If Trump Can Get Re-elected He Deserves a Whole Crate of Nobel Peace Prizes By Chris Knight

     President Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Yes, the same award that was given to Obama merely because he was Black, or at least, a multiracial. But Trump has done well in Middle East peace, and given that these awards are handed out to a multitude of losers, most of the time, it is about time that someone worthwhile gets one.

“President Donald Trump has officially been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a member of Norway's Parliament, said Trump is deserving of the esteemed award because of his efforts to broker peaceful relationships between countries, specifically citing the historic peace treaty between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. What did Tybring-Gjedde say? In an exclusive interview with Fox News, Tybring-Gjedde said the Nobel Prize Committee should examine Trump's record, for they will find that it is much more impressive than former President Barack Obama's. Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. "For his merit, I think he has done more trying to create peace between nations than most other Peace Prize nominees," Tybring-Gjedde said. "I'm not a big Trump supporter. The committee should look at the facts and judge him on the facts — not on the way he behaves sometimes," the Norwegian lawmaker continued. "The people who have received the Peace Prize in recent years have done much less than Donald Trump. For example, Barack Obama did nothing."

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Uncle Joe Biden and His Furry Friends By Chris Knight

     “Meet Joe Biden’s Supporters,” is a devastating new campaign ad for Trump which slams the Democrats connections, indeed, worship, of BLM and antifa. We see Biden doing their bidding, and kneeling before absolutely frightening characters, who threaten continued violence unless old Joe is elected. The last scene has one thug make such a threat, as Biden knees before them, like a piece of white prison bait, and the gang stands threatening.   If Trump does not win, it will be frightening times. In fact, democracy is already over, and I can see a clear argument for people not accepting any fraudulent election result, not that I am advocating revolution or anything the Left might be, because conservatives are conservative, until the bitter end.

     Things have become so corrupt now, that that hit piece published saying that anonymous sources said that Trump made derogatory remarks about soldiers, is admitted as perhaps being wrong, but, well, it is about Trump, so what?

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What Will They Do if Trump Doesn’t Leave? By Charles Taylor

     The emerging scenario seems to be, as documented by Breitbart, is that the Trumper wins the election visa the Electoral College, but after the election, they use fraudulent voting to steal the election. Evidence of voting fraud has already emerged.

“An analytics firm bankrolled by billionaire Michael Bloomberg is predicting that while President Trump will appear to win on November 3, Democrat Joe Biden will actually win the election days later due to mail-in voting. Josh Mendelsohn, the CEO of Hawkfish — funded by Bloomberg and currently working for various pro-Biden super PACs — told Axios that his firm predicts a “red mirage” where Trump wins on election day but Biden wins the election days later when mail-in votes are counted: The reason we talk about a red mirage is in fact because we believe that on election night, we are going to see Donald Trump in a stronger position than the reality actually is. We are sounding the alarm and saying that this is a very real possibility, that the data is going to show on election night an incredible victory for Donald Trump. That is likely to be what we see. Mendelsohn claims it could take weeks before Trump’s election night victory is chipped away at by mail-in votes that will show Biden as the winner.”

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Heads They Win, Tails You Lose By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     Inside the Black Lives Matter enclave of CHOP, a Black who was shot says that KKK or Proud Boys shot him. Well that is a wide one isn’t is, but it must be true, because he is Black, and Black Lives matter. So, sue the police who did not come because the place was all nailed up.

     This is so even when the entire system is under threat of being burnt down:

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Chomsky Chomps On By Peter Ewer

     I have flipped through some of Chomsky’s books, then tossed then down; boring. Too much manic stuff for my taste. Take his criticism of Trump. There is much a sensible Leftist could say, but instead, Chomsky says that Trump is the worst criminal in history. Look, that is bs even by radical Leftist standards, surely not worse than Hitler, Genghis Khan, Napoleon and the 19th century slave traders? Why could he not develop a sensible well-reasoned critique? Oh, who cares, just rave on:

