

He’s put in long hours for years to be there and he knows exactly why he’s there. James Jeffrey in The Australian described it as “impassioned”, delivered with “the pyrotechnic power of his larynx”:

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Pauline Hanson 2016 Maiden Speech

Twenty years and four days after her controversial maiden speech to the House of Representatives, the anti-immigration, conservative campaigner whose party won more than 500,000 votes in the July election and seized four Senate seats declared she was “back but not alone”.

Laying out her manifesto for her next six years in parliament in her Senate maiden speech, Senator Hanson made clear those immigrants who did not agree with her views should leave Australia. “I will take you to the airport and wave you goodbye, with sincere best wishes,” she said.

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Derryn Hinch names five alleged paedophiles in maiden Senate speech

Senator Hinch has fulfilled his promise to "name names" in the Senate, using parliamentary privilege to identify up to five men he claims are paedophiles.

Senator Hinch, who was placed under house arrest in 2011 after he named sex offenders and was jailed in 2014 for contempt of court for publishing the criminal record of Melbourne woman Jill Meagher's killer Adrian Bayley, made no apologies for using the protection.

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45th Parliament of Australia

On 9/11 the Twin Towers of Hillary Came Tumbling Down! by Chris Knight

The American media has been so busy warning the global financial elites –  sorry, I mean, we, the people – that Donald J. Trump is a Nazi spawn of Satan, that they have not been able to focus their little eyes on Hillary Clinton’s health problems. Thus, after ironically collapsing at a September 11 commemoration ceremony, it was released that she had pneumonia, and that her frightening coughing fits were related to allergies. Nonsense! I trust the internet on this one.

A good summary of the “walking dead” that is Hillary Clinton has been given by Mike Adams Natural News September 11, 2016. There are the relevant videos at that site with this comment; “The videos …are stunning in what they depict:
A corrupt, criminal tyrant who deeply desires power over others now unable to control her own body…wobbling, collapsing, stumbling, with head bobbling to the side as if her neck is on a loose swivel…then collapsing forward into the waiting van.” The same description would be true of so many of our own Australian politicians in the evening after a belly full of wine, paid for by corporate of union sponsors.

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The Privatisation of National Credit and Money-Printing by Jeremy Lee (Australia 2000- How Bright The Vision?)

This expansion of the money supply occurs every year; a smaller increase during a credit squeeze, accelerating when the Reserve Bank believes the economy needs stimulating. The controlling mechanism is now largely confined to the raising or lowering of interest rates.

It can also be seen that the creation of Australia’s monetary requirements - which many believe should be a Government prerogative - has been ceded almost entirely into private-sector hands. New money is put into circulation through loans and overdrafts, on which the ‘creators’ earn interest, and charge fees for operating accounts. They are not lending their own capital. They are claiming ownership of “new” money which is practically costless, and which should, in a just system, belong to the community.

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The Free Trade Delusion by James Reed

Whatever you think about the promises made by Donald Trump, he looks certain, if he wins, of rejecting the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). That is a good thing, meaning one less globalist scheme to fight. But even so, for the globalists, who have something of a fetish for the letter T, there is still the TISA a “turbo-charged privatisation pact” backed by Microsoft, Google, IBM, Walmart and JP Morgan Chase.

TTSA stands for “Trade In Services Agreement.” And like the TPP is being negotiated in secret. The TISA will privatise public services, replacing governments with Big Corporations. Like the TPP, there is thought to be clauses in it preventing governments from regulating banks and controlling strategic services.

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Hillary Clinton’s Mind by Chris Knight

Just before the news cycle about her collapse, and the first mainstream concern about her health, Hillary Clinton said that half of Donald Trump’s supporters belonged in a “basket of deplorables.” This was said to a crowd at a “LGBT for Hillary” gala. These people are “irredeemable but thankfully they are not America.” These millions of supporters were “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic – you name it.” That just about sums up the plight of the West in a nut shell.

Later Hillary said that she was “grossly generalistic and should not have said “half.”
How many then: a quarter?

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Finally, Some Sense on the Submarine Fiasco by James Reed

A group of concerned businessmen, including Dick Smith, put a full-page advertisement in The Australian (September 13, 2016) condemning Turnbull’s “Submarine Fiasco.”

The bottom line: $50 billion will be spent for 2,800 jobs. This is an absurd cost, especially since at present there is not one operational French Barracuda submarine in service. The first version, yet to be launched, is in a ship yard and is nuclear not diesel. The government wants to retrofit and re-design a nuclear sub to be diesel, which has never been done. Good luck with that one, because we will need it.

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The Great Donation Debate: Time to Ban all Union and Company Donations! by James Reed

Good work Sam Dastyari, for inadvertently throwing the whole sordid issue of political donations into the public view. And as Cory Bernardi has pointed out in his Weekly Dose of Common Sense, the $1,670 bill was not even a donation to a political party, but a personal bill sent off to a Chinese front company, who paid it, and cannot be justified merely by a declaration. This is a good example of the “underbelly of the NSW right,” with the ultra-Machiavellian attitude of “whatever it takes; anything goes for political survival.”

But it would be wrong to focus attention solely upon the failings of one Senator, as much of the media comments on this issue have done. It is likely that this is just the tip of a very dark iceberg, and it has raised the wider, more important issue of political donations, especially from foreign entities such as the Chinese.

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Three Cheers for Loyal Chinese Aussies! by James Reed

If you don’t like this country’s values, and think of another place as your country, then go back there!
Strong words indeed. But before professional ethnics reach for their magic section 18 C ultimate nullifier weapon, consider that these words are a quote from John Hu, a Chinese Australian and founder of the Embracing Australian Values Alliance. (The Australian, September 5, 2016, p.2)
Have ye of the multicult released the cock on your hair trigger section 18 C gun yet?

John Hu may be just the man this torn and bleeding country needs, too. He will be able to challenge things that Anglo critics have difficulties doing because of the political weapon of section 18 C. He has criticised political donations, noting that in the case of Chinese political donations, “they may donate on behalf of the Chinese government to influence Australian politics, to penetrate and control positions, for example, on the South China Sea – and some of the money may actually be coming from China. In China, business and government work extremely closely.”

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Time to Turnover, Turnbull by James Reed

Andrew Bolt (“How I Found Turnbull’s Two Fatal Flaws,” Herald Sun, September 4, 2016, relates how he met Malcolm Turnbull a decade ago, and knew from that meeting that he would be a “dud leader.”
First “Turnbull continued to repeat what I knew for a fact was false” and “what a tiny concentration span he had.” But, all pollies are like that.

Turnbull is now worrying leading security experts because he is ignoring their warnings about the security threat posed by China: “intelligence leaders are conscious Mr Turnbull predicted five years ago that China would not use the expansion of its navy to become more militarily assertive and opposed the Labor government’s strategy for preparing for a naval war in the South China Sea, where China is now turning islets into bases.” Well, Mal certainly got that one wrong!

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