China’s Hundred Year Marathon By James Reed

     There is by now no secret that China is seeking to surpass the US and become number 1, top of the pop charts. That is the thesis of Michael Pillsbury’s book, The Hundred Year Marathon (2016), although the subtitle: China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower, is inaccurate, since there is no secret.

“China has been pursuing a strategy known to China hawks as The Hundred-Year Marathon, according to Michael Pillsbury‘s book which takes that strategy as its title.  President Donald Trump has described Pillsbury as “the leading authority on China.” In his book, Pillsbury describes China’s marathon strategy as one built around deception, playing on America’s view of China as a poor country and our elite’s belief that China can be democratized and reformed toward a market-based economy. But this play-acting is all an elaborate ruse intended to “mislead and manipulate American policymakers to obtain intelligence and military, technological and economic assistance” Pillsbury notes.”

     There is, of course, no concern about immigration here. Yet clearly, the evidence indicates that the US is set to fall apart within a decade, so China, just by being the last man standing, will win. There is in fact, no will of the American elites to survive, since they do not see themselves as American, or even part of he West. Hopefully China watches closely how the elites have destroyed he West, and does not let this happen to China, so that China will survive the coming Dark Age. China needs to observe when the Western rats jump the sinking ship of the West, and refuse them life boats to mother China. They will surely destroy China if they can, because nihilism flows in their blood. But, I suspect that collapse will not come without the neo-cons getting their Christian evangelical death wish of a nuclear holocaust, provoking Russia and China into war. They had better be right about heir theology, or everything will be for nothing. No, there will still be Heaven and hell, decided on an individual basis if the planet is burnt out, so that is something to look forward to.  



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Sunday, 05 February 2023

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