The Dangers of the Aboriginal Voice in Parliament Drive By Paul Walker

With Labor all the woke agendas are back, such as introducing a “voice” for Aboriginal matters in both State and Federal Parliaments, including in its strongest form, a constitutional referendum to give some kind of consideration role to some Aboriginal committee over all laws, relevant to them, which means, all laws. This is a thereat to the Westminster system, which does not give some special role to one racial group. Some see this as a deliberate move to destroy our parliament, and it will certainly create chaos, and be exploited by the power elites.


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“Global Coalition Statement on Commercial Aviation and Pilot Vaccine Injury” By Chris Knight (Florida)

Pilots from across the world have been concerned about Covid vax safety, with many pilots reporting injuries that threaten their work and the safety of airplane travellers. Here is their joint statement.


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Pro-Abortion Arsonists; A Murderous Philosophy Produces Murders By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The arson attacks by pro-abortion terrorist groups puts a lie to Joe Biden’s claim that white supremacists, meaning good old Trump supporters, are the principal dangerous terrorists that need to be replaced by brown illegals from down south, seeking a welfare life, all for the price of a Democrat vote, or 5,000. The Left seek the total destruction of traditional society, as evident by all that we report, no other explanation is rational. But it is doubtful whether Karl Marx himself, as evil as he was, would have even contemplated half of what the modern Left is doing.

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A Covid Vax Injured Australian Scientist Speaks Out! By Mrs Vera West

There have not been many human-interest stories in the mainstream media about vax injured people. When they appear, there are careful caveats made that the injuries in question are rare. Still, the following story is interesting because it is the first MSM account I have seen of a vaxxed injured scientist, who as an educated person, was unable to work for eight months due to many adverse effects he believes came from the vax. He has rigorously criticised the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) adverse event reporting process, saying that was “simply uninterested” in investigating his symptoms despite submitting multiple reports. He reports getting medical examinations that allegedly showed that there was nothing wrong, when he clearly had multiple ailments.

This story shows that the recorded Covid vax adverse events Australia are likely the tip of the iceberg given the medical establishment’s methodological assumption that the vaxxes can do no harm. The mainstream medical establishment has discredited itself over the Covid business, and many of us, including myself, have ceased to trust their doctor, at least in this area, given vaccine biases. What you do is your own business, and no medical advice is offered here, only personal opinion, but I tend to research matters via the internet and published articles on PubMed, then, when better informed, see a doctor, and argue it out. Or, I go the alternative medicine way.

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World Economic Forum Tracking via the Internet of Things By Brian Simpson

Many shock, horror aspects of the New World Order proposals by the World Economic forum at its recent talkfest have been discussed by critics, but their plans for universal tracking was a new one on me. It seems that they want radio-frequency tags (RFID) placed in all articles of clothing, and then, in everything. As explained below, that is just a test run for placing biometric ID inside everyone’s wrist, for complete Big Brother surveillance, the full-on Mark of the Beast, as discussed in the Good Book. These people are crazed, and highly dangerous to freedom.

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Geert Vanden Bossche’s Predictions on the Evolution of SARS-CoV-2 By Brian Simpson

One aspect of the Covid business not adequately discussed, apart from by Dr Geert Vanden Bossche, is where this plandemic will go with mass vaccination with a leaky vaccine, one which does not stop transmission of the virus. Dr Vanden Bossche goes back to basic evolutionary theory and shows that the mass vax programs have set in motion a breeding ground for highly resistance viruses. Add that to the decline in the immune system also produced by the vax, such as antibody dependent enhancement, and there is a medical disaster of epic proportions coming.

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Burning Food Processing Plants; It’s All a Big Coincidence? By Charles Taylor (Florida)

I have a suspicious mind, and any good detective would as well, not being content to sit back, rub their hands and say that it all a great coincidence. Food processing plants across the US and Europe (but not yet Australia) are being burnt down, even hit by small aircraft. It is difficult to find where these cases go; there is a report, but no coverage on whether the police nabbed the arsonist. I suppose not. It is clear that this would fit into a bigger agenda, since it is occurring at the same time as the global food crisis.

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The Deaths from the Lockdowns Exceeded That of Covid-19 By Chris Knight (Florida)

There is a literature, with many peer-reviewed papers, now acknowledging that the Covid lockdowns, in epidemiological public health terms, were a failure, with more people dying from the lockdowns than from SARS-CoV-2. For example, the most recent study showing this, and there have been cross benefit analyses done for many countries, including Australia and Canada, is by  the US National Bureau of Economic Research. It found for the US, that the lockdowns produced a 26 percent rise in excess deaths among adults of a working age, even though the majority of Covid deaths, across the world, was among the elderly, especially those older than the age of average life expectancy. But, while Covid “overwhelmingly afflict senior citizens, absolute numbers of non-Covid excess deaths are similar for each of the 18-44, 45-64, and over-65 age groups.” “[T]here were more than 170,000 non-COVID excess deaths in the U.S. through 2020 and 2021, the researchers concluded. But they believe the actual number is closer to 200,000, taking into account as estimated 72,000 "unmeasured Covid deaths.’

