Green Zombie Marxism By James Reed

     I have been discussing the social construction, by the elites of Climate change teenage activist, Greta Thunberg, and so have others, probably doing a better job than me. Here the following author nails it fair and square, seeing her creation as the latest Marxist zombie manifestation:

“Why is Greta even a thing, and why do certain powerful people want to make her such a thing? I think what we are seeing here is part of a long-running pattern that has infested Western societies for nearly a century now, namely the pattern of a Leftist elite and its increasingly absurd search for what is known as "The Revolutionary Class." This concept of "The Revolutionary Class," by the way, is yet more evidence of the deeply bourgeois nature of Marxism, as it simply means finding someone to outsource all the dirty work of the revolution to. Yes, "The Revolutionary Class" is actually "The Revolutionary under-Class." As is well known, the revolutionary ideology of Marxism never succeeded because it failed to connect to its first-choice "Revolutionary Class," namely the industrial proletariat. Marx's central idea was that the proles would become radicalised enough to allow one group of elite Whites (him and his chums) to displace another group of elite Whites. Sadly for the followers of the Marxist cult, this only happened in freak conditions like WWI-period Russia, with mass starvation and military defeat, or weird power vacuums like post-WWII China, after the Japanese army had spent more than a decade hammering away at the Nationalist government. But back to the main point, which is this: The pattern of the bourgeois Zombie Left constantly seeking a "Revolutionary under-Class" to do its dirty work and help it accrue power helps us to understand exactly what the phenomenon of Greta Thunberg and the "Extinction Revolution" is.

As you may have noticed, this ecological hysteria is mainly directed at the West's large "juvenile class" of actual children, actual teens, and immature twenty-and-thirty-somethings—as well as the Boomers who love them. As with all the Left's previous "Revolutionary under-Classes" (factory workers, non-Whites, and the sexually confused), there is the supposition that this puppet class will act in a visceral, emotional, low-IQ way that will allow the Leftist elites in the media, politics, and academia to "steer" and "manipulate" it to enhance its power and privileges. This explains why it is Greta, with her well-known mental limitations, that we see on the top of all these news stories, instead of an actually smart, clued-in kid who might realise he or she is being used and then promptly run off the Eco-plantation. Another clear point in Greta's favour, as far as the parasitical Leftist elite is concerned, is her apparent inability to age, which some have attributed to various mental and physical health problems. Kids in their teens are fast changing, not only in their views and ideas, but also in the way they look. But in order to build the brand of the new Child Revolutionary Underclass, the parasitical Left need Greta to remain "15, 16, 17 - going on 12" for as long as possible.”

     In short, the cultural Marxists have jumped on the climate apocalypse band wagon as the latest way of creating a potentially revolutionary underclass to fight the revolution, which they hope will put them in power. Of course, it will not, since they are only useful idiots for the higher-level globalists.

     Indeed, if people like Greta did believe that there was only 12 years left to save the planet, how I hate those boring words, really, she should be living it up now, because no way has any major changes got off the ground in such a short time span, although if the climate changers are lucky Western civilisation could be crashed in that time. Then they will see what is reality outside of their comfort zones.



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Saturday, 13 August 2022