Justin Trudeau, Son of Castro: The Optics By Charles Taylor (Florida)

People have speculated about Justin Trudeau being the son of Castro, given his mother, uber-leftist, Margaret’s gushing over the communist dictator. Here is some visual evidence. It explains a lot.


Joe Biden’s Cheat Sheets By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Clearly one would not need a cheat sheet telling someone what to do, that included sitting down and exiting, unless that person, the president of the United States, had cognitive impairment, by definition. And why have a senile president? Well, as Biden said when signing a pile of documents, I have no idea of what I am signing, making the documents invalid of course, if there was a rule of law left. But how politically useful is it to have a virtual meat robot!?


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Sex Strike is a Good Start By Mrs Vera West


    There are a lot of things about us women

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The Constitutional Argument Behind “Dobbs v. Jacksons Women’s Health Organization,” SCOTUS (June 24, 2022) By Ian Wilson LL. B

The decision in Dobbs, which reconsidered the 1973 SCOTUS decision of Roe v. Wade, is that there is no US constitutional right to abortion as Roe v. Wade, a political rather than legal decision, made in the days of ascendant Left-wing ideology held. The idea was based upon a particular jurisprudence of the “living constitution,” that terms and principles evolve with the society. By contrast, the conservative judges held to the doctrine of originalism, that the constitution is a historical document that has to be understood by the meaning of the founders. Naturally those from the Left opt for the “living constitution view” since they want to be able to impose their values upon society, which is what hey have been doing since the 1960s. but by this doctrine anything goes once one has the liberty to define words how one wants them. Thus, the Second Amendment “right to bear arms,” could become, not the right to firearms ownership, but to wear short-sleave shirts!

Fortunately, the conservative judges wound this back in one case, in one area. Yet, this does open the issue up of challenging a whole range of other woke decisions, such as Obergefell v. Hodges (2015), the SCOTUS case that found a constitutional right to homosexual marriage, even though homosexuality was illegal in America at the time of the writing of the constitution, and most of its history. Justice Clarence Thomas, a Black, wants to revisit this decision and others. Good for him; that will really upset the Left!

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The Target on Australia’s Back By Viv Forbes

Congratulations to Ted Dwyer in “Spectator Australia” (25/6/22) for asking why Australia has bet-the-house on the US/NATO adventurism in Ukraine.

There are few innocent parties in Ukraine today - an undeclared civil war has been simmering for this whole century.

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Roe v. Wade Now Over-ruled, and the Left Gears Up for War! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Breaking news, the holy grail of the Left, Roe v. Wade has been over-ruled by the Supreme Court of the United States, meaning abortion is not a constitutional right, and the matter is dealt with by state law. The Left wing Guardian, below explains the details. This decision happened a few hours ago, night is falling now, while you Aussies are having breakfast. The Left has promised a civil war on this, and we are watching now what they do. First cab off the rank is not a cab but a truck attack, so who knows what comes next? Chris and myself will report news your Australian MSM will not.


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Britain’s Top General: Prepare for World War III By Richard Miller (London)

The West is sliding ever closer to World War III, yet most people seem obvious to the dangers, life goes on in happy consumer land, with mild grumbles from the mall shoppers about inflation, the shortages of some goods, and rising fuel and energy costs. Our top general here in Britain, General Sir Patrick Sanders, who assumed overall command of the British Army recently, has said that Britain must now prepare to fight Russia in a land war. Over in Russia, as detailed below, the Russian hawks said in reply that what will happen is that this time the entire British Isles will be sunk under water. So much then for a “land war,” when it will be water world for everybody. No, everyone just dies. Some Great Reset; all being done for the remaining radioactive British fish!


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Sudden Death by Vaccination By Chris Knight (Florida)

SADS, “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome,” or “Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome,” was once known, but rare among young adults. But that is not so now, and media coverage is now being made of it, saying that all young people, under the age of 40 years by their definition, are susceptible. It is not clear how the media can propose this, since they also claim that the causes of SADS are unknow. Of course, not to panic the sheeple who passively were shown, eh, vaxxed, no mention is made of the possibility, indeed likelihood, that this is yet another vax caused injury. The cases to gain media attention are young people dying in their sleep, often among the vaxxed elites, including health authorities.

