The EU “Chat Control:” The Censorship Wolf in Woke Globalist Sheep’s Clothing By Richard Miller (London)

Surely all decent people would want to control on-line internet predators cyber-stalking and grooming children; that is a given, as it is evil. And all righteous people would support sensible legislation surgically drafted to do this, without having hidden political censorship produced as a side effect.

The EU Child Sexual Abuse Regulation, CSAR, while seeming to be good on a superficial level, has the problem that critics see as a great over-shooting occurring, with the ending of proper encryption and private messaging in the EU, and once this is done in the EU, there will be pressure applied to do this across the West. Online services would have to scan all messages and images to search for any offensive material. This would totally end privacy, and create a situation even worse than the original evil that was to be addressed. And, that is the point, not to deal with the online predators, but to censor any political content that the system opposes, the real motive here.

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The UN and Digital ID By Brian Simpson

The UN continues its relentless push for world government, and a New World Order, based around itself, with numerous strike attacks upon national values and institutions. Thus, the UN development agency, UNDP, has just published its governance framework for digital public infrastructure, based upon the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030. The basic idea here is to construct a digital identity for every person on the planet for “legal, regulatory frameworks, non-discrimination, access to information, legal accountability, capable institutions, user value, procurement and anti-corruption, and data protections.” And to achieve this the UN thinks there must be as total digitalisation of all public services. The UN proposes to provide a standard model for the centralisation of digitalisation of all public services, that will ultimately be under complete globalist control.

The UN makes James Bond style criminal organisations look like play schools, as the UN still comes with the mask of social respectability, which our task is to remove.

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Woke Liberals, Tripping Over their Political Correctness By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Dr Andrew Bamji, “The Myth of ‘Settled Science,’” demolishes the idea of settled science and the great consensus. The idea of a paradigm of science, that is a consensus framework that all scientists not beyond the pale work within, was popularised by the philosopher and historian of science, Thomas Kuhn, in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962). Thus, every physicist followed Newton until, supposedly Einstein refuted him and became the new boss man. Or, so the story goes, but even here there are complexities: See S. Hossenfelder, Lost in Math (2018).

But, while that may be true to some degree for theoretical physics, outside of that cosy domain, things are more complicated, especially in fields like medicine.

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Migrant Minors are Really Old Dudes! By Richard Miller (London)

One of the great open absurdities of the present Great Replacement migration of non-White illegals to Europe, is that these military age men, here are seldom women, are classified as “children,” by the pro-migration mad lobby. Thus, one can have what is in reality 21-year-old men with beards, going to grade school, with predictable results.

Most so-called unaccompanied migrants are really adults, according to Charles de Courson, a French MP of the centre-right Union of Democrats and Independents: “Eighty percent of unaccompanied migrants in France’s northeast Marne department who declared themselves thus are not minors.” “In retrospect, for us, in my department, where there are 240 (of them), following the checks — more exactly bone analyses — 80 percent have been found not to be minors.”

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The Privatisation Dogma By Richard Miller (London)

I was informed of a nice piece of material by, surprisingly, THEIR ABC, that dealt with one aspect of the privatisation disaster vin Britain, and it is only the tip of the rubbish dump on this topic. As detailed, there is an ongoing issue of the release of raw sewage into beaches and waterways by private water utilities in the UK. In 2021, there were over 370,000 releases of raw sewage, with one company dumping 21 billon litres into a protected marine area off the south coast of England. This all comes from the UK 1989 decision to sell off its water industry to corporate interests with predictable results: “The nine largest water companies have run up debts of $100 billion while issuing dividends of $125 billion. More than 70 per cent of the industry is owned by foreign hedge funds and private equity houses which have scraped from the country's existing stock of water infrastructure every possible scintilla of value.”

Australia has not gone to this extent yet with its water infrastructure, but the sell-off of public assets by the political leaders to their masters in Big Business has gone on in most other areas, with equally disastrous results. There is a correct sphere of activity for private enterprise, and one for responsible government, based around the idea that some goods are so important to the proper functioning of society that the profit motive, which can lead to corruption and crook dealings, needs to be monitored. But there is also a need for a robust free market to also operate. At present we have the worst of both worlds, with globalist-controlled corporates (who are socialist entities, not the free agents of the capitalism of Adam Smith), and oppressive woke Big Government, based upon Maoism, which is merging with globalist corporates in a new form of Mussolini fascism.

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Cows and the Methane Myth By Bob Farmer, Dairy Farmer

It is very hard times or cows in the culture of woke climate change extremism. Cows have been targeted by the elites of the UN, World Economic Forum, and EU, as vast methane producers, and nitrogen to boot. Hence the Netherlands is cutting its farms, and Ireland too, all in the name of some mythical zero net, to keep supposed global warming under the 1.5 C mark. Even within the alarmist paradigm, a minority of scientists already see that mark as being passed or soon to be, regardless of what measures are done, such as culling cows. Thus, the measure is pointless in their own terms.

