Globalise This: Yellow Vests! By James Reed

     Next time I go into the cheap junk shop I will buy a yellow vest, and wear it proudly in the streets of Melbourne. Since the French yellow vest movement is now embracing both Left and Right, I don’t expect to be bashed up by antifa too quickly. Apparently there have been some recent fights, but Leftist members of the yellow vests had to stop and start punching themselves in the head. I wish. Anyway, the yellow vest protests are now going global, well, at least in Europe and Asia, and here is a neat summary, to ponder over a cup of herbal tea, or something stronger:

•    “Bulgaria: Yellow Vests began protesting the same weekend as the French movement - coming out in force on November 16 to protest in front of parliament and demand the resignation of the government.
•    Canada: Yellow Vest protests have taken place in more than a dozen cities across Canada - largely campaigning against the carbon price, Canada's participation in the UN's Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, the Trudeau administration and other issues.
•    Croatia: Croatians came out in force on December 15, gathering in Ban Jelacic Square.
•    Egypt: An Egyptian A lawyer was arrested and jailed for 15 days after he posted a picture of himself wearing a Yellow Vest in support of the French protests.
•    Finland: Finns came out in force in mid-December as well, gathering in front of Parliament in opposition to the UN's Global Migration pact.
•    Germany: Marching in solidarity with the French, German Yellow Vests similarly came out against the UN migration pact.
•    Iraq: Yellow Vests demonstrated in Basra, Iraq on December 5 to protest poor job opportunities among other things. They were reportedly fired upon with live ammunition by police.
•    Italy: There have been several ongoing Yellow Vest protests in Italy over the last several months, with some protesting the government's hard-line stance against illegal migrants, and other pro-government activists protesting against the EU. In January, Italy's ruling government came out in support of the Yellow Vest movement, which AFP noted was "extremely rare for European leaders to back anti-government protesters in a fellow member state."
•    Netherlands: The Dutch joined the party at the beginning of December, blocking roads, roundabouts and tollbooths.
•    Pakistan: Hundreds of engineers came out in December to protest government services and pay.
•    Poland: Polish Yellow Vests protested in November and December, blocking the A2 motorway outside of Warsaw, demanding compensation for pigs they were required to slaughter, as well as the import of unlabeled Ukrainian agricultural products.
•    Russia: Yellow Vests protested right before Christmas in Moscow's Hyde Park against increased parking fees. "I’m a driver with 20 years of experience, and I can understand that the authorities want to free the city and make it accessible to pedestrians," said resident Tamara Papuashvili, adding " it's just a disgrace. You can use the metro, but there are more and more people there, it just cannot cope."
•    Serbia: Civil rights organisation "Združena akcija Krov nad glavom" began using yellow vests in its protests to show solidarity with the French protesters, as well as opposition to high fuel prices. Serbians have protested for six weeks in a row.
•    Taiwan: The Tax and Legal Reform League which has been protesting against high taxes since 2016 organized a yellow vest march on December 19.
•    United Kingdom: UK Yellow Vests are mostly right wing, pro-Brexit groups who have held rallies in London and other UK cities.

     To name a few. Of course Australia is not on the list, but I hope by walking around town in my yellow vest maybe the normie sheeple will get the message, and join in on the fun. After all, the Leftoids had their time of protest in the 1960s and now, in the winter of Western civilization, we deserve ours. Let’s party out the fall of the West with a bang, rather than a whimper.



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Sunday, 05 February 2023

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