France: A Part of Africa by Michael Ferguson

The French republican ideal of the creation of a raceless, placeless cosmopolitan republic, one that is open to all cultures in its blanket embrace of universalism, is rapidly imploding. This is seen daily as rioters simply burn the country to the ground, as French police flee armed mobs in Paris:

The end of France, the nation, as it was once known, is also seen in the tale of demographics. Falko Baumgartner, “The Africanization of France …as of 2014,” at, consulting medical data relating to the prevalence of sickle cell disease in newborns, a disease found primarily in Africans, concluded that one third of all French newborns are non-white, mainly of African or Middle Eastern origin:

What this means, given the below replacement level of white French, is that within a generation or so, France becomes Africa. How multicultural is that!

Well, not very multicultural because a new ethno-racial homogeneity has been produced, as well as a new monoculture. Thus, multiculturalism leads to so-called non-discriminatory immigration (code word for non-White immigration), which leads to a non-White society. However, that’s the plan, isn’t it:



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Saturday, 13 August 2022