Mass Immigration Kills Australia’s Productivity By James Reed, continues its economic critique of Australia’s present mass immigration program. Apart from the social misery that this unprecedented influx of people is causing at all levels, there has been a case made that two decades of high immigration has harmed Australia’s productivity growth and standard of living. Infrastructure, housing, and business investment has not kept pace with the population surge. According to economist Gerard Minack, “Australia’s economic performance in the decade before the pandemic was, on many measures, the worst in 60 years.” “Per capita GDP growth was low, productivity growth tepid, real wages were stagnant, and housing increasingly unaffordable. There were many reasons for the mess, but the most important was a giant capital-to-labour switch: Australia relied on increasing labour supply, rather than increasing investment, to drive growth.”

“Australia’s population-led growth model was a demonstrable failure in the 15 years prior to the pandemic. Remarkably, the country now seems to be doubling down on the same strategy. The result, unsurprisingly, is likely to be more of the same.”

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The Next Level of the Australian Rental Crisis By James Reed

The rental crisis in Australia is revealing whole new levels of misery for the ordinary Australians now struggling to get a place to keep the sun and rain off his/her head. Private analytics company PropTrack has analysed the forecast cost of renting a property for 10 years compared to purchasing one with a 20 per cent deposit, adding  stamp duty and rates. It was found that rents were rising so rapidly, especially at the lower end of the market dominated by low-income earners, that one third of properties nationally were cheaper to buy than rent.

According to University of Sydney housing analyst Professor Nicole Gurran, "This is a depressing set of data.” "The good news here may be for investors because they may be able to negative gear. But there is no good news for first home buyers because prices haven't dropped. And while they're trying to save for a deposit, they're facing higher rents.

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The Problem of Bill Gates By Brian Simpson

There is a new book out by Tim Schwab (no relation to the World Economic Forum guru by the same surname), entitled, The Bill Gates Problem: Reckoning with the Myth of the Good Billionaire. We have covered the issue of leading globalist Bill Gates extensively at the blog. We have noted his pushing of the Covid vaxxes during the plandemic, and after, and his prior investments in the vaccine business. His moves to be a climate change guru, and the advocation of the elimination of meat eating, at least for us ordinary people, not for him though, as he is said to be a big red meat eater, is met by his business promotion of artificial meat, and illusion to save the planet. All of these twists and turns merely serve to increase the profits of Bill Gates.

The book by Tim Schwab, which goes into this Gates debunking and more, has stimulated others in the mainstream media to begin a critique of Bill Gates, all with the common theme of how he uses “philanthropy to exercise enormous political power without accountability.” The Naked Emperor blog sums it up well: “Gates is still exactly who he was at Microsoft: a bully and monopolist, convinced of his own righteousness and intent on imposing his ideas, his solutions, and his leadership on everyone else. At the core, he is not a selfless philanthropist but a power broker, a clever engineer who has innovated a way to turn extreme wealth into immense political influence—and who has made us believe we should applaud his acquisition of power, not challenge it.”

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Hyper-Progressive Cancers and the Covid Vax By Brian Simpson

This is an issue that we in Australia should be concerned with: the rise of hyper-progressive, and aggressive cancers. In Australia there has been a highly statistically significant rise in reported cancer deaths of 7 percent, which precisely corresponds to the Covid vax rollout time frame. Normally, cancer tends to be relatively slow growing (with some notable exceptional aggressive cancers), so the rise of these aggressive cancers is a deep concern. But health authorities and the federal government seemingly are not interested in pursuing a Covid vax cause to this. The really big question is if the cancers are vax caused, will there continue to be an increase in these cancers in the future?


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ChatGPT, Even Better at Bunk than Professional Columnists! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

It seems that not a day goes by where AI such as ChatGPT are not proclaimed to be able to do a job that humans do, maybe even better. The latest, for at least for today, is that ChatGPT can give better advice than professional columnists. If by this it is meant the agony columnists in the papers, or now, online sites of the mainstream medias, then I think the bar is being set very low indeed. But, given ChatGPT’s access to the internet and knowledge, we should not be surprised at this result. While it could be argued that a certain degree of empathy is need to give personal advice, probably most humans doing this job do not have much of this anyway, so that is not much of a problem for ChatGPT!