This information was readily available to our political class, yet still they plunged into crazed lockdowns. It therefore cannot be a public health response, for this would be insane; it must then be a purely political move to achieve an agenda, and the one suggesting itself, is the well-discussed Great Reset of the World Economic Forum.

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Collapsing US Currency By Chris Knight (Florida)

Dr Mercola, in a post to be deleted quite soon, a pity since it is a great one, details why the collapse of the US currency is a mathematical inevitability, and is likely to happen sooner rather than later. This has been carefully planned by the global financial elite for some time, since knocking over the dollar as the world’s reserve currency will have, at least in the short term before a new CCP economic order is set up, exactly the sort of destabilisation effects that the World Economic Forum looked forward to with Covid for its Great Reset. Inflation, indeed stagflation, is now moving like a bushfire, with unemployment increasing while in some markets, prices have risen by almost 30 percent in the past 12 months. Across the globe, food prices have skyrocketed by almost 30 percent between April 2021 and April 2022. The globalists have set up an evil dialectic, where the problems have been created, the population broken by the lockdowns, and the solution of global communism in an updated form, will be given. Resist it!

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Uvalde School Mass Shooting; Could Police be this Stupid? By Charles Taylor (Florida)

After national criticism, and having time to prepare his bs, Uvalde school district police Chief Pete Arredondo, who was in charge during the May 24 mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, defended the actions of his police in waiting an incredible 77 minutes to enter a Robb Elementary classroom to kill a gunman, in a massacre that led to the loss of lives of 19 students and two teachers. It seems that he could not find a key to a locked classroom door!

Now we are not looking at high security bank vaults here, but a door of a classroom, in a rather poor school. Don’t tell me that it could not be broken down by hefty cops, or at worse a sledge hammer, or axe? This smacks of keystone cops. So indeed does the rest of the explanation, since he thought it was a hostage situation, not an active shooter. Well, hostage situations are best dealt with quickly before too many people are taken hostage.

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Strange Sounds By James Reed

“President Magufuli of Tanzania went missing in 2/21 by mid 3/21 he was dead. He challenged the WHO and WEF, tried to nationalize Tanzania's mineral wealth, expelled Gates and his GMO crops, revoked a license to a Mosaad linked mining company, refused rollout C-19 vax and exposed C-19 test failings. Two other presidents refused the C-19 vaccine: Haiti – President Jovenel Moise was murdered in July 2021 and Madagascar – President Didier Ratsiraka died March 2021…”

Must be a coincidence, otherwise, well, think Covid New World Order conspiracy.

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Covid Vax Gunk By Brian Simpson

Yesterday Natural published photographs of lab work they had done to record what the alleged blood clots look like, taken from people who had suddenly died, almost all certainly vaxxed up, after appropriate treating for photographs. The biological specimens were supplied by the embalmer, Richard Hirschman.

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Renewable Energy or Reliable Energy - but Not Both By Viv Forbes

Australia’s new ALP Government has gigantic green energy plans to be funded by electricity consumers and taxpayers.

They promise (with a straight face) that Australia’s electricity will be 82% renewable by 2030. They predict 43% reduction in emissions and “on track for net zero by 2050”. They threaten to litter the landscape with 400 community batteries, 85 solar banks and a $20B expansion of the electricity grid. This gigantic “green” electricity plan will need at least 150 million Chinese solar panels covering outback kingdoms of land, plus thousands of bird-slicing metal-hungry wind turbines, plus never-ending roads and powerlines – not friendly to grass or trees and with no room for native birds, bees, bats or marsupials - not green at all.

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Evidence Suggests the Covid Vaccines are Causing a Spike in Disability and a Potential Catastrophe! By Brian Simpson

Mrs Vera West today at the blog covers the Covid vax effects upon fertility. As well as this, as outlined in a post by A Mid Western Doctor, there is mounting evidence that the Covid vaxxes are responsible for a spike in disability. The gist of the rather complex argument is below, without the graphics, so go to the original article for further statistical clarification. However, the basic conclusions reached are:

  • There is a clear correlation between the percentage of the population vaccinated and those with disability.
    •There is a clear correlation between the percentage of the population boosted and those disability.
    •This increase in disability in all cases starts between 1-2 months after the vaccines begin.