“Appearing Sunday on The Michael Brooks Show, leftist professor Noam Chomsky claimed President Donald Trump is “undeniably” the “worst criminal in human history.” MICHAEL BROOKS: Could you explain why what Donald Trump is doing institutionally actually is unique and does matter on its own terms? NOAM CHOMSKY: This sounds strong, but it’s true: Trump is the worst criminal in human history, undeniably. There has never been a figure in political history who was so passionately dedicated to destroying the projects for organized human life on earth in the near future. That is not an exaggeration. People are focused now on the protests; the pandemic is serious enough that we will emerge from it at terrible cost. The cost is greatly amplified by the gangster in the White House, who has killed tens of thousands of Americans, making this the worst place in the world. We will emerge; we’re not going to emerge from another crime that Trump has committed, the heating of the globe. The worst of it is coming — we’re not going to emerge from that. The ice sheets are melting; they’re not going to recover. That leads to an exponential increase in global warming. Arctic glaciers, for example, could flood the world. Recent studies indicate that on the present course, in about fifty years, much of the habitable part of the world will be unlivable. You won’t be able to live in parts of South Asia, parts of the Middle East, parts of the United States. We’re approaching the point of 125,000 years ago, when sea levels were about twenty-five feet higher than they are now. And it’s worse than that. The Scripps Oceanographic Institute just came out with a study that estimated that we are coming ominously close to a point [similar to] three million years ago, when sea levels were 50 to 80 feet higher than they are today.

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Bill Clinton … So Much More than Just a Rapist By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     This is gut-churning treason if true, but nothing ever happens to these critters, no matter what they do:

“On his Thomas Paine podcast, host Mike Moore shared information that he says a congressman handed him recently about ex-President Bill Clinton and the Chinese that is shocking and yet not all that surprising to anyone who has truly been paying attention to the actions of the former president and his inner circle. Moore, a journalist who has worked for intel agencies such as the FBI and DEA as well as the White House and private clients, said that the information he got from the unnamed congressman had been delivered to the FBI in the late 1990s or early 2000s, but they did nothing about it – which he believes is because other high-ranking people profited from it. A lot of the information he discusses was touched upon in The Cox Report, also known as the Report of the Select Committee on U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People’s Republic of China, a classified government document that outlines China’s covert operations in the U.S. during the ‘80s and ‘90s. It contained several serious allegations about nuclear weapons and China that dovetail with what Moore shared. It said that China stole the design information related to the seven most advanced thermonuclear weapons in the U.S. arsenal, and that this helped them to accelerate their own nuclear weapon development. It also said that their upcoming nuclear weapons would use design elements stolen from the U.S. and could have comparable efficacy. According to the report, “PRC penetration of our national nuclear weapons laboratories spans at least the past several decades and almost certainly continues today. The PRC has stolen or otherwise illegally obtained U.S. missile and space technology that improves PRC military and intelligence capabilities.”

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On China the Horse has Long Bolted By Bruce Bennett

     James Reed should have done this, but apparently has gone to hospital with something to do with his prostate, probably due to his alcoholism. Some people never learn. Well, the boys in the really nice suits are investigating China infiltration of some polly I have never heard of. Boring ... Ok, but why wasn’t this done maybe 50 years ago? After all, China owns most of the place now, even ports, maybe Sydney Harbour soon, so should they even bother? It is all over for us now, isn’t it?

“Counter-espionage agency ASIO is conducting a sweeping investigation into allegations Chinese government agents have infiltrated the office of a NSW Labor politician to influence Australian politics. Multiple sources aware of the foreign interference investigation said it was scrutinising the office of NSW Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane as part of one of the most significant inquiries in recent ASIO history. As part of the inquiry, the federal police raided properties linked to Mr Moselmane on Friday morning, searching for evidence to support allegations of a Chinese government plot unfolding on Australian soil. The sources said if sufficient evidence was found, the inquiry could ultimately result in an Australian and world first: a prosecution for foreign interference offences arising from an alleged covert Chinese Communist Party plot to influence a serving politician. A dozen plain-clothed federal agents raided Mr Moselmane's two-storey house in Rockdale, in Sydney's south, at 6.30am and began conducting an extensive search for evidence. An hour later, six forensics officers arrived and assisted with the search. At 9am, detectives searched three cars— an Audi, ute and Volvo— outside Mr Moselmane’s house. Mr Moselmane's lawyer arrived during the search and was let into the home by federal agents. The agents searched the house and were seen carrying bags and folders. The Attorney-General Christian Porter has authorised efforts by ASIO to gather evidence of any person suspected of seeking to influence Mr Moselmane or his staff on behalf of the Chinese government. The step could only be taken if there were reasonable grounds to suspect evidence may be at those properties. Security expert Neil Fergus said: "ASIO would not take this step lightly." The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age is not suggesting the allegations involving Mr Moselmane and his office are proven, only that they are the subject of an ASIO and federal police inquiry.”