However, science when done properly seeks unifying explanations for a range of related material. There is also the phenomenon of peek athletes collapsing and dying on the field, at a time when the heart is no doubt being put under pressure. International Olympic Committee’s data shows 1,101 sudden deaths in athletes under age 35 between 1966 and 2004. This gives an average annual rate of 29 sudden deaths, for all sports. But in a single year, between March 2021 and March 2022, at least 769 athletes have suffered cardiac arrest, collapse, and/or have died on the field, worldwide. The common cause here is the covid vaxxes, but if the media said this, if their Big pHARMa owners allowed them to, it would create panic, as it would show that there are potential cardia time bombs within the young vaxxed that could explode at any time.

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The Evidential Failure of Most Medical Interventions By Brian Simpson

A major review paper has examined 1,567 medical interventions listed in the Cochrane Reviews data base, a key one for medical research findings. It was found that 94 percent of medical interventions were not supported by adequate scientific evidence. There was also less attempt to measure harms of interventions, than to stress the benefits. We saw this with the mask mandates, which were put in place with little supporting evidence, and no cost benefit analysis at all, being done out of moral panic and social conformity. Mainstream medicine is in dark times given its subservience to the profit lusts of Big Pharma.


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Monkeypox is Moneypox! By Brian Simpson

Monkeypox is indeed monkey business, or should we say, money business! No sooner did this disease, once rare outside of East Africa surface in the US and Europe, and now to some degree right across the West, there is a vaccine all ready to go. Talk about clairvoyance by Big Pharma! The disease has never spread in this way before, moving across the world, and critics believe that this is yet another deliberate spread. So far, it is being said that the virus is the same as the one that kills hardly anyone in East Africa, and is not a genetically engineered bioweapon, along Covid-19 lines, but we will see. Whatever happens, this is yet another money-spinner for big Pharma, who is on a roll. We live in the age of disease and money.


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More Masks; More Deaths By Brian Simpson

There has been much written now about the problems that masks have generated, including health issue from the inhalation of microplastics. However, evidence from many jurisdictions such as Kansas, indicates that counties with mask mandates have a higher death rate than counties without mask mandates, results that have also been found in Europe. As Dr Mercola discusses in a now deleted post, extracted below, masks are usually not replaced as regularly as they need to be, and collect pathogens, often leading to a condition called Mask-Indiced Exhaustion Syndrome (MIES), which in itself impacts negatively upon your immune system. As well, masks increase carbon dioxide retention and decrease cardiopulmonary capacity. It is a high price to pay for what is little more than a symbolic fetishism. I did see on the net that one wag got a mask with a respirator, and took out the inner mechanism, which must have been a crime at the time, perhaps punishable by hanging or being drawn and quartered like William Wallace (1270-1305)


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US CDC Admits, Never Bothered to Check Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) for Safety Signals for Covid-19 Vaccines By Chris Knight (Florida)

Children’s Health Defense made a Freedom of Information application regarding Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) analysis of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) for safety signals for COVID-19 vaccines. The problem is that while the CDC claimed to have done such analysis, in fact, they did not, contrary to their duty. We should not be surprised given all that has been revealed about the Pfizer trials, which were rubber stamped, and not critically evaluated.


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Christian Philosopher on the neo-Marxist Strategies for Communist Takeover By James Reed

I generally do not have much time, or faith in philosophers, who seem either to be lost in abstractions and “problems” generated by the sciences, which they worship like little slaves, or else they are into Leftist cultural critique. But then there are some good old-fashioned Christian philosophers of traditional stripes, such as Professor Douglas R. Groothuis, who are calling out the neo-Marxist agenda. “If you have a generation that doesn’t know how evil communism is, and how dangerous it is to liberty, to life, to everything good, to faith, to religious freedom, and if the people who believe in the American vision are sleepy, or are just dying out, then I think America is in trouble,” Groothius believes. “A lot of our institutions have been corrupted by far-left thinking and by socialist thinking,” he said. Indeed, socialism is coming to town, right now.


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The Global Destruction of Food and Energy Infrastructure By James Reed

Mike Adams is right that something big and sinister is going down with the destruction of food resources, mainly in the US and Europe, but fortunately not yet in Australia to the degree described below. It would be folly not to join up the dots, given what we have seen with the Covid plandemic, and how that was manipulated by the elites for their Great Reset New World Order agenda. As Eric Butler always used to say, not to believe in a conspiratorial pattern of world activities is to opt for the idiot view of history, that things just happen by chance, without causality. But, even the sociologists tell us, that human social entities and institutions are comprised of social actions and actors, so the first step to understanding any social activity, is to understand who is doing what to whom. Too many bad things are going down for all of this to be casually dismissed as accidental.