However, as detailed below,  Caroline Stocks, quotes air quality expert Frank Mitloehner, professor of animal science at UC Davis in California, who has argued that the extent to which cows contribute to global warming is exaggerated. The UN is responsible for the figure that livestock contributes 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, as in their report Livestock’s Long Shadow. But the results were fudged in typical UN style, by adding emissions along the total supply chain, from land use to the supermarket freezer, which is absurd, but we know where they are coming from.

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The Shock of the Netherlands By Richard Miller (London)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Evelyn Markus, leading European critics of the Islamisation of Europe, have observed that the chattering class are “shocked” about the electoral victory of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands. They are not. Wilders for years has been vilified by the liberal/Left media for his relentless attack upon mass immigration being used as a weapon for the Great Replacement, especially through the importation of radical jihadists. And now he has won, despite all the odds. All this in one of the once most woke countries in Europe.

But, as detailed by Ali and Markus, the Netherlands has seen migrant populations assaulting homosexuals and ethnic minorities, and a culture quite adverse to the multiculturalism which led to the migration of these migrants, has now occurred and is seemingly being engrained in their young in their “no-go” zones. The victory of Wilders comes from the same force that is leading to the surge of popularity of Donald Trump in America by “forgotten men and women: “A large and growing number of voters on both sides of the Atlantic have seen their living standards stagnate—their manufacturing jobs outsourced or automated and their neighbourhoods flooded with immigrants, many of whom are hostile to them and their way of life. Worst of all, they see this decline as multigenerational. In other words, the future of their children and grandchildren seems even bleaker as they stand in line for almost every basic service and have little or no prospect of ever owning their own home. While the elite obsess over climate change and “woke” identity politics, ordinary people face crime and an untenable cost of living.”

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Students Protest for Ladies’ Sanitary Products to be Returned to Men’s Bathrooms! Imagine How these Folk will Go in the War! By Mrs Abigail Knight (Florida)

Here is to ending the year on an absurd note. Students at Clemson University here in the US protested that menstrual products be returned to men’s bathrooms. According to one spokes-whatever: “Queer people on this campus are not just going to magically disappear. So instead of working against us, like taking away menstrual products from the men’s bathrooms, making people feel unwelcomed, there should be support for the community that is already fighting to feel safe here.”

What can I say? Too bad for women who are short on menstrual products, including the local female homeless people.

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Cambridge University Professor Accused of … Racism! Whoa! By Richard Miller (London)

Cambridge University professor Dr James Orr in the Faculty of Divinity has been accused by woke students of “racism” after he tweeted “Import the Arab World, become the Arab World,” in response to pro-Palestinian protesters in London. The statement was said by Cambridge's Palestine Solidarity Society and Middle Eastern North African Society, to be “obviously racist.”


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The Debanking of Dr Mercola By James Reed

Leading Covid vax critic, Dr Mercola was debanked by his bank, Chase Bank in mid-July 2023. He had his business accounts closed along with the personal accounts of his CEO and CFO. Not content with that, the accounts of their wives and children were also closed. No real reasons were given, certainly not for cancellation of the wives’ and children’s accounts, people who had nothing to do with the Mercola business and politics.

In a now deleted post, Dr Mercola details the background to this debanking. His summary says it all: “Chase Bank also has intimate ties to Bill Gates and the notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. These connections link the bank not only to global child sex trafficking enterprises but also to Gates’ disastrous vaccine philanthrocapitalism, the hidden eugenics agenda, and the heart of the One World Government cabal, the World Health Organization.”

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Why Does South Australia Hate Christmas Day and Australia Day? By James Reed

It seems that Christmas Day and Australia Day are still holidays over in hyper-woke South Australia, but the names of the days are not mentioned in the new public holiday legislation, The Public Holidays Bill 2023. The government’s reasons are far from clear, and as seen below, they do not care much, which is what we would expect from a government who is happy having developers smash down the old Anglo-Saxon heritage buildings for building their New World Asian Order. I half expect to see Christmas Day just disappear in the future in this place, surely one of the worst states in Australia. Thus, even while the Voice referendum was defeated, South Australia proceeds with a treaty that is set to go for next year. Well, let them see if they can get some dough from the developers who must be making a killing in this state. It would be nice to see, as well, the federal government move to tax international students who dominate their universities.

South Australia is the state of the Great Replacement, my brother who lives there says. Sure, but the whole country now suffers from the globalist disease, globalitis.

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Cashless Australia in Under Two Years By James Reed

The Optus outage of last month should have been a wake-up call for the dangers of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). But it has been water off a duck’s back, as the various finance/banking elites quoted in the extract below shows. The takeaway lesson is that they intend to have a cashless Australia created within two years, whatever the social costs. Everyone needs to fight this one now rather than go down the road to ruin, like Nigeria did,  then trying to undo the damage, which if too intense may not be fully possible.

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Albo Gives Your Tax Payer Money to the World Health Organization By Brian Simpson

Queensland Senator Gerard Rennick has exposed the globalist adventure by the Albo Labor government of millions of dollars funding to the World Health Organization. Quoting Senator Wong, the money is for "mitigating the risk of future pandemics by strengthening national health systems."

