Citizens, the New Police By Chris Knight (Florida)

     Peaceful protesting Portland USA, according to some MSM outlets. Sure, if tossing explosive devices is re-defined in this Orwellian world as “peaceful”; none dare call it insurrection:

“The rioters who have besieged the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse in Portland, Ore., for weeks are ramping up their attacks against the vastly outnumbered federal agents assigned to protect the enclave of the Judicial Branch from being overrun and destroyed. In recent days, federal officials have discovered ‘caches’ of weapons including loaded ammunition magazines and Molotov cocktails that the ‘peaceful protesters’ of Antifa and Black Lives Matter have stockpiled for use against the federal enclave. Last weekend, the violence became more intense, as rioters hurled explosives laden with nails and the fiery bottles of fuel at the courthouse — and the federal agents charged with defending it. Portland Police did not assist federal law enforcement in dispersing the crowds and did not make any arrests late Sunday or early Monday morning. The violence coincided with police recovering a bag filled with loaded rifle magazines and Molotov cocktails near Lownsdale Square Park. Portland Police provided a picture of the discovery on social media. Meanwhile, Anarchy Democrats continue to deny that there’s anything going on in Portland, or a dozen other cities were federal agents and local police are under attack nightly. In a separate report, Breitbart Texas noted that investigators discovered that domestic terrorists placed nails in commercial-grade fireworks used against the Atlanta Field Office for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement service:

Breitbart Texas reviewed an FBI “activity alert” regarding the use of modified fireworks during the demonstrations in Atlanta, which began on July 25. The alert states that approximately 100 to 200 people dressed in dark clothing, backpacks, goggles, and helmets approached the ICE office in Atlanta. The subjects reportedly carried shields, bats, and large sticks. After the attack on the federal office, “bomb technicians discovered commercial grade fireworks with nails embedded in the mortar shell,” the FBI document said, according to Breitbart. “This kind of device is clearly designed to maim or injure anyone who might be close when it goes off,” one federal official not authorized to discuss the finding publicly told the news outlet. Video of the attack also shows rioters using green lasers which are designed to blind federal officers.”

     Seattle too, is spiralling into lawlessness as the criminal justice system is undermined:

“The Democratic leadership of the city of Seattle is planning to abolish its entire criminal justice system, including police, prisons and municipal courts, according to leaked documents. The supposed plan by Seattle’s Democratic City Council was apparently detailed in several documents leaked from the King County Executive’s Office in Seattle to reporter Christopher Rufo. The papers apparently slam America’s criminal justice system, arguing that it is a “white supremacist institution” that needs to be dismantled. The supposed plan comes after city officials announced their support for cutting the Seattle Police Department‘s (SPD) budget by 50 percent.

Leaked documents claim that the criminal justice system is racist
Rufo, who serves as the editor for City Journal and director of the Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth and Poverty, talked about the supposed leak with radio host Glenn Beck on Monday. Talking to Beck, he revealed how Seattle city leaders supposedly plan to abolish foundational institutions responsible for catching and prosecuting crime, including police departments, prisons and even court systems. “This is a document that comes from the King County’s executive office, and it really provides the theoretical basis for the executive’s plan to completely and permanently shut down the largest jail, with no plans to replace it,” Rufo pointed out to Beck. Rufo then went on to explain how the document presented “a kind of chart and a pyramid” showing that the things that form the foundation of not just Seattle, but America’s criminal justice system “is white racism, white supremacy, white fragility, and a whole lot of other theories with the kind of the buzzwords that have been circulating lately.” He goes on about how the leaked documents claim that crimes committed by people of color are not the fault of the criminal, but of society or, more specifically, white society. “The logic is, well, if you have a racist society, that in essence forces people, especially people of color, to commit crimes,” he explained.”

     The endgame of this lawlessness, and abandonment of the rule of law by the system, the definition of anarcho-tyranny, is that the ordinary people will ban together to defend their communities, as is now occurring in lawless Minneapolis:

“Minneapolis residents have begun patrolling their own neighborhoods after violent crime across the city surged in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in late May. The patrols, some armed, are part of a largely grassroots efforts to protect neighborhoods, businesses, and residents from rioters and criminals. Some groups have constructed barriers at the entrance to their neighborhoods and control who can enter, according to The Wall Street Journal. The Minneapolis Police Department has emphasized that, though elected officials and some protesters are pushing to defund law enforcement, officers remain on patrol throughout the city. The department approves of neighborhood watch groups working in coordination with police and emergency services as long as the watch groups avoid vigilantism and do not set up autonomous zones like the recently abolished one in Seattle. “We have long supported neighborhood patrols. All laws must be obeyed by those engaging in these patrols,” Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder told WSJ. “We have been clear these are in supplement to the police department and not as a substitute.” Some in the community may see the neighborhood patrols as alternatives to city law enforcement, however. “I am hesitant to call the police,” 30-year-old Kadence Hampton said. “They are not proactively preventing any type of harm. When they do show up, they escalate things. I am not convinced calling the police is the safest thing to do.” Crime surged across the city after civil and violent unrest broke out in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. Floyd died in police custody after a Minneapolis police officer kneeled on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes. Cell phone video of the incident set off mass protests as well as riots that rocked major U.S. cities. Gun crime across the city has surged in the past two months to historic highs. Already, the number of victims from gun violence in the city has topped the annual totals for eight of the past 10 years. The large majority of victims, over 80%, are black, according to police data.”

     This loss in faith in what remains of the police force and the justice system, is parallel to the loss in faith of many people in the mainstream media, where absurdities upon absurdities are piled up. Not just the violent peaceful protests, but the idea that the arrested protesters are really white supremacist, when once one sees their mug shots, one can see that most are not even vaguely white. This following MSM article reports on this without endorsing it, so it is still legitimate news, but many do. Here is some background information:

     We live in weird times indeed. The weirdest thing is that while the West is facing an end times civilizational crisis, most people are oblivious to the coming threat, unless the mobs come to their door. Such are the wages of apathy and ignorance, and low IQs.



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Saturday, 02 July 2022