Does Anyone Remember Equality Before the Law? By Ian Wilson LL.B

     Here is the endgame of multicultural diversity:

“Official new guidance on “equal treatment” instructs judges to favour non-white defendants in order to “redress inequality”, despite recent research having found young white men to be the most derided group in Britain. Produced by the Judicial College, the organisation responsible for training judges in Britain, the Equal Treatment Guide’s latest edition says: “True equal treatment may not … always mean treating everyone in the same way.” Quoting former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Blackmun, the equality guidance, which was first produced in 1999 under Tony Blair’s Labour government, states: “In order to get beyond racism, we must first take account of race. “There is no other way. And in order to treat some persons equally, we must treat them differently.”

So where is all of this politically correct law leading?

     In many cases that have caught media attention, cultural factors have been taken into account, such as, that the migrant did not know the laws and culture of the places they were migrating to. The problem here is that if we Nordic euro-whites did the same anywhere in the world, say China, it would not sail even for a second. So, why should it have to be accepted in Western societies? It should be the first job of migrants to know the laws of the country they are migrating to, not for the host country to have to change its legal methodology to deal with them. That is simply dhimmitude, and that is the endgame of multiculturalism as we are now seeing.



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Saturday, 13 August 2022