So, how much loot did the WHO get? According to the Epoch, "Substantial amounts of Australian public funds are directed at a number of international bureaucratic organizations."  "The Global Fund, an international financing organization aimed at ending epidemics and fulfilling United Nations health goals, has received over A$1 billion ($661 million) from Australia to date." This is to an organization which is heavily influenced by communist China, and which pushed that country’s policies during the Covid plandemic.

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Steak, A Real Food! By Mrs Vera West

It is hard times for meat, especially red meat, being attacked on so-called health concerns and by globalist groups such as the UN and World Economic Forum, on climate change alarmist grounds. But there are some surprising sources countering this narrative. A paper recently published in the journal Nature, gives evidence that steak, cheese and butter may have anti-cancer properties. This is due to a type of fatty acid called trans-vaccenic acid (TVA). TVA is found in just the foods the globalists hate; meat and dairy products. TVA was found to help energise certain immune cells that fight cancer. The details of this are of course technical and need not concern most of us, but some more explanatory material is below. The political point is that meat and dairy have been part of the human diet since the caves, well, at least meat has, and are not things to be arbitrarily replaced by bug and slug eating, as the UN and World Economic Forum want.

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The Chaos that is Dublin By Patrick O’Grady (Ireland)

David Thunder is a researcher and lecturer at the University of Navarra’s Institute for Culture and Society in Pamplona, Spain, and has just the right name to be writing about riots and social unrest, which is very much living storm and stress, sturm und drang. He notes that the Irish authorities are blaming the riots as being a Right-wing thing, that is their reason to not address the initial problem that led to the riots, that of violent immigrant criminals committing crimes, but is an excuse to crack down on political positions that the migration-mad state does not like. And, much of the looting was done not by political activists but by opportunistic rioters.

As noted “while there is no excuse for attacking police officers or setting vehicles alight, the Irish government has undoubtedly paved the way for these riots by refusing to listen to its citizens for years. Ireland’s political establishment has consistently been dismissive toward reasonable concerns about its immigration and refugee policies, reducing them to the rantings of a “Far-Right” fringe. This has created an atmosphere of pent-up resentment and frustration, and it was only a matter of time before this frustration erupted onto the streets.”

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Society Unravelling: The Young Turn to Prepping By John Steele

The US is embracing survivalism and prepping, including massive gun ownership, with at least 45 percent of US households hving at least one gun. That statistic takes in people from both the Left and Right and also the diverse. Yes, even trans people are gun owners. Everyone has their pet fear, with the Left thinking that Donald Trump will make a dictatorship. Of course, they are alright with the Democrats making a dictatorship; it is only those of the opposite politics that are a problem.

The New York does a passable summary, but has the howler that the 2020 riots by BLM and antifa were “mostly peaceful.” Sure, with arson and looting and property damage of $ 1-2 billion dollars, deaths and assaults. It is enough, with this mind set to make anyone who is still sane, a survivalist.

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The New Zealand Vax Whistle-Blower Case By Brian Simpson

Barry Young is the whistle-blower who released a large dataset of New Zealand Covid vax data. For doing this, which is illegal, he was arrested but is now out on bail. The police opposed his bail on the grounds that he may, not physically endanger the population, but spread misinformation! Fortunately, that argument was rejected.

There is controversy among the vax critics about the data and its statistical relevance, with mortality rates associated with certain vax batches having a death ratio of 21.38 percent among those being jabbed. There is some doubt about this data by some and at this point in time we do not have the full truth. The system though is in complete damage control, so perhaps a raw nerve has been pronged?

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Has Hillary Clinton a Case of Too much Sun? By James Reed

We are ending the year on a truly absurd note, as failed US presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton has told the present climate change talkfest, Cop28, that extreme heat has killed around 500,000 people, presumably this year, most of them women and girls. Now she was apparently not called out for this bull, and bull it is. There is no reference on the internet to this mass death, and it would show up in the UN population projections for sure. Yet she is free to dribble whatever she likes so long as it is the party line.

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Woke Young Brits Who Would Ban the Bible! By Richard Miller (London)

The grip that Left-wing madness has upon the minds of the young is something under-estimated by Christian conservatives. If polls can still be trusted, one such poll found that almost a quarter of young British people would support banning the Bible if it had hate-speech in it. Of course, hate speech today is defined to mean anything contrary to present Left wing fanaticism, so by that definition one could find plenty in the Bible going against the present regime, and it is a mighty fine thing that it does.

It will be a major problem breaking this Left-wing grip. It reminds me of people who are in cults that need to be deprogrammed.

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The March of the Humanoid Robots By Brian Simpson

Both communist China and the West are in a new arms race, this time based around artificial intelligence, the new big thing. One focus is upon the creation of humanoid robots, straight out of science fiction. China intends to mass produce these by 2025, and Japan may be even more advanced, since its population decline would require some novel solution, and AI seems the key to the lack of births, Japanese identity recoiling at the mass immigration seem in the deracinated West.

 As detailed below, the globalist elites welcome this, and are not concerned that such robots will eliminate at least a quarter of all jobs, beginning in 2025, and taking full effect by 2035, and then all jobs. As most people will  then be seen by the elites as useless eaters, they will almost certainly be eliminated by some genetically engineered plandemic.

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