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Antifa Turns Anti-Feminist By Richard Miller (London)

Women and third generation feminists have taken to protest against the transgender agenda, including things like trans athletes entering women’s sport, as well as over-turning the traditional definition of “women.” Antifa turned up at one such women’s protest and did their usual explosion of threats of violence. We have seen antifa take on all issues that the globalists champion, such as their attacks upon vaccine protesters. In this case, the women that they are attacking in protest are mainly from the Left, so we need to ask what the agenda is here. It is no coincidence that everything now shouted by antifa is directly in the globalist agenda. As I see it, these are the foot soldiers of the tyrannical regime, the green shirt equivalents of the brown shirts of the 1930s.


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Janes Revenge Gets, Well, More Revenge! By Chris Knight (Florida)

There has been an open advocacy of urban violence by domestic terrorist groups from the Left to attempt to avert the Supreme Court of the United States majority over-ruling the pro-abortion decision of Roe v. Wade. We have covered this before at the blog, especially the targeting of intimidation of the conservative judges by protests outside their houses, and one attempt of preparation of murder, that of justice Kavanaugh. Now, however, the temperature seems to have been risen, as Jane’s Revenge, among other groups, some of whom are probably working underground, prepare for violence, no debate, just violence. The violence seen after the George Floyd druggie death will be minor compared to the over-ruling of Roe v. Wade, which beyond all else is the holy grail of the Left. And, this could happen any day once the decision is released, assuming the conservative judges do not cuck out, which is likely.


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Joe Biden Says, Another Pandemic is Coming By Chris Knight (Florida)

Joe Biden often gives the game away, or maybe he is just the messenger. In any case he has said, with confidence, that there is another pandemic coming, and given his demand for plenty of money, it is likely to dwarf plandemic number1. So, best to prepare now as never before, as far as that is possible with inflation eroding our wages. Still, forewarned, fore-armed as the old saying goes.


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Feminism and the US Baby Food Shortage By Sue Anne Knight (Florida)

The Daily bell.com has given a take on the shortage of baby food in the US, linking feminism, by the tone, probably written by a man. Even as a traditional, but rational housewife, I have some doubts. There is no question that the shortages originated from supply chain issues with the shutting down of the largest distributor due to supposed contamination issues. I think that is the big issue that requires detective/investigative journalist work, to see if that fits into the pattern of the attacks upon food supply depots in the US, usually by arson. Still, the point made below is that there is an excess reliance upon this formula, which is vastly inferior to breast milk, being slammed together in Chinese factories. Some mothers cannot breast feed and deserve high quality products, which today via globalism they do not get. If there as not an all-out attack upon the family, it would be possible for many mothers to stay at home and bond even deeper with their baby by breast feeding. Having breast fed three girls now, I would like to write some time, when there is time a book, Breast is Best: The Joy of Breastfeeding, if I have time!


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Who is Afraid of Magnetic Field Reversal? Me, Now! By Brian Simpson

There has been speculation that the death of some 10,000 cattle in the US, was not due to the heat (you know, climate catastrophe and other nonsense), but rather due to radiation from the sun killing the cows by a rift in the Earth’s magnetic field, a hole that allowed in deadly radiation. I thought that this sounded like sensationalist bs, but I looked over the NASA site and accept that this is possible. Whether it happened or not needs investigation and that is not forthcoming. I figure that poisoning by cow assassins, just like the burning down of food depots was the main reason. Anyway, if holes are opening up in the magnetosphere, we will have more to worry about than this.


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Good News for the Right from France! By Richard Miller (London)

As times it seems that traditionalists are drowning in a sea of bad news. But, that may be taking a too narrow view of history. Perhaps the tide is slowly turning, as shown by France’s Right having great electoral success in the recent legislative elections. President Macron, who like his Great Reset buddy in Canada Justin Trudeau, has lost majority power, and now forms a minority government. It will limit the harms that he can commit. It is a pity that this did not happen in Australia, but keep fighting friends!


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