Destruction of Freedom Update: The Censorship by Google by Charles Taylor

This seems to be the beginning of “The Swamp” biting back, a metaphor recently used on the pro-freedom site, “The Saker”: The forces of darkness are now beginning to censor Alt Right pro-Trump sites, bringing them down.

A chilling example is Google essentially blacklisting the entire site, claimed by Mike Adams here:

Google removed 140,000 pages, covering articles critical of Big Pharma and corrupt politics. Adams felt that the main reason for the censorship was due to his support of Trump and his review of vaccine safety. Adams was apparently informed by some dark and mysterious figures that unless he engaged in an attack on InfoWars, he would be destroyed, and as he did not, he perceives the present attack as a payback. As well, one of its supporting advertisers has blackballed InfoWars, so it cannot now open a Washington DC bureau to supply real news to the Trump Administration.

Google claimed that the shutdown was due to a “violation of Webmaster guidelines,” which is an elastic enough phrase to mean anything they want it to mean: The technical violation comes from a third party advertising script that ran on a few articles over three years ago in the subdomain, based on content from outside bloggers. Such blogs occur right across the internet, yet one violating URL leads to 140,000 + pages being censored. However, according to Adams, Google’s own Blogspot network is running the same third party code:

Another interesting post speculates that the censorship of and InfoWars, could be due to their coverage of Pizzagate, and apparently Trump’s administration is investigating it.
Adams thinks that the Deep State, all being “pizza” lovers, emphasis on “lovers,” will respond by assassinating Trump, so that they can go back to munching “pizza” undisturbed, however you conceive “pizza.” He believes that this will be like the assassination of JFK all over again.

Food for thought indeed – however, I wonder which site will be the next to fall under the pc  chopper?



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Saturday, 13 August 2022