If the Uvalde Shooting is Not a Conspiracy, I Will Eat My AR 15! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Further details are emerging about the massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. At first the police authorities said that they delayed going into the school for 77 minutes as they lacked equipment, such as rifles and vests. But, that was shown by video footage to be false, with armed cops inside the school, simply waiting. And, not only were parents disarmed and prevented from saving their children from the gunman, but police turned on their own kind, and restrained even their own officers: “We got an officer, Officer Ruiz, whose wife had called him and said she [had] been shot, and she’s dying,” McCraw said, according to video of the hearing. “What happened to him was he tried to move forward into the hallway ... he was detained, and they took his gun away from him and escorted him off the scene.” The obvious conclusion is that orders must have come from higher up to wait so that a massacre could occur, which was needed for the present gun control push. Nothing else makes much sense. And, as I typed that sentence, my newsfeed tells me that the gun control bill has passed the Senate, surprise, surprise.


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Hugh White on Australia’s Involvement in US/China World War III By James Reed

Hugh White, Emeritus Professor of Strategic Studies at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Australian National University, writing at The Conversatiopn.com, puts his view that the likelihood of World War III, with the US squaring off against China is “probably higher than the government realises, because China is harder to deter than they understand.” The war very well could go nuclear, he says. He thinks the decision to join the US or not will be based upon reflection upon past decisions, such as joining World War I (wrong), and joining World War II (right). However, that is the historian’s fallacy, since those worlds are not our own, and the past is not always the best judge of the future.


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The Shape of Covid Plandemics to Come By Brian Simpson

A paper recently published in Science magazine, has shown that the mRNA vaccines offer no antibody and T-cell protection to Covid Omicron, only months after a booster shot. Worse yet, as Covid critic, Alex Berenson points out, the jabs are creating an immunological bias: “when vaccinated but previously uninfected people suffer breakthrough Omicron infections, their T-cell response is biased toward earlier versions of Sars-Cov-2 - not to the Omicron variant that has actually infected them. In other words, the mRNA shots appear to permanently wrongfoot the immune systems of people who receive and bias them toward producing T-cells to attack variants that no longer exist - even though they never were infected with those variants at all.” And there is more: “The study also provides additional evidence that the way the mRNA shots work may leave vaccinated people even more vulnerable to infection and reinfection over time. The jabs cause people to make one type of coronavirus antibodies. But the study suggested the immune system’s ability to beat the virus also depends on other antibodies - and the shots hamper the production of those.”


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US Gears for Civil War By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Mike Adams puts the case, and a strong one, that America is set for civil war. SCOTUS has recently delivered a pro-Second Amendment decision striking down New York’s gun control restrictions, and the Left are set to lose their minds, with some radical elements engaging in urban terrorism, to attempt to counter SCOTUS overturning the pro-abortion decision of Roe v. Wade. I do not see conservatives actually getting into a kinetic position as was seen in Civil War I, but are more likely to be the passive subjects of Leftist attacks, as we saw in 2020, with only a few exceptions. So, I am more along the descent into chaotic hell scenario now. As well, I do not see another Republican president ever being elected, as the election fraud machine is now ingrained into the system. Trump had time to fight this, but sat on his cheese burger.


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Biden Stealing Another Election … One Would Never have Predicted It! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist.com, tells us that Joe Biden, or rather the forces behind the man with the ice cream, is charging ahead with the take-over of election administration. That alone, as she shows, will be enough to put the Democrats back in a majority, but it is hardly the main event. We have already seen how the most elaborate election fraud scheme in history was rolled out in 2020 to steal the election from Trump. This machinery is still in place, and with but one viral scare, and Biden has said that there is another pandemic on the way, and he needs money to prepare for it, the 2022 mid-terms will also be stolen. Conservatives are always like animals caught in headlights, unable to deal with the fast-approaching threats.


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Virtual Children, the Next Level of Dystopian Alienation By Mrs Vera West

Virtual children are but one of the AI proposals of transhumanism that the Great Reset program of the World Economic Forum, and other globalists have in store. It is a symbol of the direction that they are seeking to go, with the desire for children, if it even exists in the future, being met by the metaverse of AI pets, that one interacts with in virtual reality. The path to this has been prepared for some decades, with video games brainwashing boys, who come to prefer these over activities that boys once enjoyed, like hunting and fishing in the real world. Apparently, these activities are not as exciting as the latest game. So, we can see how the virtual babies and children, and virtual partners will go. And, what happens if there is a power down, from an EMP event? Clearly, the end of the world for this generation. However, it is much more likely that the depopulation agenda will lead to a more radical culling of the population, so these high tech schemes of dystopia may not even get up and running, or be needed for the New World Order agenda.


