Dreaming of a White Christmas is Just Plain Old Racism! What Isn’t, Yawn … By Peter Ewer

     It would not be Christmas without the progressive degenerates waging the cultural war, and that means attacking the symbols of Christmas, bah humbug:

     The story here is a bit involved and hard to summarise, but basically we know what it is; a white Christmas even one with snow is “racist,” because “white” is “racist.” Ok, that is what they say, why should I care how debating terms are arbitrarily defined? Let’s ask Uncle Jack.

“I. Don’t. Care.
These three magic words could end so many arguments.
Most appeals in the name of social justice rely on an underlying assumption of universal altruism. They assume that you care if something bad happens to anyone, anywhere, and advise you to take some sort of action to ease or prevent their suffering.
People react by questioning whether or not that stranger, somewhere, is really suffering, or if they are suffering any more than anyone else. They examine the circumstances of the alleged suffering and the motives of the people bringing the alleged suffering to light.
They argue about the details and the proportion of the suffering and point out their own allegedly comparable suffering or the suffering of some person or people who are allegedly suffering more.
Once you’re arguing, they’ve already got you.
Once you’re arguing, you’ve agreed that you could care, or would care — that you should theoretically care — given satisfactory evidence and argumentation.
But what would they say if you stopped pretending to care at all?
There would be no point in arguing about the details.
Of course, as normal humans, we can always imagine ourselves in another humans position. We can empathize with others — that’s what makes movies and novels work. But we can’t really care about the suffering of every single man and woman on the planet. The idea that we should is insane and inhuman. So much of what people say they care about is just emotional pornography that can springboard them into an acrobatic display of moral and political posturing.
I see all of this propaganda online telling me what is NOT OK, and how I am supposed to feel about strangers and other groups of people. If they get me to agree that I care about these strangers and their unhappiness, I’m supposed to accept responsibility for that unhappiness and do whatever I can to alleviate it.
This is all manipulation — a political plucking of one bit of human suffering out of an unimaginable expanse of human suffering, all to serve this agenda or that one.”

     This, perhaps, goes a little too far, but when subjected to relentless onslaughts of politically correct morality every second of the day, one gets moral fatigue. Anyway, I am still dreaming of a white Christmas, even though I have no Christmas cards to write. Here is Bing Crosby with the 1942 version of white Christmas to take me out:

     If this article does not make it for 2018, take it as an early 2019 Christmas article!



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Saturday, 02 July 2022