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Our Asian Australia: Be Proud! By P. J. Lee

     The racist past of the West is being finally torn down, and we breathe a sigh of relief that at last the world is turning. Soon the warm and friendly folk of the Left, Antifa, our future leaders, will tear down the statues of the past, and who could not disagree with that, especially the explorer like Captain James Pressure  Cooker, who murdered millions wherever he flew his fleet of planes? After all, Asia built Australia, gave us our language and culture, including the legal system, and it is about time we all went down on bended knee, or flat out on the ground, and did some tongue work, licking boots. What do you say?

“On Monday parliament passed a motion recognising the “significant contribution made by Chinese-Australians to Australia” and condemning “appalling racist attacks on Chinese-Australians”. The change.org #UnityOverFear petition urges Scott Morrison and other political leaders to “stand beside your fellow Australians to call for national unity and say no to racism against Asian Australians”. On Tuesday the prime minister told the Coalition party [r]oom that Chinese Australians had provided “one of the greatest defences we had in those early weeks” of the pandemic. The mention of the petition in parliament comes at a sensitive time, given that China’s ministry of education warned students to reconsider going to Australia because of a string of “incidents of discrimination” targeting people of Asian descent. Senior government ministers and universities have taken issue with that description. The education minister, Dan Tehan, said Australia “rejects China’s assertions that Australia is an unsafe destination for international students”. In a speech to parliament on Wednesday, Giles said the petition deserved a strong bipartisan response, with leaders uniting to confront “the scourge that is racism”. “It is critical that our parliament unites in standing up for multiculturalism and for every Australian, that we recognise that Chinese Australians have been subjected to awful and shocking racism through the pandemic, and that we respond to this without equivocation,” he said. “This evening, we can start the process of recognising as a national parliament, that ending racism is a national responsibility – that when we say we’re all in this together, we mean it.”

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The Lying Mainstream Media By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     The mainstream media had it that Trump’s initial Tulsa speech was a disaster, because less than expected numbers turned up. I did not attend, not wishing to face disease infested antifa at the entrance, and it seems thousands also felt like me. TV coverage was high though, and Biden’s show was even emptier!

“Lower attendance, which the Dem/MSM complex wants you to believe means Trump’s support is dissipating, doesn’t mean Trump’s base won’t show up at the polls. There would good reasons for not attending:

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Russian Ultra-Racist Politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky On the US Race Problem By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     Quick, lynch him …. Oh, he is safe in Russia behind a nuclear shield that even the most politically correct cannot penetrate. But, might does not make right, does it oh ruling class?

“While the world is being rocked by mass protests against racism and police brutality, in Russia the situation is viewed through a starkly different lens. Far from being concerned with the rights of minorities, Russian experts, pundits and government officials worry in appalling language about the fate of white people—and obsess over Donald J. Trump’s declining chances of re-election. Nationalist politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia in the State Duma, or parliament, argued that the United States should resort to racial segregation, splitting up into “Black” and “White” states. Zhirinovsky is known for being outrageous. But, far from being ridiculed, his obscenely racist suggestion garnered coverage in the Kremlin-controlled state media, as well as support from a fellow parliamentarian. Appearing on Russia’s 60 Minutes, Anton Morozov, a member of the Russian State Duma Committee on International Affairs, wholeheartedly boosted Zhirinovsky’s proposition. In an obvious nod to Trump, Morozov remarked that “Negroes are getting in the way of making America great” and suggested sequestering Black people on reservations. In all seriousness, Morozov argued that Trump or the federal authorities could adopt such measures. “A white person is afraid to step outside,” the politician asserted, arguing for the necessity of such a grotesque “solution.”

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Remember the Alamo! By Charles Taylor

     I particularly like this story, having spent a lot of my life working in Texas, and having been to the Alamo site many times. Jim Bowie is one of my heroes, but I suspect that very soon, the Bowie knife itself, one of the human races’ greatest inventions, will be condemned as racist, as Jim did a spot of slave trading himself to earn some pocket money, with his brother Rezin.

“Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush warned rioters who might be planning to target the Alamo in a tweet saying, “Don’t mess with The Alamo.” The Texas General Land Office is responsible for the care and safety of the Texas shrine. “The Alamo is the Shrine of Texas liberty. And it will be defended,” Bush began in the tweet below. “Rest assured we have already deployed, for several weeks and will continue to do so, the Alamo Rangers in partnership with the SAPD (San Antonio Police Department, The Department of Public Safety, and the National Guard to protect this sacred site.” “My message to protesters is simple: Don’t mess with The Alamo,” Bush concludes.”

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Evil, Sick, Biden By Charles Taylor

     Senile old Joe Biden, about whom we have not heard any more denials of rape, has released his secret fantasies about the military dragging Trump from the White House after he, Biden, wins. A sick puppy alright.

“After a break in the video, Biden stated, “I was so damn proud. You have four chiefs of staff coming out and ripping the skin off of Trump. And you have so many rank and file military personnel saying, whoa, we’re not a military state. This is not who we are. I promise you, I am absolutely convinced they will escort him from the White House with great dispatch.”

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Confucius Says’ “Beware of Institutions Bearing My Name” By James Reed

     The National Director sent me this email link about how the Confucius Institutes are wormed into many Australian universities. A little Googling indicates that these are basically Communist Party propaganda centres. Here is substantiation from the mainstream media:

“In recent years, the deepening of Australia’s engagement with China (our most important trade partner) has exacerbated concerns over the motivations and consequences of its government’s influence in Australian political and economic life – and understandably so. Nowhere is the increasing levels of interdependence between China and Australia more evident than in Australia’s academic landscape. Chinese organisations and individuals with alleged ties to government agencies face accusations of facilitating censorship, undue influence, and collaboration with the Chinese military in sensitive research and development programs. Australia is right to investigate areas of concern, but much of the public criticism concerning Chinese individuals and organisations has notably lacked evidence and instead focused upon China’s authoritarian domestic governance. In this context, the Confucius Institutes have come under particular scrutiny for their potential to be organisational agents of influence for the Chinese Communist Party. While there have been many serious allegations made against Confucius Institutes and much work on the broader affairs of the CCP, there has been little scrutiny of the organisational structure of the Confucius Institutes. Yet, such an analysis would be the first step in understanding their true nature and purpose. Are the Confucius Institutes covert vehicles for the Chinese government to subvert, bully, and pressure host countries with a view to promoting self-censorship? Or are they simply legitimate organs of the Chinese state’s efforts to project its interest abroad? Our argument is that the Confucius Institutes should be taken at face value. The Confucius Institutes are not-for-profit bodies tasked with running classes and events to promote Chinese language and culture in foreign education institutions across the world. There is little to any meaningful scope for the Chinese state to exercise covert influence over these organisations.”

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Not Fit for Purpose By Peter West

     Time to move on the media and political class. Another great talk from Report from Tiger Mountain. Nothing we have not said, but good for you hear the message from outside parties:

John Doyle, 20-Year-Old, Unloads on Conservativism, Liberalism You Name It By Chris Knight

     Now I am back home, on early retirement, and just in time to help fight against the US socialist revolution, I will devote time to personally following up interesting people like this. Young John needs to beef up on the money question and social credit, then he can run for the presidency.

Big Kev Rudd Rips into UQ, Go Boy! By James Reed

     Is Big Kev Rudd getting ready to take on the winner of the Halfthor vs Eddie Hall superman boxing event? He certainly is rippling in muscle, I think, but then I am half blind, and half mad. Anyway, mutual admiration aside, big Kev, who knows a bit about China, doing a thesis on it, which is mighty impressive, as not too many people do theses:

“Former prime minister Kevin Rudd has hit out at the University of Queensland's "mismanagement" of a student activist who has been highly critical of Chinese influence on campus. Drew Pavlou was handed a two-year suspension by the university last week, after he was alleged to have contravened UQ's student charter and integrity and harassment policies. The allegations made against Mr Pavlou were outlined in a confidential 186-page document, but were believed to be linked to his on-campus activism supporting Hong Kong and criticism of the Chinese Communist Party. Pro-Hong Kong protests turned violent at the university last year after demonstrators were confronted by Chinese activists. Mr Rudd said he was becoming "increasingly concerned at how Chancellor [Peter] Varghese is presiding over the shredding of the national and international reputation of one of our nation’s leading universities through the mismanagement of the Pavlou case". "Varghese has allowed this case to escalate into a major debate around the world as to whether the university stands for academic freedom or not. It should have been nipped in the bud much earlier," Mr Rudd told Brisbane Times. "Varghese has boasted he has the experience to handle the complexity of the university’s China relationship given his background as a senior Australian diplomat. "Instead, the university is now seen around Australia and the world as bending the knee to Beijing, rather than just dealing with a badly behaved undergraduate.