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Covid-19 Vaccination BNT162b2 Temporarily Impairs Semen Concentration and Total Motile Count Among Semen Donors By Mrs Vera West

Covid critics have focused upon the ill-effects the jabs had had upon female reproduction, but until now there has not been much research on the effects of the shots upon male reproduction. One paper has found that there is a “temporary” impairment of sperm quantity and quality from the jabs. How will this pan out? Will the next discovery be that the effects are even longer? With all the threats at present to sperm, human sperm might become as endangered as any species, only this one, this time, affects our survival.

“Covid-19 vaccination BNT162b2 temporarily impairs semen concentration and total motile count among semen donors

Itai Gat,Alon Kedem,Michal Dviri,Ana Umanski,Matan Levi,Ariel Hourvitz,Micha Baum

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The Overall Harms of the Lockdowns By James Reed

Professor Sanjeev Sabhlok gives an account of the overall harms of the lockdowns, based upon Australian research involving Cost Benefit Analysis. Usually in health-related areas use is made of quality adjusted life years (QALY) to get an idea of what policies are costing in terms of the effects upon lives. More recently, in fact since 2019, there has been an advanced analysis given by Professor Paul Frijters, WELLBY (wellbeing year), which measures things such as anxiety, lost motivation, depression and other psychological qualities, all of which needs to be considered in a cost benefit analysis of lockdowns. School lockdowns impact upon the education of children and hence their future earning capacity, and this can be converted into WELLBY.


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The Mental Health Harms of the Covid Vaxxes By Mrs Vera West

The mental health ill effects of the Covid lockdowns has been covered now, even by more mainstream sources, but less so the mental health ill-effects of the Covid vaxxes. The Conservative woman.co.uk site is an excellent pro-woman site. She covers the mental health aspects, being vaxxed herself, but becoming critic. For the Uk, here is a sample for just one of threw vaxxes: “Pfizer: anxiety 1,125, depressive disorders 482, mental fatigue 252, mood disorders 558, mood alterations with depressive symptoms 545, panic attacks 271. Seven people contracted bipolar, 2 schizophrenia, 36 psychotic disorders, 56 suicidal ideation, 9 suicide attempts and 2 suicides. in total there are 10,326 reported psychiatric conditions following the Pfizer vaccine resulting in 3 deaths.” Of course, spike proteins can enter the brain and cause strokes, so the division between menatol and physical ill-effects is not super-sharp.


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Texans, Bless Them, Want to Secede! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

I see this as good news, since I have argued for the last two years that the US, and many Western countries are so crimpled by destructive multicultural pluralism, as well as a great political divide, that the Great Divorce is the only solution, for otherwise civil war, or the chaos of the coming anarchy. Now it looks like Texas Republicans want a referendum on whether Texas should secede from the Union. And, it is about time.  Let’s get on with the divorce proceedings. I don’t buy the line that the constitution prohibits it; hopefully not another civil lar to disprove it!


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A Peep Into the Diary of Joe Biden’s Daughter By Charles Taylor (Florida)

We would not mention such disgusting matters if it was not someone of great importance, such as the present president of the United States. Read on, but it is highly depressing that a president of all people is like this. More depressing still is that the FBI goes after the woman who found the diary, not the villain of the diary.


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A Primer on Fats By Mrs Vera West

Most of us do not know much about the biology of fats. We have been told how bad fats are for us, but the fact is that without fats, we die. Dr Mercola has given a very good outline of the nature of the different fats, and his take on what to eat. As I understand it, he is against consuming too much Omega-6 fats from seed oils, and instead, Omega 6 from oily fish and plants like flaxseed. Anyway, this is for information purposes, not health or medical advice from Alor.org, and the Mercola article has probably been deleted from his site; I am not sure why he deletes his material after 48 hours (isn’t that time enough to get up the snouts of the medical technocrats?), so it is good to preserve it here.


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Vaxxes Killing the Young, SADS Indeed By Mrs Vera West

Most of the leading Covid vax critics have now written about SADS, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. To a critic they hold the vaxxes responsible, since, this phenomenon did not occur before the vaccine rollout, and there is no competing explanation for it, and all of the dead have been vaccinated. There have been no autopsies done by grieving families though so conclusive empirical proof is presently lacking. Dr Mercola also holds to the vaxxes as being the scientifically best explanation, satisfying the criterion of comprehensiveness of explanation, and parsimony, the simplest explanation. Otherwise be will be getting into cosmic coincidence of black magic!