This is not implausible even from the data seen at the US VAERS, reported here at the blog today. If VAERS does under-report by a factor from 41 to 100, which the evidence does indicate, then Covid vax injuries and adverse effects are vast. And many people may be vaxxed injured and not know it, or believe it. For example, when a university sent out an email to scare students into getting the vax, saying that they will not be let onto campus without it, one young lad I know got the vax, twice. He now has heart palpitations, and has to go to hospital if his heart beat gets over 100 beats per minute, for a regular time. But this did not go down as a vax injury, and the lad just accepts that for some reason his heart has given out, trusting the technocrats There would be many stories like this one.

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Developmental Disorders in Babies Born to Vaccinated Mothers: Pfizer Wants Babies to be Exposed to SIX Vaccine Shots! By Mrs Vera West

Igor Chudov has covered in detail the growing issue of developmental disorders in babies born to Covid vaccinated mothers. Extracts appear below for clarification and development, but without the complex graphics, the basic points made are that there is evidence at one year of age, babies born to mothers who had Covid, had a roughly twice-higher rate of neurodevelopmental disorders. However, given high vaccination rates, and the likelihood of many expectant mothers having three Covid vax jabs during pregnancy, it is possible that the Covid vaxxes are mimicking the Covid disease. Big Pharma did not test for developmental disorders at one year of age, given Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed,” before the authorities approved the three vaccine shots for expectant mothers. And now, as Igor points out, at least in the US, no doubt in Australia soon, Big Pharma wants new born babies to be exposed to six doses of the mRNA vaccine. No stone is being left unturned.

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Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda By Mrs Vera West

Children’s Health Defense (CHD), British filmmaker and activist Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have released a new film entitled, “Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda.” I have not seen the film yet, which is linked at their site, but based upon a report by the Children’s Health Defense, the issue pursued is the depopulation agenda of the New World Order through vaccines. The focus is not just on Covid, but the effects of a wide range of vaccination programs in Africa, including the World health Organization (WHO) tetanus shot programs. That being said, as I cover in another article at the blog today,  there is accumulating evidence of the ill-effects of the Covid vaxxes upon fertility even in the West. So, the depopulation agenda is radical, and widespread in its agenda.

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A Sign of the Times: No Fuel for Cops to Chase Crooks! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

While this item relates to Isabella County in Michigan, there is a lesson here for us all if the fuel price crisis continues, kicked along by staggering stagflation. The police will not be able to respond to all emergency calls because they do not have the fuel for their cars! Much like doctors over the Covid plandemic, they will respond to most calls over the phone. Thus, a robbery via a home invasion is in place, police: please put on the crook so that we can have a nice chat with him!

Really, this is a knockdown argument for every citizen having the weapons for self-protection, guns, and for laws to back them up with doctrines such as the castle doctrine. The police have admitted, contrary to the leading anti-private gun ownership argument, that they simply will not be there. This is likely to happen in all jurisdictions if the present economic crisis worsens. The game plan is to cause an economic collapse of economies, a mild taste of which was done in the test-run of the Covid plandemic, then for the Dark Lords of the New World Order to roll into place their Great Reset agenda, at an accelerated  pace.

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Brazil: Where the “Misinformation” Ideology leads By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Brazil has an electoral court, which now has the power to strip election winners of office, including the president, if the court deems that they have used “disinformation” in their campaign. There is apparently no explicit definition of “disinformation,” and the electoral court makes the decision on its discretion, making it more powerful, and even more dangerous, than government. Beware of this development elsewhere.

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Deadly Food Shortages By Chris Knight (Florida)

Peter Sands, the executive director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, believes a food shortage could be “just as deadly” as an airborne pandemic. Given what we have seen about Covid, I think we would agree. The stagflation supply crisis will hit us harder that that bug, which for most healthy, youngish people was not really a problem to deal with by natural immunity. And we all need food, and prices are rising, but you can be sure that the bosses will not increase wages to meet this. I read that back in Australia you are facing $ 12 a head for lettuce, a result of the flood disasters. The elites are conveniently blaming this on climate change, but classic Australian poetry often depicts Australia as a land of droughts and floods. In any case, we are at the very beginnings of the food crisis, and even we in the developed West are not going to escape its pangs. I suggest getting in a garden, which can be done even in flats, using pots. Be creative, survive and thrive in the hard times to come.

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Gun Violence Inconvenient Truths By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Jared Taylor has waded in on the present gun control debate, with some interesting observations about mass shootings which the media finds inconvenient to report on. As this is for highly censored Australia, I have omitted the racial punchline, which can be found by going to the original article. But the opening section shows that the real death by gunfire in the US is largely from criminal gangs in places with very restrictive gun control, but where criminal gangs freely obtain illegal handguns to wage war on each other, mainly over drug territory. If the media was to truly conduct an objective investigation of violence prone cities, such as Chicago, they would get answers that the Biden regime would not approve of, since guns are being portrayed as a white racist problem. In fact, as Taylor shows, it is the opposite.

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