Economic Collapse Updated Again: Have We Collapsed Yet? How about Now? By James Reed

     Be patient little Hobbits, the collapse of this dark system will take place in due course. It will not fall away until it is ready, and the white ants of destiny have eaten their fill.
For example, Venezuela’s already currency collapse is getting worse, with the bolivar in free fall. There are shortages of basics, and violence is on the rise:, with complete economic collapse only a few non-shopping days away:

     The economic contagion is likely to spread throughout the region: Who knows where it will lead, a kind of zombie apocalypse of financial contamination, that only a global world could produce.

     China, the new god of our local cultural cringing new class in Australia, is looking down the barrel of a massive debt collapse: Chinese corporate debt is sitting at 166 percent of GDP, and going upward. It will not continue forever, and the giant will come tumbling down, perhaps crushing Australia, put in the way of the fall by our frantic Asianist elites.

     John Anderson published the standard conservative attack on Australia’s Left-based universities, who have abandoned Western ideals of free speech: That is true, but there is more to it. He mentions a new book by Jonathan Haidt, The Righteous Mind (,  where what has been called “WEIRD cultures” – Western (White), educated, industrialised, rich and democratic, have given an over-inflated moral role to individualism, seeing individual rights as trumping the greater good of society. The universities are the most WEIRD of any groups in society, and naturally push progressive viewpoints.

     Anderson does not go anywhere with this insight, but clearly it is another argument for my long-term campaign to have universities closed down and replaced by alternative structures. Beyond all else, they are more evil than good, and are essentially disease entities on the body social, with the germs (Left academics), actively attacking the wider society that feeds them. It is time to fight back.



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Saturday, 02 July 2022