Good Walls Make Even Better Neighbours By Charles Taylor

     With the libtards falling over themselves at the mere thought of America building a wall to protect its borders, this article is a good summary of border protection walls around the world, including in Israel:

     Two thirds of all of the countries of the world have similar types of wall/border protection, and this has been practiced for thousands of years, the Great Wall of China being the iconic example, but Hadrian’s Wall on the Anglo-Scottish border is perhaps closer to home. The article has numerous examples of border fences and walls from across the world, which are all effective. Those who want open borders typically are not consistent, seeking to lock their cars and houses, denying access to the local poor. In fact, the open border crowd usually are rich elites who live behind high security walls themselves. Only we, the peasants, should suffer under globalisation, according to them.



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Saturday, 02 July 2022