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The Flight of Fertility By Mrs Vera West

The baby crash, that women are not producing enough babies to keep populations from verging to a long-term crash, has been discussed as a problem in the West since the late 1960s.  However now, with the economic development of East Asia, it has emerged as a problem for those societies as well. Japan was the first to be hit by this issue, but now communist China, Taiwan and South Korea, wealthy nations, are facing the same problem of the crash of births. Thus, Taiwan has spent over $ 3 billion to increase the birth rate, doing all the things that academics writing about this topic have canvassed as “solutions,” such as paid parental leave, tax breaks, more childcare centres, but none of this is working. All these measures have been tried in other affluent countries and still women do not want to have children, or enough children. According to Professor Trent MacNamara, “Even the richest, savviest, most committed governments have struggled to find policies that produce sustained bumps in fertility.” “If such policies were discoverable, I think someone would have discovered them.” The recent history of these failed policies is detailed in the extract below.

While no doubt the present economic conditions, the housing crisis and cost of living crisis are contemporary factors which will lower birth rates even more than in more prosperous time, the demographic facts are that birth rates have fallen beginning in relatively good times, so adverse economic conditions cannot be a complete explanation of the decline of births. The short of the long is that the affluence of modernity has created “better” things for women to do with their time.

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Gender Pay Gap Illusions By Mrs Vera West

One of the big things of professional feminists, such as former prime minister Julia Gillard, is the so-called gender pay gap. This is a statistical construction, whereby if one examines the pay levels of men and women in various businesses and corporations, and even across fields, it is found that men earn more than women. The feminists like to fudge on this one, implying that something illegal is going on here, but legal equal pay for the same work for the sexes has existed for decades now, so that pseudo-explanation collapses pretty quickly and really is just a cheap shot to get the troops with blue hair stirred up.

It is admitted by the chattering class, that there are structural reasons for the gap, such as the existence of gender dominated industries, with child care being dominated by women, but paying less than highly dangerous work in mines using explosives, that women tend to not want to do. One may suppose that the socialists would want women to do the dirty dangerous jobs, and men to do more in the child care industry, or what is more likely, for men to not have jobs at all, and fall into unemployment and suicide, especially if White, so that they can be replaced by migrants, preferably migrant women.

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Sugar and Cancer By Mrs Vera West

It was Otto Warburg, a German biochemist, who in the 1930s discovered that while both normal cells and cancer cells require sugar, they have different metabolic pathways. Normal cells convert glucose into energy by aerobic respiration, but cancer cells obtain energy through glycolysis instead of using oxygen. This leads to cancer cells consuming sugar at a rate 200 times faster than normal cells. The idea then, that sugar feeds cancer cells, has been well confirmed experimentally, as detailed below at a great article from the Epoch Times. Nations that in the past had low rates of sugar consumption, such as Taiwan, typically had low cancer rates compared to America, but when a modern American level of sugar consumption occurred, the cancer rates reached US levels.

There are many ways sugar can fuel cancer, such as from obesity, by altering the metabolism, producing inflammatory responses in the body producing DNA and cell damage, and by altering the gut environment and disrupting the ecology of gut bacteria.

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Stand Up to the World Health Organization (WHO): The People’s Letter By Brian Simpson

Long live people power! The grassroots community advocacy group, Stand Up Now Australia, has put together a people’s letter that we must sign, rejecting the World Health Organization International Health Regulations (IHR), and the pandemic treaty. The letter needs to be signed by December 1, so time is short. Get friends and family to sign and pass on the idea as well. It will let the WHO know that there is opposition. As it is virtually certain that the WHO will push for lockdowns and mandatory vaccination with the next experimental toxin to be shipped from the dark cauldrons of Big Pharma, everyone concerned about the vax issue and freedoms needs to sign.


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Big Business Privatises the Gains from Mass Immigration, While Putting the Costs on Us By James Reed

Leith van Onselen, economist, does fantastic work at documenting the clear causal link between the housing and rental crisis and the present explosion in mass migration to Australia. Big Business, Big Property, and the education-migration industry, all get massive profits from mass immigration, but do not bear any social costs. This is seen with, for example, the universities, which seek international students over local students, deceptively saying that they are doing this to create places for local students, when it is just profits for them, and all done without any tax burden at all. When the issue arises of universities paying tax, even though they all operate on a corporate profit model now, and have long ago abandoned anything resembling institutions seeking truth and promoting learning, they scream.

Big business has openly wanted a population of 150 million plus, and they are clear that they want cheap labour to undercut Australian workers, and replace them, examples given below. The corporates are globalists and are quite prepared to leave the country to burn, once all its juices have been sucked dry; they are not committed to living here but will move where the capital flows.

