Deranged Feminism: The Women’s March By Charles Taylor

     The US Women’s March featured deranged, extremist feminism, with numerous signs saying all sorts of nonsense about female genitalia. You can see this sort of stuff here at this link:

     I am not against Women’s Marches in general where there is a legitimate message. Thus, in Australia there was a different message to what we have seen in my home of America, more sensible, dealing with the serious issue of violence against women:

     The Australian marches were motivated by recent deaths of women, including an Israeli exchange student, and the demands were unquestionably reasonable, namely safe streets for women. The people were dressed normally and seriously and did not act in freakish ways, because the issue of violence against women is an important one that should not be side tracked with circus acts.  And yet, here in America, radical feminism and anti-male sentiment has led to the sorts of crazy photos you can see in the article above. Clearly you Australians have shown how foolish my land of America has become. We can no longer deal with serious issues without a cultural war breaking out. That means that no issue is going to be addressed at all.

     For example, President Trump, demonstrated the extreme polarisation which has occurred in US society. His quite reasonable offer of a compromise with the Democrats, of wall funding for a three year extension for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACCA), was rejected. Nothing short of total open borders is acceptable to the Democrats. Hence, from now on, if Trump has any guts at all, he should compromise on nothing, and really give the Democrats the cultural war that they thirst for.

     It is not only America which is sliding into civil war; Canada is much more cucked and deracinated, but the proposal to ramp up an already out of control mass immigration program, so that over 1,000,000 migrants come in the next three years, has led to the beginning of the sorts of protest seen in France. It will take a bit, especially the erosion of social infrastructure, but at some point, even the normie sheeple will start crying in pain.



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Saturday, 13 August 2022