China Prepares for War! By James Reed

     With the US in flames, the world economy destroyed by the Wuhan flu, which most likely flew out of a Chinese lab, why not have spot of war?

“Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday directed China's armed forces to strengthen training of troops and to be ready for war amid coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic's visible impact on the world's most populous country's national security. State media reports quoted the Chinese premier as saying that it was important to "comprehensively strengthen the training of troops and prepare for war", "resolutely safeguard national sovereignty" and "safeguard the overall strategic stability of the country". Xi's speech comes amid rising tension with the US, frequent references by local politicians and diplomats of reunifying Taiwan, if necessary by force, and the likely implementation of a new - and controversial - security law meant to crack down on pro-democracy dissidents in the special administrative region of Hong Kong. Two days back, China's top diplomat Wang Yi, heavily criticised the efforts of some US politicians to fabricate rumours and stigmatise China to blame it for the pandemic. The US, Wang said, is pushing relations with China to "the brink of a new Cold War". Chinese state councillor and foreign minister also rejected US "lies" over the coronavirus.

     So, what sorts of Chinese soldiers are coming off the genetically engineered production line?

“China may be planning to genetically-modify its soldiers for an army of Terminator-style super troops, a defence think tank has warned. Their DNA could also be adapted to help them recover more quickly from injuries or give them superior hearing and night vision. Rusi’s Professor John Louth said: “The threat is obvious and real. Chinese money could be stealing a march on western armed forces and that is deeply concerning.” The warning comes after Chinese scientist He Jiankui said he used gene-editing technology to make GM babies. “GM technology is proven with plants, it could absolutely be applied to the person,” Prof Louth added. “In China, it is reasonable to assume that they are enhancing their battlefield soldiers on all these fronts.” China jailed Dr Jiankui for “illegal medical practices” over his claims to have made three babies immune to HIV.”

     Really, the counter to these super-soldiers is to bypass humans all together and go the IT Terminator robot mode, or AI enhanced humans. There is a limit to what one can do with DNA, so why not move beyond it? Not that it matters much, as soldiers will not play much of a part in World War III, the high tech, ultimately nuclear one, which is just around the corner. Yeah, they laughed when I wrote about social breakdown too, back a few years. Now look at things.



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Sunday, 28 May 2023

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