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Australia’s Housing Chaos: Alan Kohler By James Reed

Alan Kohler has published the latest Quarterly Essay, entitled, “The Great Divide: Australia’s Housing Mess and How to Fix It.” It is well known by us all that Australia has an acute housing crisis, a product of mass immigration as the site has extensively documented. But Kohler discusses yet another worrying factor, that “all young people today – are paying more than twice the multiple of their income for a house than their parents – and their grandparents – did, and it’s only vaguely possible because both partners work to pay it off.” Housing prices are astronomical compared to the past, with August 2023 figures, the median Australian house price being $732,886, 7.4 times annualised average weekly earnings. Young people, living in a cost of living crisis only have a chance of paying this off with two working wages.

The problem in a nutshell, Kohler locates back to the turn of the century, where housing became very much part of speculative investment capital, whereas in the past, housing was for living. I think that is only partly true, and the big change, occurred after the end of World War II when migration began to really kicked in. I think the link between immigration levels and the commodification of land and property is the key to understanding the great transformation occurring now in Australia, and at least in the extract below, Kohler does not deal with this issue. For more see my article today “Big Business Privatises the Gains from Mass Immigration, While Putting the Costs on Us,” which goes into the real causes of our housing crisis.

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All You Need is … Border Control By Richard Miller (London)

There is hope for controlling illegal immigration; all it needs is border control and the will to enforce border protection. Thus, the number of illegals invading Germany has decreased after border control had more of a try. The number of illegals entering Germany every day, fell from 700 to 300, which is something, but is still 300 too high. But Germany needs to follow the example of Hungary, who during the 2015 illegal migrant crisis was receiving 10,000 illegals a day, but after building a border wall, the numbers of illegals dropped to only a handful a day. America’s illegal immigration problem would have been solved if Donald Trump had ploughed ahead and put up the wall, instead of sitting on his hands.

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A Spoonful of Humour Makes the Right-Wing Go Down, in a Most Delightful Way! By James Reed

I don’t know if Mary Poppins would agree, if she is not yet cancelled, but humour is a great ideological weapon of the Right. The Left try to use humour, but they typically fall on their faces, as it is hard to be humorous when your day job is so absurd anyway.

An academic paper “Humor, Ridicule, and the Far Right: Mainstreaming Exclusion Through Online Animation,” by Jordan McSwiney et al., in the journal Television and New Media, looks at how One Nation has used humour to great effect. That is true, but I am afraid the Americans are much more savage in their attacks upon the Left; the rude rhetoric of Javier Milei is a good example. I will not give links to others, even stronger, as since we are a family publication, some of the sites may be a bit “gamey,” others too earthy, and we need to protect the children readers. But trust me, publications in Australia which satirise the Left typically send them into moral panic, which is a joy to see. The blog here uses satire, often at a Swiftian level (Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), author of Gulliver’s Travels (1726)).

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Victoria, Land of the Great Cardiac Arrest By Brian Simpson

The health authorities are not publicising this, but the state of Victoria is experiencing a surge in cardiac arrest cases. The problem began in 2021, corresponding to the Covid vax rollout, and from 2021 to 2022, there was an increase relative to the pre-Covid vax year of 2020 of 5.8 percent. There were 6,934 cases from 2020-2021, but 7,361 cases from 2021-2022.

The Australian heath authorities and the government deny any connection of this to the Covid vax rollout; naturally they have legal issues in mind, and probably are true believers. However, as discussed by the Epoch, which has been excellent in covering the Covid plandemic, “In 2022, Dr. Eli Jaffe, a leading figure in emergency medicine and health care management in Israel, along with other authors, published a staggering study in the journal Scientific Reports. The team analysed data from Israel National Emergency Medical Services, revealing that from January to May 2021, there was a surge of over 25 percent in emergency calls related to cardiac arrest and acute coronary syndrome (a severe form of coronary heart disease) among individuals aged 16 to 39, compared to the same period in 2019 and 2020. The researchers found that the increase in emergency calls related to cardiac issues was associated with COVID-19 vaccine administration but unrelated to COVID-19 infection. The authors of the paper pointed out that the research results have raised concerns about undetected severe cardiovascular side effects induced by vaccines.”

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The UN Wants YOU to Eat Bugs and Slugs to Save the Planet! By James Reed

Well, if eating bugs is the only way to save the planet, we seriously need to think about the great question from Hamlet, to be or not to be (Act 3, Scene 1). But I can imagine the UN posters, based upon the old World War I recruitment campaigns, only there would not be Uncle Sam pointing saying “I Want You,” but a blue-haired, non-binary person saying: “Eat bugs to save our planet.” Times change.

While the bug-eating, eliminate meat idea, came from the World Economic Forum, now the critique of meat-eating will be furthered by the United Nations’ Food & Agriculture Organization during the COP28 climate summit next month. These elites are deadly serious about the end of meat, and by implication, associated farming. It seems absurd, but they don’t think like that in terms of common sense. They merely ask: what is needed to achieve our goals, and then set their rockets full-power to reaching it, no matter who gets crushed in the process.

