Fertile, Educated Asians are Replacing Us By Peter West

     As written about previously at this site by yours truly: https://blog.alor.org/index.php/mass-immigration-benign-anglo-saxon-genocideby-peter-west, the elites have been over-joyed about the Census results showing a further decline in traditional Anglo- Australia, and Christianity.

     In my article I argued that the common-sense view from the street, not reflected in so-called official statistics, is that Australia is already heading to White minority status, and that Anglo-Saxons are definitely a minority now. Asian immigration has already begun to replace even the traditional elites and professionals: https://www.bookdepository.com/Howard-Legacy-Peter-Wilkinson/9780980400809. The White new class welcome this trend and intend to do everything in their power to push it through to completion.

     It is inconceivable that the East Asians would ever think like this, but that is what white pathology and deracination is all about: http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2012/10/12/white-pathology/; http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/category/pathological-altruism-among-whites/.

     There is another, conventional economic approach to Asian immigration published in The Australian, which indicates that the impact of Asian immigrants will be demographically great, because 45 percent of these migrants are under 35, and single, coming as students through our international education program, and just remaining once they come out of the other end of the university machine, as migrants: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/opinion/david-uren-economics/fertile-educated-asians-are-saving-our-economy/news-story/f5a988cb78cedd237b89dd7fcb8e5204.  What is unusual, is that articles like this are now being taken apart by people other than us, on a different basis, and they are doing a fine job too, with all the statistics and salad dressings applied: https://www.macrobusiness.com.au/2017/06/david-uren-mounts-immigration-sacred-cow/.

     However, the Big Australia argument was never about producing a sustainable Australia, but rather about how to maximise short-term profits for globalist capitalists based in Australia. It was never about ensuring the existence of this country in 1,000 years or 10,000 years’ time, or even 20 years’ time.

     If Australia is a burnt-out wasteland in say 10 years, that is the price of business. If Australia has to lose its entire heritage so that capitalists can keep up profit margins, well, to hell with culture and heritage. Only money matters, nothing else. That is the bottom line. 

     Remember, the elites were hoping to turn South Australia into the nuclear waste dump of the world, but were only defeated by, I hate to say it, the acts of the Left and the Greens, with nuclear waste left unsecured on the surface until there was the money to properly dispose of it underground, which never would have happened.

     Our side of politics is very slow-moving on anything that has to do with life and biology, perhaps a product of our over-spiritual, over-capitalist philosophical legacy: https://www.amazon.com/Arrogance-Humanism-Galaxy-Book/dp/0195028902  and the flight from a biological basis of human existence in modern thought:

     Conventional economics is particularly bad in seeing humans as being consumer gods, immune to ecological impacts. It will be the major force leading to the end of Western Civilisation, if not the existence of the human race itself. The elites will die, with their hands still clawing for their 30 pieces of silver: Matthew 26: 15; Acts 1:18.



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Saturday, 02 July 2022