Now the corporates are showing their true colour, namely red, and openly engaging in the cultural wars. Where better to start then to attack men where it hurts, namely, the face:

“Proctor & Gamble is urging men to shave their “toxic masculinity” in a new ad for Gillette razors. The ad shows men fighting, cooking barbecue, and verbally harassing women, interspersed with news reports about the #MeToo movement. A new ad from P&G razor brand Gillette encourages men to reexamine themselves and the way that they raise young boys. The ad, which is called “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be,” is essentially a two-minute broad generalization about the way that men act and think.”

     Here is the ad for your examination:

     To hell with their razors and shaving; a beard is the “best a man can do.” And, there are other razors, and electric shavers anyway. The French are even further down the track of cultural disintegration, with Leftoids advocating the banning of heterosexuality completely! Now assuming Google translator is approximately correct:

Given that heterosexuality is not a sexual orientation, but a system of domination generating and nourishing sexism, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia and other oppressions such as racism, ableism or classism; Given that heterosexuality meant the abandonment of gays, bis and trans to AIDS, indifference to their death, the refusal to undertaken targeted prevention campaigns, the censorship of campaigns and the legitimation of the censors, waiting to grant rights;… Given that heterosexuality is a denialism [“négationnisme”, a word that signifies Holocaust Denial in French], rewriting the history of struggles to show kindly, brave heterosexuals fighting for the rights of minorities when they didn’t give a damn about them until we rubbed their noses in the horrors they created or caused to be created; Given that heterosexuality, in France, is a woman dying every three days at the hands of her male companion, the refusal to speak of “feminicides”: it is also the resultant higher rate of suicide among young LGBT, a culture of rape and its impunity;…it is urgent that heterosexuality be banned.

     Perhaps this is not such a silly strategy. How about the Left practice this first, say for one generation? Then after that they have all been culled by the magic of natural selection, we can have a talk about it? Is it a deal?