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We Irish Fight Back Against Our Great Replacement By Patrick O’Grady (County Cork, Ireland)

Richard Miller, your London correspondent has asked me to keep readers up to date on the Ireland situation, following from the riots that were an anti-immigration backlash. As I previously covered for the blog, the Irish authorities, including the prime minister, have taken the stance that this is just a Right wing racist riot, and have not mentioned the immigration word, let alone this word with the word “crime.”

But, as detailed below, the American press are much fairer on this issue than our controlled media, with the New York openly stating that in 2023 141,600 immigrants arrived, increasing the population by 2 percent, and relative to the US if the same increase occurred there, the population would swell by 9 million people.  As in Australia, Ireland has an acute housing shortage because of migrants, and the discontent among the community here is very real. You hear it everywhere, from the pubs to the supermarkets.

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Are They Planning a New Plandemic? By Chris Knight (Florida)

Apparently, hospitals in China are facing an inundation of sick children afflicted by a virulent form of pneumonia, “white lung syndrome.” Chinese workers in hazmat suits have been spraying the streets and Chinese authorities have reintroduced masks and social distancing. After Covid, we would expect no less from the communists. But, there are now many cases of European and American children coming down with lung infections, although it is not yet known if these infections are the same as the communist Chinese ones.

It is possible that this could evolve into another global health crisis, one the elites such as Bill Gates have been long anticipating. My guess is at this stage, this will not be another Covid, something else bigger and nastier is being planned, but we need to keep vigilant, certainly in this post-Covid world.

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Would You Want a Woke Arts Graduate Type to Operate on You? By Mrs Vera West

This item is from Canada, which is in an even more advanced state of woke decline and post-truth in medicine than Australia, which is hard to believe after the Covid plandemic here. But a woke working group of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada has proposed that doctors should be concerned more with social justice and anti-racism politics than medical expertise and knowledge. Changes to medical training will “afford us the opportunity to think critically and propose a vision for the practice of medicine which is rooted in social justice, anti-racism, anti-oppression and cultural safety, promoting a broader cultural shift which is necessary for the profession.” The reason for this is racism, racism racism, everywhere. The new neo-Marxist model “would prioritize bidirectional relationships with patients, providers, communities, the land, the health system and society at large rather than the individual physician as a gatekeeper of professionalized knowledge. With this new model, we can reflect a stance of humility over hubris.”

All this is absurd, and it has not yet been accepted, but given Canada it may. It shows that the woke cultural Marxist agenda is well advanced in marching through medicine. And, if they do succeed, it would degenerate to the state anticipated in my title, that one gets operated upon by people who are no more than Arts type graduates who say the right things, but have little medical knowledge. It will be back to the witch doctors, only Left-wing ones.

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Unplugging the Fridge in a Cost-of-Living Crisis By James Reed

To deal with the cost-of-living crisis, especially the rise in energy costs, I have taken some radical measures. The television went long ago; I tossed it out in the hard rubbish, as Australian TV is just hard rubbish. Then when the next wave of rises came for this financial year, I turned off the fridge. To get by I use powered, sorry, powdered, milk. I get fresh vegetables if I can afford them, or else use tin vegetables. As for meat, I go for tinned fish, as the tinned meats are just too salty. Electricity use is put to a minimum, using a wind-up light to see to get around my flat, so I don’t need to turn on a switch. Computer use is done at the community library, and like the farmers of previous generations, I work by the daylight, and sleep at night, what sleep I can get. If I am lucky, I can pay the electric service charge that takes up most of the bill. On a positive note, I no longer drink alcohol, not being able to afford it; going cold stone sober was the hardest thing about my descent into extreme poverty. But at least, as the rain comes pouring down here in Melbourne, I am not yet sleeping rough in the urban wilds.


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Mass Immigration and the Rise in Violent Crime By Richard Miller (London)

There are items that float across my news feed indicating a gradual awareness that the agenda of White replacement mass migration, may have, shall we say, a few problems, not from Whites resisting the passive genocide of their race, but from the importation of crime. The corporate elites who see migration of economic benefit in driving down wages, and creating competition for jobs and housing, still need a society with only moderate degrees of crime, not enough to affect business.

But, the Germany’s federal police office, the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA), has reported that mass immigration into Germany is a major factor in the rise in violent crime across Germany, with violent crime increasing by 17 percent in the first half of 2023. Reports of violent crime in public rose by 14 percent and reports of violent offenses in private residences increased by about 3 percent.

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