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The Contempt of Kushner By Chris Knight

     Jared Kushner has stood, cynically behind Trump, seeking to undermine him from the beginning, which is not hard for a man of so little substance. Still, the creep needed mainstream exposure, and fortunately Fox News' Tucker Carlson unloaded on Jared Kushner: "No one has more contempt for Donald Trump's voters than Jared Kushner does."

“Monday, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson opened his program with a scathing critique of how the government responded to the chaos and rioting committed in the name of protesting the death of George Floyd while in the hands of Minneapolis police last week. The Fox News Channel host hit all levels of government — federal, state and local. He urged President Donald Trump to act despite what he was being told by his inner circle, including Jared Kushner. Carlson warned if Trump was unsuccessful in efforts to restore order, he could lose the 2020 presidential election.

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No Kidding, China Wants to Destroy the West, But Sell Heaps of Junk to Us First By James Reed

     US Secretary Pompeo has stirred up a hornet’s nest saying:

“This is a Chinese Communist Party that has come to view itself as intent upon the destruction of Western ideas, Western democracies, and Western values. It puts Americans at risk, whether it’s stealing American intellectual property or destroying jobs here in the U.S.”

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Trump Dumps WHO, an Early Minute to Him By Charles Taylor

     Credit where credit is due; Trump is following through, which he rarely does, after making tough talk to pull out of supporting the China’s dominated World Health Organization:

“After having warned the organization less than two weeks prior that he would cut funding unless they took steps to show independence from China, President Donald Trump announced Friday that the U.S. will formally end its relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO). “The world is now suffering as a result of the malfeasance of the Chinese government,” said Trump in a speech in the Rose Garden. “Countless lives have been taken, and profound economic hardship has been inflicted all around the globe.” During his 10-minute address, Trump stated that after failing to report the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) to the WHO, Chinese officials had pressured the organization “to mislead the world when the virus was first discovered by Chinese authorities.”

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China Wants to Muzzle Aussie Dogs? By James Reed

     Sorry, I got that wrong, the muzzling is of MPs, pollies, so now every dog in the country is going to hate me, and bite me when I go for my evening stroll, if I am now allowed out of my kennel. Such is the life of high-pressure journalism. Oh, speaking of dogs and riots and all that stuff about the thin blue line:

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been told to put a “muzzle” on Chinese critics in a blistering attack by the Communist Party’s media mouthpiece. The Global Times published a number of inflammatory articles across the weekend amid heightened tensions between China and Australia, including one that described Liberal MP Andrew Hastie as “a thug of the United states”. He was further blasted along with Labor MP Kimberley Kitching for dining with the US ambassador Arthur B Culvahouse in Canberra. The communist rag claimed the ambassador had been made an honorary member of the Wolverines - a group of Australian MP’s known for the criticism of China’s questionable human rights record. “The relationship between Australia and the US is very close in every way. It is an open secret that anti-China groups like the Wolverines could be used to undermine relations between China and Australia at the behest of the US,” Ruan Zongze, executive vice president and senior research fellow at the China Institute of International Studies, told the Global Times. “These anti-China politicians are motivated by their interests and are happy to be thugs of the US to enhance their presence without considering China-Australia relations or Australia’s interests.” It also took aim at Liberal Senator James Paterson for his support of pro-democracy protests, claiming he had “stuck his nose in Hong Kong affairs.” “Chinese academics are urging the Morrison government to stop extreme groups like the Wolverines and politicians and commentators from spreading the US’ anti-China virus,’’ the article stated. “Unless this happens, Australia could find itself involved in a China-US ‘Cold War’ due to cheap tricks from second-rate politicians who play the China card while hurting bilateral economic co-operation and trade amid COVID-19.” The publication said Australia’s success as a “middle power” was dependent on its ability to maintaining good relations with China.”

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