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Did Magnetic Rifts Kill the Cows? By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Earlier in the week Mike Adams wrote a piece that I at first dismissed, not being a great science type; Aussie Alor.org blogger Brian Simpson should be writing this one. But, for what it is worth, it seems that there is scientific evidence that there has been rifts, or holes in the opening in the magnetosphere and ozone layer, allowing intense, deadly solar radiation to strike the Earth, at least in the distant past. This is thought to occur when there is impending reversal of the Earth’s magnetic poles. It has been hypothesised that the disappearance of the Neanderthals was due to these unlucky blokes being in the path of such radiation when a rift opened. Same thing for the cattle.


It is an interesting hypothesis, but I doubt it. First, it is a “just so” story that the Neanderthals just happened to be unlucky enough to be under such a hole when the sky opened  up. Intelligent people would take shelter. Further, there is no evidence that such a rift did cause the cattle deaths; it is speculation. And, finally, the existence of the poles shifting a bit is not proof of pole reversal as the magnetic field is in a state of flux and thee is no proof that this is happening now. If the cattle did die from holes in the magneto sphere, then watch out, people are next! Holes in the sky could open up at any time.

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The Crumbling of the Green Energy Machine By James Reed

While the present global energy crisis is a misery for many, at least it has shown the so-called “Green energy” cannot sustain a modern society, and is simply a dream of the New Class Chatterers at universities. Germany is firing up its coal plants and good on them. And here we are in gas-rich Australia, facing our own gas crisis while the “logic” of globalism says to export and die. David Ricardo (1772-1823) did you ever think of this in your free trade, comparative advantage ravings?


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Dr Nick Coatsworth Strikes Out at the Draconian Covid Mandate Rules By Brian Simpson

Nick Coatsworth has been a strong critic of the Covid lockdowns, one of the few high-profile medical professionals to take a stand. It is remarkable how little courage medicos have had about this, not only being fearful of being deregistered, as is the move against Covid medical critics in the US, but probably because most garden grub variety GPs just accept anything for a quiet life. So, how about this tweet from Dr Coatsworth to make up for the utter failure of nerve of his colleagues: “We locked down our society, stopped children attending school, closed playgrounds, fined the least fortunate, separated families, created a mental illness, all in the name of protecting our most vulnerable, yet for some it will never be enough. When will the moralising stop?”  


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Covid Vaxxes Poisoning Human Genetics! By Brian Simpson

Dr. Jane Ruby on her  Show, interviews Canadian physician and molecular biologist,

Dr. Daniel Nagase. He details how the bioweapon mRNA shots from all of the

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Why Would NATO Want Nuclear Annihilation? By James Reed

Mike Adams makes the case that NATO, in moves such as the railway blockage of Kaliningrad, is obviously trying to prompt Russia into attacking a NATO country, namely Lithuania, so World War III with Russia, something the Democrats desperately want, can get underway. Yet Putin is clear that nuclear attacks are on the table, and the Russians and Chinese do not hold to the mutually assured destruction (MAD) idea, but instead escalate to deescalate, maybe launching one devastating attack to show that they mean business. As documented below, NATO has vastly under-estimated Russia’s nuclear capacity and is most likely out-gunned. And, for this folly, civilisation may end in deathly mushroom clouds.


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Why We Really Should Hate Not the Greens, but Green Ideology By Paul Walker

It is no doubt un-Christian to hate people, but what about ideologies? Like communism? Or, Greenism? Sure, hate away, I cannot see anything morally wrong in hating evil doctrines, as doctrines, unlike people cannot be “saved” or have souls. It seems to me that so many anti-life/tradition things come from the Left, and the Greens across the West are just one version of this, because, not the people, but the doctrines, tend to intrinsically corrupt. We can see this with the US abortion debate where Leftists are engaging in urban terrorism, and not being condemned by the president, and indeed encouraged in some ways by some members of the US Senate, all for an ideology. In Australia there are much less radical examples, with the US aspects of violence and neo-Marxist revolution fortunately missing, but these still fit in with a general Leftist philosophy of denigrating and deconstructing tradition, and wanting the Great Cultural Replacement. They see this as “progressive,” but never confront the basic foundational questions.


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The Uvalde School Shooting Conspiracy, Updated By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The likelihood of the Uvalde Texas school shooting being a conspiracy to allow public outrage by the Democrats over guns, gets even more plausible. We heard last week that the police waited for up to 60 minutes before going in to confront the lone gun man. But now that time period has gone up to 77 minutes. The police previous said that they lacked the weapons and equipment to deal with the shooter, but now, as shown below, even the mainstream media is reporting that the police did have this equipment, but still waited. Waited for what? Surely for the killings to occur, what other possible reason could there be? Add that to restraining and pepper spraying desperate parents who wanted to save their children, and we can see this police force as agents of the Deep State anti-gun agenda. Those who disagree will have quite a job explaining all of these inconvenient facts.


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