China and African Colonialism By James Reed

     If there are still doubts by anyone about China’s plans for world conquest, just consider what they are up to in Africa, with not a pip of concern made about this by the Left in the West, who have always been a fifth column for Chinese imperialism: 

“China is employing “neo-colonialism” tactics in Africa in the form of predatory loans collateralized with natural resources and strategic assets, experts cautioned lawmakers on Wednesday. The loans allow Beijing to strengthen its military ties to the continent, enhance political leverage, export communist authoritarian ideology, and gain access to viable army positions that can threaten the American homeland. In written testimony prepared for a House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa hearing on Wednesday, author Gordon Chang, an expert on China, declared: I conclude that [President] Xi Jinping, the Chinese ruler, believes his country should be the world’s only sovereign state, which is the essence of colonialism, and that today his country’s relations with Africa resemble a new form of colonialism. Moreover, I believe Xi’s ambitions for Africa, however one characterizes them, threaten America.

…Africa gives China the ability to threaten the U.S. homeland. Beijing wants a [second overseas] military base at [Namibia’s] Walvis Bay … [in] the Atlantic off the African coast. In the Azores, specifically the island of Terceira, Chinese aircraft could control the mouth of the Mediterranean and would be closer to New York than Pearl Harbor is to Los Angeles. … A belligerent China in Asia is bad enough. A dangerous China much closer to our shores is far worse.”

Professor Chang has made it clear that in his opinion China wants nothing less than world domination:

““It’s world domination,” Chang stated. “Although that might sound ludicrous, Xi Jinping has been talking in that direction for about a decade, but he’s become much more explicit about China’s goals recently. This is not just [about] replacing the United States as the world’s most powerful nation in the current international system. The Chinese have been talking about actually overthrowing the current system. … People have been discussing Xi Jinping’s theory of international relations as replacing the Western theories of international relations for the last 300 years. Well, if you subtract 300 years from today, you get to the Treaty of Westphalia of 1648 that establishes the international order that we see today of sovereign states competing with one another.

When China says that they want to replace that system, it means they want to go back to their imperial system of where they governed all under heaven. This is breathtaking. This is ludicrous, but, nonetheless, this is the way Chinese are talking these days, and we’ve got to understand the nature of the challenge – not just to the U.S., not just to our friends and allies, but to the whole concept of the world as we see it today…. China’s foreign minister echoed Xi Jinping’s expressed desire to overturn the Westphalian international order and unify the world under a new Chinese empire, said Chang.”

     There are indications that the Trump administration is vaguely aware of this existential threat to Western civilisation, but whether they act to do anything in time, is anyone’s guess:



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Saturday, 13 August 2022