Get Ready: Obamagate could be Bigger than Watergate By Charles Taylor

Here is the next big thing – if President Donald J. Trump has the guts to follow this one through  to the bitter-sweet end. After all, he let Obama off the hook when evidence was released about the fraud committed involving the Obama birth certificate:

Now, it has emerged that Obama, as president, bugged the Trump tower during the presidential campaign, or according to Tweets made by president Trump:

The mainstream media has not yet said that this is false news (meaning that it is true), but have said that Trump has not released any evidence of this: Why should he?

Actually, the claim that Trump’s allegations are “baseless,” does imply that no such tapping occurred. How could the media know this, as they are not supposed to be privy to national security information? Clearly, Trump has said this because he has been given security information. He is in a position to definitively know this.

His Tweets indicate that he is thinking about this matter as a civil action, rather than an act of sedition, which it is:  It makes Watergate look like a Women’s Studies 101 seminar.

Obama is running a shadow government to shut him down. Trump needs to man up quick and deal with this. He is being handed evidence on a gold plate, and if he fails to act, then the faith which people have put in him will be forsaken, and the shadows will crush him and destroy his empire and family to boot. He won’t be president, and he won’t be a billionaire, but will be engulfed by the swamp.



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Monday, 25 September 2023

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